Sunday, February 15, 2009

Jim Owens (Caterpillar CEO): Fling, Fickle Finger of Fate Points at YOU!!!!!

Jim Owns is CEO of Caterpillar. He is the latest examle of that fascist ("economic fascism": "socialism with a veneer of capitalism"), central planning alliance among Big Business, Wall Street/Big Financials, and Big Government leftists that is now running the country. In this context, President Bush 43, Henry Paulson and John McCain are Big Government guys. It is said that they are pikers in comparison with this new/old bunch ("economic fascism" predated Hitler and is separate from the political aspects of Hitler type fascism, although this kind of central planning tends to lead directly to an authoritiarian system, since it is authoritarian in concept--see the next planned blog entry about the authoritarian part oof the "stimulus" bill that eliminates privacy for your medical records--whether you want privacy or not--as part of an attempted Gedral Government takeover of our health care sysstem).

Why Jim Owens? Why not President Barack "World" Obama and the leftist Democrats in Cngress, who passed off this leftist wish list as a "stimulus" bill--liars that they all are? After all, it is not Jim Owens who put a 50 billion dollar program in the "stimulus" bil to set up a national medical records database, for the express purpose of havign the Federal Government tell everyone in the health care system what to do (in the name of "efficiency", "cost effectivenes" and "oversight": the standard illusiions and dellusions of central planning). Been there. Done that. That is, I have told you about the flaws of central planning to the point that any of you stil reading this blog are tired of it I am right, but the American people generally seem no longer to care about right and wrong, or about logic and illogic. The American people seem to simply want the Fedral Government to "save" us, against all theory and experience.

It is in this context that Jim Owens was the worthy recipient of this week's Flying, Fickle Finger of Fate for outstanding supidity in the previous week. As is true of Larry Kudlow (who I have accurattely labeled as a fascist/Communist in this blog, along with all of CNBC), Jim Ownes represents the human face of where we have gone wrong, as Wall Street and Big Business abandon free market capitalism, in which they never really believed, in favor of a fascist deal with the devil (not to compare Obama and the Congressional Democrats with "the Devil", but to refer to this embrace of central planning economic fascism).

As readers of this blog are aware, the Flying, Fickle Finger of Fate is this blog's reincarnation of the old "Rowan and Martin's Laugh In" award for outstanding stupidity and/or evil that came to light in the previous week. The award is represented by a statuette of an INDEX finger pointing. The Finger spins each week, until it stops by pointing at the worhy recipient of the dreaded/coveted Finger for the week. This week, the Finger stopped pointing at Jim Owens, for good reason.

You will remember (see blog entry this past week) that Jim Owens was at an Oama event specically to endorse the pork/spending/"stimulus" bill It was at that event that President Obama again proved himself to be a liar, and made a liar out of Jim owens (therey proving that every single person in this country should boycott Caterpillar products).

Obama made this speech, with "Jim" (Obama's reference to his buddy) sitting behind him, saying that all it took was passing this "stimulus" bill to immediately reverse these job losses we are suffering. His buddy "Jim" had evidently, according to Obama, told Obama that Caterpillar only needed passage of the Obama "stimuls" bill in order to start rehiring laid off workers. The impressiion Obama left was that this would happen immediately, all because Caterpillar would realize that passage of the "stimuls" bill meant that Caterpillar would need the workers to handle the surge in work--meaning Caterpillar would have to start hiring back laid off workers immediately to be ready for the results of the "stimuls".

Unffortunately, Owens was asked, after the Obama event at a Caterpiallar plant in Indiana, whether he really thought that passage of Obama's "stimuls" bill would enable Caterpillar to immediately start rehiring laid off workers. Newly minted fascist Owens has not yet learned Obama/leftist speak. He answered the question.

It turns out that Owens ("Jim") does not believe that the "stimuls" bill will help Caterpillar very much. The "infrastructure" part of the bill is "only" about 46 billioin dollars. According to "Jim", that is not nearly enough to put Caterpillar on the road to prosperity. Indeed, "Jim" said that there would likely be MORE layoffs at Caterpilar before there was any net hew hiring.

Since President Obama does know "Obama speak", the President's spokesman "explained" that what Obama said was "soncistent" with what Owens had said (after the event, while listening to Obama lie in his speech at the event). That is because Owens said (and/or issued a statement) that the "Simulus" bill, along with similar measures around the world, would eventually lead to an economic recovery which would EVENTUALLY enable Caterpillar to hire back laid off workers (if they are still avile, as this could be 5, 10, or 20 years down the line).

If you think what "Jim" said (after the event--what he said to Obama before the event being an open question, since the kindest interpretation is that these two "buddies" had a serious misunderstanding), is "consistent" with Obama's speech, then I have this bridge in Brooklyn I want to sell you. Hell. Obama, "Jim", and the Demcrats in Congress have already "sold" us the equivalent of thousands, or hundreds of thousands, of Brooklyn Bridges.

There you have it. Jim Owens not ony lent his company and his "restige" to this terrible "simuls" bill, but he smiled up there as Obama spoke as if Obama were not lying through his teeh (nope, I don't belive the "misunderstanding" idea between these good buddies). Then "Jim" thought there was nothing strange about contradicting what Obama had said that very same day. Why should Ownes feel strange aobut that? Oama and the mainstreamm media have proven that Obama is perferectly willing to say one thing one day and the exact opposite the next, with the full expectatiion that people will accept the lies (with mainstream media help). President Obama seems to think that the way he says things makes it unimportant what he says, and whether what he says today contradicts what he said yesterday.

Nope. Jim Owens is the new face of the modern economic fascism--replacing, for the moment, Larry Kudlow, who was becoming stale and "old hat". Jim Owens is the perfect example of this new central planning "partnership" among Wall Street, Big Business, and Big Government to control your lives (everyone's life in the country). As such, "Jim" is a more than worthy reciipient of the Finger. The Finger never wavered this week once "Jim" made his move. There were other worthy recipients of the Finger this week, but none came close to "Jim" in exhibiting the new face of econmic fascism. Jim Owens is the new poster child for the people who now want to run the country for their own benefit, and that of their friends. Unfortunately, such people now pretty much are running the country. We have not survive it.

Award ceremony (totally in the imaginatioin, as usual, wihout even any graphics--which is why I sugggest yo use the image of Dick Martin presenting the old "Laugh In" award as a visual aid to your imagination):

Imagine Dick Martin THRUSTING the statuette of the Finger at the camera and saying: "Jim Owns--may I call you 'Jim'?--this is for you. You deserve it. In fact, you deserve to have one of your own earh moving machines move a ton of earth on top of you, so that we do not have to hear from you again (and so Caterpiallar workers can get a new CEO worthy of them)."

P.S. 1: The New York Times basicaly called Jim Owens a "liar" over this--showing how stupid "Jim" really is to set himself up for this. The New York Times, of course, was trying to protect President Obama, by suggestigt that Jim Owens lied to Obama--without any real evidence that this is so. My own interpretation is that both Obama and "Jim" lied to US ("Jim" by lending himself to the lie, before correcting it, and even afterward acting--Obama like--that he did not understand the problem.

P.S. 2: Yep. I said it above, and I meant it. If you actually are in the market for heavy equimpment, you need to boycott Caterpillar, even if it means buying from Japan (or wherever). Yes, I feel the same way about GE (owner, less you forget, of MSNBC and the "networks" of NBC, and generally the worst corporate "citizen" of them all--bara none). GE is even one of those asking for, and apparently receiving, a governmnet bailout frrom the taxpayers of this country (including my brother, whose business may be in the process of being done in by GE compnies who were unwilling to work with him over the last year). That, of course, is not all. Bank of American? Thumbs down (I got stuck with Bank of America by merger/purchase of my credit card company--a merger that never shoud have been allowed, as is true of the new Big Drug merger between Pfizer and Wyeth). CNBC: Thumbs down, although those fascists are already condemned by being part of GE and NBC. Citigroup: Thumbs down. You get the idea. All of these corporate converts to the Age of Obama should be bandoned by you. Shop Wal-Mart, which is at least not demanding taxpayer money in the cause of fascism/socialims. Yes, I already did shop Wal-Mart (even though I found that recent New York Post--I think--article talking about their cheery people and great customer service hsyterically funny). I support Wal-Mart, although our present disease is so pervasive that I expect to see the CEO of Wal-Mart behind Obama, endorsing further fascism/socialism, next week If Republicans had been so blatant in partnering with Big Business, it would have been a scandal (except when Paulson got a pass, because he so perfectly represented the new breed of fascists/socialists at Goldman Sachs and elsewhere). Did I mention Goldman Sachs? I go further with Goldman Sachs, which seems to be a prime mover in all of this, back to the time Corzine (Governor of New Jersey) and Paulson were respectively CEO of the company . I would go further with Goldman Sachs than just boycott the company. I would use some of those Caterpillar earth moving machines--which are going to have nothing else to do other than government work--cover up every Goldman Sachs office. Then we need to salf the ground, like Rome with Carthage, so that nothing else in built there for the next thousand years (maybe radiactive waste dumps instead of salt?).

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