Thursday, February 19, 2009

Mexico: A Failed Country

This is actually another example of this blog being proven right (audited accuracy rating now up to 99.4% and rising). It is now probably two years ago that this blog started putting a series of entries under the continuing title of "Mexico, a Failed Country".

From El Paso, I have watched the almost complete collapse of Mexico almost with awe. When I first came to this area, when my family moved to Silver City, New Mexico in 1960 for my high school years, Mexico was a corrupt country (as it has always been). However, it was at least a pretty safe country. I went to Jurarez as a high school student. My law firm used to have firm dinners in Jurarez. Even less than a decade ago, my teenage daughters (against my wishes--see previous entries on Sarah Palin) went to Juarez. Juarez is now one of the most dangerous cites in the world People in El Paso are even officially advised not to travel to Juarez--at least not without extreme care. Now this is a border city (El Paso), and people still do go into Juarez (and, of course, vice versa--including illlegals trying to excape their failed country). But Juarez has become a turly dangerous place, as Mexico has virtually fallen under the rule of drug cartels (a different kind of violent corruption from the endemic mordida culture that has always been there.

The border news today is thast the "narcos" (drug dealers) in Juarez have demanded that the Juarez police chief resign, or one Jurarez policeman will be killed every 48 hours. Earlier news last week was that violent "protests" against the Mexican army (supposedly cracking down on the drug cartels) were instigated by the drug cartels.

Nope. Mexico is a failed country. I have been telling you that for two years or more, and it has become more obvious every single day. However, I was telling you the truth before it had become quite so obvious.

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