Thursday, February 12, 2009

Goldman Sachs and the Wall Street/Big Business Fascists Take Over the Country!!!

Because of the accuracy of my analysis and predctions regarding Wall Street, my audited accuracy rating is now up to 99.3% and rising.

Remember my (correct) definition of economic fascism (not "Hitlerism"): "A central planning parnership between financial insitutions/big business to control/manage the economy."

Remember how I told you how Goldman Sachs seemed to be running the country?

You might wonder how I could possibly be proven right as to my statements that Wall Street fascists/Communists were now running the country, and my statements about Goldman Sachs (including my labeling of Larry Kudlow and CNBC as fascists). Well, here is what is now appearing on

"CNBC's Charlie Gasparino reported on Thursday that Goldman Sachs earlier this week had a meeting with several big private sector investors and clients to discuss the plan unveiled Monday by Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner.
Part of that plan called for the private sector to partner with the government to buy up troubled assets from the banks."

Q.E.D. And you doubted me!!!!!!! Never do that again. Remember how I told you that Henry Pauslon, former CEO of Goldman Sachs panicked to save Goldman Sachs? Remember how I told you that Timothy Geitner (new Treasury Secretary) had let Goldman Sachs be the only private participant in that New York Fed meeting as to what to do about AIG (which owed Goldman Sachs some 20 billion dollars or more)? Remember how I told you (like yesterday) that Geitner had hired a Goldman Sachs person as a deputy? Conflict of interest, anyone?

The queston for the country is: Do we really want to turn the running of the country over to these people who got us into this in the first place, and want to impose their version of Wall Street fascism (for the benefit of Wall Street) upon us? Or have we already made this mistake--probably a fatal mistake for the country?

I have said I am a cynic and pessimist, against my opinion of what a healthy attitude toward life is. With this kind of stuff going on, how can you be anything else?

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