Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Islamic Rape and Woman Suicide Bombers

One of the stoires floatijng around in the last day or two is about the woman in Iraq who "confessed" to being part of a terrorist group which arranged the repeated rape of Mulsliim women. They did this so that the women could be recruited as scuicide bombers to "expiate" their "sins". The women allegedly felt so "unclean", that suicide in the cause of "Islam" seemed the oonly way out for them.

Some of you wonder why I am attracted by the idea of Hell, and have never seen a description of Heaven that attracts me. This story (which you have to take with some grains of salt, as it is easy fro this kind of story to get exaggerated) should satisfy your curiosity as to why I am tempted by the idea of Hell. Burning inn torment for all eternity is not enough punishment for any persons involved in this kind of torment of women.

Now I am not saying that women are not vicious enough to become suicide bombers without hainv to be "recruited" by means of rape. Readers of this blog are well aware that I am perfectly aware that women are fundamentally vicious creatures. That is why I have recommended that all 12 year old boys be exposed to at least 20 film noir films--those documentaires of the viciousness of the man-eating female of the species--to prepare them for real life. However, all women I know are much to samrt to be a suicide bomber. They leave that sort of stupidity to men. Now they may egg the men on (see those films again). But they would never be that stupid themselves. Still, women do not deserve this kind of evil (even if they do have that extra X chromosome, which makes them a different, alien species).

This brings us to the "Anti-American, Despicable Associated Press" (always use the complete, official name in first reference). The despicable AP used to use women suicide bombers in Iraq as an agenda tool to suggest that we could not win in Iraq (shows how stupid the people of the AP, and Harry Reid, really are). You know the approach. If even women are willing to blow themselves up, how can we hope to counter this kind of violent hatred toward us? Well, the violent hatred exists, but his story indicatesmost of it is from truly evil people perverting a religion for their evil purposes.

Notice that the despicable AP has never done real "expose's" of the people engaged in terrorism. The despicable AP was never interested in the "recruiting" methods used to recruit women suicide bombers. The anti-American AP was too busy quoting anti-American sources, and distributing pro-terrorist propaganda supporting the very kind of evil people described in this story of raping women. If you get the idea that my contempt for the despicable AP, and the rest of the mainstream media in this country is so deep that I regard them as only slightly less bad than these eveil people themselves, then you are right.

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