Tuesday, June 16, 2009

ABC, Iran, Obama: State Run Media

No one could make this stuff up. How couuld byou make up Evan Thomas of Newsweek calling President Obama a "sort of God", rather than a "parochial"President--like President Reagain--concerned mainly with promoting the United States (ingoring that Reagan was responsible for FREEING all of Eastern Europe AND removing the Soviet Union, effectively, as a potential instigator of a nuclear war). Evan Thomas actually said the Obama was ABOVE the Untied Steates, and even ABOVE the WORLD (thus, "sort of God").

Look at yesterday's entry on Iran, where I said that Iran never was a democracy, since it is a theocracy with a STATE RUN MEDIA. Guess what Rush Limbaugh's new term for the mainstream media is? Right. The "state run" media. Now you can argue that the American media is VOLUNTARILY (rather than being coerced) becoming the "state run" media. But it is not just Rush Limbaugh hyperbole. The term is becoming more and more accurate. Limbaugh has alos joined MY bandwagon, and is referring to the Age of Obama as recreating the world of Orwell's "1984", complete with Big Brother everywhere.

Doubts? You should know better by now. It was announced today that ABC is going to essetnially turn over an entire day of programming to Obama to promote his health care plan, plus promoting the "event" for the nine days or so between now and then. Aside from "coverage" on other ABC programs, ABC News will be broadcast from the "blue room" in the White House, followed by a propaganda "special" (Big Brother?)o from the East Wing of the White House promoting Obama's helath care plan. NO "dissenting" voices will be included. In other words, no "critics" of Obama's health care plan will be part of the "event".

See Drudge for big headline and story.

"State run" media anyone? Consider that Obama, and the rest of the left, are trying to ELIMINATE conservative talk radio, and you get the picture of a leftist push to turn us basically into Iran (in terms of state dominated media). President Obama, and most Democrat politicians, pretty much already refuse to appear on Fox News (not really very "conservative", but too much so for these people yearning for totally "state run" media).

It is amazing jusst how fast President Obama is turning into a Big Brother type DICTATOR, while the left is still accusing the innocuous (in this sense) President Bush of having been a "dictator". Hypocrites, anyone? Look left, and to the mainstream media.

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