Friday, January 20, 2012

ABC "News": Some of the Most Dishonest People to Ever Walk teh Earth

Did you hear about how ABC "News" "pushed back" on Newt Gingrich's claim that he offered them PROF that the (evil) "charge" they were making (baout "open marriage") was false? It was a response worthy of a POLITICAN (of the worst kind).

ABC said that they "offered" to INTERVIEW people that Gingrich said supported his "innocence" on this "open marriage' SMEAR. .........................................................................................................Sorry, I am on the floor laughing and crying again.

Why does the ABC "response" strike me as totally dishoenst? You just have to know how these things wrok. Gingrich is giving ABC affadavits, or statments, that a SPECIFIC CHARTGE is false. What does ABC want to d? ABC--I virtually guarantee you this is the case--wantstto INTERVIEW the people that Ginrich wants to present on this NARROW SUBJECT. But does ABC want to LIMIT the interviews to the 'open marriage" issue? Of course not. What ABC wants is to aDD TO THE SMEAR by having ON-CAMERA interveiws gong into Gingrich's PRIVARTE LIVE (including the things that have been out there for years). There is now ay that Gingrich could possibly "win" on this DINOSNEST "offer". And Gingrich new it.

What Gingrich wsa saihng, in n the debateis that he was producing REBUTTAL of the SPECIFIC CHARGE that ABC was gong to SMEAR him with, and that ABCE had no baiss to run such a "questionable" sotry as a "news' sotry. What ABC wanted to do was to USE Gingrich's "witnesses" to ADVANCE THE SMEAR.

Message to ABC: You are EVIL, and your people are among the most dishoenst who have ever lived. You woul dNEVER present this THIN a story on Barakc Obama. So you are also the WORST HYPOCRITES to ever walk the Earth, on two legs or four.

Offer to ABC: I would be HAPPY to "interview" someone involed in this story. In fact, I INVITE ouu--as you did NOT do with Newt--to present an UNEDITED "comment" to this article. If you fail to take advantage of this fair offer (lol), they I will ASSUME ou are not interested in rebutting this article, and that it is true in every respect. I even promise--as you did NOT--not to EIDT or DELETE any comment you want to make. I don't prmise, of course, not to USE any comment lyou make agasint you (that part being consistent whith what you say you "offered" Newt).

How did I get in this position of defending Newt Gingrich? Yo uknow thaqt one. Newt, like Nixon (who I also did not like) before him, MAKES THE RIGHT ENEMIES. I just wish he made the right friends.

ABC "standards" (lol): "You ordinariy need TWO sources for a story (All the President's Men), unless o of course, it is an EX-WIFE (with no ax to grind--lol again). Then, of course, here unsupportred woord is more than enough, even in the facte of DISPUTE from multiple sources. You jsut can't get any more DISHOENST than these people (ABC).

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