Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Yahoo, AT&T, Reuters, CNN: Some of the Worst Religious Biots to Ever Live on this Earth

The mainstream media in this country are composed of RELIGIOUS BIGOTS> This blog has conclusively shown this for EIGHT YEARS. Doubt me? Never, ever , do that. Here is one of tonight's FEATURED headlines from Yahoo "News', in partnership with AT&T and ABC, from a Reuters storty:

"in Bain Capital deals, Rpm,ney gave stock to Mormon church"

So what, NLESS you are a RELIGIOUS BIGOT trying to appeal to BIGOTRY. That appleis to Reuters, CNN, ABC, AT&T and the entire mainstrream media. Nope. I am wiling to state the obvious: EVANGELICAL CHRISTIIANS are NOT the pople tyring to make Romnney's Mormon religiohn a POLITICAL "issue" in this campaign. That is reserved for ANDERSON COOPOER, CNN, Reuters, and the mainstream media in general.

WHO has a right to "complain" abut Romney "giving" stock to the Mormon church? Not the maisntream media, but they are BIGOTS--as stated, some of the WORST religious bigots wo have ever lived on th;is Erath. They are EVKL people, who I look forward to meeting IN HELL, if Hell exists. Noope, I give these peole NO pass. They are EVIL [people. Yep. I am referring to the people of Reuters, the despicable AP, Anderson Cooper, Wolf Blitezer, all of CNN, Reters, and the rest of the mainstream media. You are EVIL peo;le, spreding evil. And I mean it. literally, This is EvIL , bigoted stuff you are spreading. AT&T and Yahooo? You are EVIL lpeople. That is what I think of youy,. if you want to defend yourselves, I invitfe you or uour idiot defenders, to TRY to do so in commetns on this blgo. WARNIGN.. I will HAND YOU YOUR HEAD. Yep. I am an AGNOSTIC, who OPOSES Romney for President. I wil STILL HAND YOU YOUR HEAD, because you are EViL BIOTS spreadig evil.

ONLY the owners of Bain capital--the people with a MONETARY interest--have a "right" to complain of how Romney allocated stock. The obviously did NOTG complain. The idea that it is RELEVANT politically whether Romney "gave" stock to the Mormoon church is ure EVIL, ut out by EVIL people, spreading EVIL thoroughout this land. I worry that I am not converfying to you adequately my CONTGEMPOT for these EVI people--that I am holding back. Well, I can only do so much. But you shoudl get the idea. My CONEMPT for these "journalists" knows NO bounbds. SErial kilerrs? Terrorists? Reallity show producers? Doesnnt' matter. My COPNTEMPT for "journalists' is as bad as my contempt for anyu of the OTHER evil people on this planet.

More on this in future articles, especially on CNN and the truly evil Anderson Cooper.

P.S. No proofreading or spell checking (bad eyesight).

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