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Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney and Marco Rubio: Just How Much of a Hypocrite is Marco Rubio?

This blog article plays off of the CNN ENTHUSIASM for JEB BUSH. You nknoow that this is pure HYPOCRISY by some of the worst hypocrites to ever walk this Earth, on two legs or four. If Jebb Bsuh were RUNNING for Presdient, CNN would be tring to crucify him--including askng whether we really want "another Bush" in national politics again after the "debacle" of George W. Bush. But CNN was all excited tonight that their "sources" indicated that Mitt Romney had "secured" the endorsement of Jeb Bush. As with the endorsement by John McCain, is this really "good" for Mitt Romney (assuming it is true?

First, everyone knows that the GOP estalbishment, including the Bush "wing" of the party, is for Mitt Romney. Does it really "help" Romney to get more establishment endorsements? CNN insists on saying that Jeb Bush is "popular" in Florida. I wonder.

Yep, This is how we get to Marco Rubio, who has DISAPPONTED this blog in seeveral ways recently--acing like an estalbishment GOP politican. This blog has called Rubio a hypocrite for his hypocrisy on the "debt ceiling", even as he votes to INCREASE deficits (REQURING a raise in the debt ceiling). Then there is SOPA. Here, Rubio was a CO-SPONSER, before changing his mind afer the outcry against that outrageouslly intrusive bill into the INTERNET. In other words, Rubio was FOR the bill before the was AGAINST it.

Now let us go back in time to 2010--not so lng ago. Rubio was the ANTI-ESTABLISHMENT candidate. Charlie Crist was JEB BUSH'S MAN. Crist was the "anointed" GOP candidate for the Senate-anointeedd by teh GOP estalbishment (including, I believe, Jeb Bush, for whom Crist had been lieutenant governor). You will remember that Rubio defeated Crist in teh GOP PRIMARY, and that Crist then ABANDONED the GOP to run as basically an Obama-supporting "independent". Crist refused to say that he would vote with the GOP in the Senate (as LIsa Murkowski did in Alaska). At this point,m Jeb Bush may have abaondoned Crist.

Still, Marco Rubio CHALLENGED the JEB BUSH ESTABLISHMENT in Florida, and WON. Rubio was one of the "Tea Party" candidatges. We saw the South Carolina governor come out for Mitt Romney, even though she was supposedly one of the "Tea Party" candidates. Would it be another HYPOCRITICAL act for Marco Rubio to support Mitt Romney? I thnks so,. For all I know, Rubio has ALREADY made an endorsement int he race, although I have not heard it.

This blog has already noted jsut how far so many of these "Tea Party" candidates have "drifited" toward the establishment since their election, to the pint that htis blog has said to DEFEAT THEM ALL (all lpresent GOP members of Copngress running in the 2012 electons).

You don't have to go along with my rather "extreme" position on GOP members of Congress to realize that Jeb Bush did NOT have enough "power" in Florida to help Charlie Crist. In fact, what was Jeb Bush doing running with Charle Crist? And you don't have to agree totally with me to see how HYPOCRITICAL it would be for Marco Rubio to side with the OLD GOP establishment in Florida against the Tea lParty people (wo will PROBABLY mostly support Newt Gingrich--absent Gingrich mistakes).

You might accurately say that Rubio has already "lost" me. He is in a dangerous place here. He may LOSE a lot more people than me if he sides with the GOP establishment in Florida, and endorses Romney.

I will answer my own queston: I don't think a Jeb Bush endorsement really helps Mitt Romney. In a way, it just plays into the hands of Newt Gingirch. This does nto mean that ingrich automatically wins Florida. It jsut means that I think that if Romney wins Florida, it will NOT be because of an endorsement from Jeb Bush. I don't think such an endorsment helps Romney at all. It probably does nto hurt Romney much, but it may actually send the wrong message that Romney really is the candidatge of the OLD GOP (Grand, Outdated Party--if you do not know what GOP stands for).

No, I don't think I would support Jeb Bush for President, any more than I can ssuprt Romney (or any more than I did support McCain--who I refused to support). I am willing ot make this bunt statement: Jeb Bush is on the verge of going down with the GOP establishment, whether Mitt Romney wins this nomination or not. A Bush endorsement is unlikely to help Mitt Romney. But it is even more likely to HURT the future career of Jeb Bush, if he thinks he will have one.

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