Monday, January 23, 2012

Haley Barbour and the GOP Establishment: Blog 5475, GOP Establishment 0 (Tomorrow's News Today)

Haley Barbour ws governor of Mississippi. Yet, he was NOT a consrvative. He was a GOP estalbishment guy, and is a depsicable human being (to quote Newt Gingrich on John King). This blog wrote at least one,, and probably more than one , article saing this about Halye Barbour BEFORE he made it clear by pardoning murderers with whom he happened to have personal contact--in complet3e disregard for the VICITMS, and the fact that the murderers had PREVENTED the VICTIMS from ever having the chance to make something better of their life. Some of you may wonder why I doggedly support the death penalty, even though we had shown that we are too COWARDLY to implement it without extreme cost and "Bleak House" kind of delay. This is the reason. IF we execute a murderer, at least yu won't have a LEFTIST (in his soul, like most of the GOP estaablishment politicians) come along and PARDON THEM. Even if they just stay on death row forever, it is HARD to do something really stupid like these pardons.

Yep. This is yet another example of this blgo being RIGHT IN FORESIGHT. This blog told you that Haley Bararour was a typical, despccable GOP estrabishment guy IN ADVANCE, and while peole like Rush Limbaugh and the peopole of the unfair and unbalanced netowrk, would still have been wiling to call Barbour a "conservative'. At the time I wrote the article(s) I am thinking of, Barbour ws onte of CNN's favorite "conservatives". This blog blew the whistle on him, as I think this blog had done even beffore than (I certainly knew it years ago). A CNN conservative (not limited to just those who apppear on CNN) bears the same relationship to a real conservative that a Cooper Indian (Mark Twian's satiric view of the Indian characters of James Fenimore Cooper) bears to a real Indian.

As this blog proves right time and time again about the GOP establishment, and GOP establishment politicians, you should be getting an idea of why I make this statement: Hell will freeze over and the sun will go out befoore I will EVER vote for another member of the GOP establishment (as it now exists), even if that person is running against Satan himself. Haley Barbour, as this blogo told you in advance, is a TYPICAL member of the GOP establishment. NO principles at all. NO honor at all. NO intelligence at all. The policians of the GOP estalbishment are clueless, as Mitt Romney is proving.

"But, Skip, who determines who is a member of the GOP estalbishment? If we can't even trust a Mississippi governor to be a real conservative, who can we turst?" Well, you can't TRUST any politician. Look at this blog's resent exposure of Marco Rubio as pretty much another GOP estalbishment politician. But you have no prolem--so long as I am around--determining who is part of this despicable GOP estalbishment.

That's right. It is I who determine who is part of t the GOP estalbishmennt mindset, and there is NO APPEAL from my decision. And there are NO PARDONS, short of maybe a posthumous pardon for (politically) throwing yourself on a grenade in the interest of a conservative cause you have somehonw embraced after your career as a no-principled GOP estalbishment person.

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