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George Stephanopoulos, Partisan Political Hack: Congraceptioni and Ridicule of Stepahnopoulos (This Blog Gives You Goeday's News Yesterday--or Earlie

George Stephanopoulos made a serious mistake, even for a partidan political hack like he is (a former pwero in the Clinton Administratioion): He asked a question about that burning political issue,, CONGRACEPTION (lol), to MITT ROMNEY (ratehr than Rick Santorum). No, it is not that the question makes any more sense, except as a SMEAR, when directed to Santorum (who does not support a state "ban" on contraception,, as NOBODY does--it being impossible to even think up a more riidiculous NON-ISSUE.

But that is the point. Santorum is used to this SMEAR--ridiculous as it is. Romney is not. Therefore, Romney could HONESTLY (probably) look amazed and astounded at the question. "George, you mean some state WANTS to ban contraceptives" That is a silly question." (or words to that effect). In other words, partly because he is not used to the question, Romney had the proper atttitude: RIDICULE. If Stephanopoulous had any class or inteelligence (he does not), he would have walked right off the the panel (in tonight's GOP debate) and fallen on his sword. He should never be able to live this down. If he weere a Presidential caandidae, this would be called a FATAL GAFFE.

And it got worse. For some 15 minues, Stephanopoulos treied to convince SOME candidate on the state that he wsa asking a question that made sense. After Romney's initial,correct ridicule, there was no hope. Stephanopoulos merely made hiself look MORE RIDICULOUS. It ws like Rick Perry standing there being unable to think of the government agencies he wanted to ban, only WORSE. I was actually embrarrassed for poor George. If there wre any honor in "journalism' (there is no), poor George should never be able to work in the business again.

Now look at my CORRECT dismantling of Bill O'Reilly a few days ago. You will remember that O'Reilly trotted out this "contraception" SMEAR against Santorum with a straight face, as if this was a "serious problem" for Santorum. I correctly told you that this particular SMEAR--attempted SMEAR--could not be a problem for anyone, because it is so absrud. It is just not a current issue in thns countgry, and was NOT even an issue at the time the Supreme Court decided the case referenced in my article (althouh not by name--"Griswold v. Connecticut", as actually cited byStepahnopoulous, when NOBODY CAES. Not only does NO state want to ban contraceptives now, but NO state wanted to ban contraceptives at the time of that Suprme Court case (a manufactured case to pave the way for the LIEF AND DEATH case of Roe v. Wade). Sure, way back n the 196s, Connecticut still had a law on the books about selling contraceptives, but it ws not really enforeced (:and could have been easily gotten rid of with any effort at all). Connecticut was virtually the ONLY state (maybe one or tow others) with such a law even still on the books. It was a FALSE "issue" then, and it is even more of a FALSE issue now--deserving only of RIDICULE.

I will say one thing. I thought Santorum was generally BETTER than Romney in the debate, as he almost always is, bukt Romney handled THIS "question" (not deserving of the word) BETTER than Santorum.--partly because Romney is NOT used to the question. Read my articel on O'Reilly again. Look at what I ADVISED. I ADVISED REIDICULE as the only possible response to this kind of questiion. I have previously said that Mitt Romney reads this blgo. Here is MORE EVIDENCE to that effectd. Indeed, ALL of the GOP candidatess seemed ready to take on the MEDIA BIAS in the way these questins are aked only of GOP candidates. Gingrich, in his best omonet (Gingrich being one of 3 WINNERS this night), made this charge DIRECTLY, and repeated another correct asserton of this blog: The mainstream media are ANTI-CHRISTIAN BIGOTS. Gingrich actually proved it tonight, with the help of the questions asked. Does Gingrich, too, read this blog? Maybe.

Hacker Boy: "Oh, forget it. You already know that Skip is such a poster child for magalomania that books have been written on his case. Not worth hacking into this disgraceful blog this time, even in the interest of turth, justice and the American way."

Ignoring the interrluption (am I really about to get rid of Hacker Boy?), this shows what a FOOL, as well as dishonest hypocrite, Bill O'Reilly is. You CANNOT effectively SMEAR somone on the things that O'Reilly seemed to regard as "improtatn". Did I telly you O'Reilly is a FOOL? I know I did. Herman Cain was not successfully SEMEARED as an EXTREMIST. No, I don't think it works even on independents, but it definitely does nto work in the GOP nomination. Notice that ROMNEY said the SAME thing on gay marriage as Santorum. Nope. The O'REILLY SMERS (for he made them his own) of Snatorum were never going to have any effect, EXCEPT to keep Santorum from getting out his real message (which was O'REILLY'S intnt, dishonest hypocrite that he is). Some people may not like Santorum's positions on "social issues" (again, not that different from Romney's STATED positons), but this is not really a "smear" Those peole were unlikely to vote for the GOP candidate in any event. Other people, woh really do not regard social issues as important, or relevant to their lives, are ulikely to pay any real attention. They--unlike George Stephanopooulos and the mainstream media--really ae intrested in a President that will SAVE this country. They correctly don't think that whether we have gays OPENLY in the militrary is going to matter much to that IMMMEDIATE problem. See the O'REilly article again about how O'Reilly was willing to SELL OUT lthis country bysuggeting that peole should consider contracepton, and gays in the military, as a basis pon which ot cast their vote this eyar. "Absurd" is a kind word for this SELL OUT TH COUNTRY position. In other words, if Rick Santorum would really save this country's economy, are make a better attempt at tit htan nany of the other candidates, what else do you call it if you say that people should, or will, vote AGAINST him because of "contraception", or gay marriage? SELLING OUT THE COUNTRY is a kind term for anyone like that, and a kind term for O'Reily and Stephanopoulos.

Again, though, look at the FORESIGHT of this blog. I have even TOLD the GOP candidates what to say, and they seem to be listening. ............(Maybe I HAVE gotten rid of Hacker Boy--no rise to this last sentence.)

Hacker Boy: "In your dreams, Skippy boy. "

P.S. No proofreading or spell checking (bad eyesight).

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