Thursday, January 19, 2012


Another reason I could never run for office. Read the previus article. Then realize that the problem is not jsut the CONTENT of the articles I writge (bad enough).

Imagine what MY ex-wife would say about ME, if she were interviewed. The mind boggles. And I even had a "friendly" divorcxe, and get along fairly well with her (so long as we dont talk more than about 30 mnutes in any mth--even better recently, as she lives in a different city now and has remarried. We have not really talkged in a year or more, atlthoug I expectg I will probably see here at my older daugher's wedding scheduled in Boston for this September.

Nom, in case you are curious, I have never remarried (now more than 20 years later). The applause and sighs of relief I get from women when they find out that I am admant on this pont are amazing. Women seem to feel that my attitude has saved one or more women from a fate worse than death. My own daughter, mother, and only female friend (Sylvia) hae ALL recently called me a "grumpy old man". Oh well. Being a g "grumpy old man" isn't so bad. Look at Ron Paul. Peooople sort of make allowances for you, although in my case women sometimes forget to do so.

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