Saturday, January 21, 2012

South Carolina to GOP Establishment: Go to Hell--as This Blog Agrees

Unlike CNN would mean it, the above headline is not meant "ironically", or as a failed pun on RELIGION. It is cNN who is BIGOTED and EVIL about religion, along with bascially the entire mainstream media (including the unfair and unbalanced network). CNN, and the media, like to OVEREMPHSIZE trhe effect of religion on GOP voters. For once, my headline is just meant as a straightforward emphasis of just how BAD a night it was for the GOP estalbishment.

This blog does nto favor Newt Gingrich, and I have said since 2008 that Newt Gingrich will never be President (having nothing to do with SMEARS on marraiges, adultery, "open marriage", and only slightly to do with Freddie Mac). The reason I SLIGHTLY favor Newt Gingrich over Mitt Romney, and leaveopen a SLIGHT possiblitiy I might vote for Gingrich agasint Barack Obama, is that voting for Gingrich STICKS IT IN THE EYE of the GOP, Democrat AND media establishment. I don't delude myself that Gingrich iss a "conservative", although I am not sure WHAT he is (as he can PASSIONATELY argue on about 3 sides of every issue, adn often has--the difference between Gingrich and Obama being that you SHJOULD KNOW where Obama really stands, while I have no idea whether even Gingrich knows where Gingrich really stands. I do know that Gingrich is SMARTER than the rest, and that he COULD be a GREAT President. He could also be--somewhat more likely--a TERRIBLE President. Tooo risky for me, and I am willing to commit to voting for RON PAUL. In other words, I consider both Romney and Gingrich MORE DANGEROUS than Ron Paul to this country, and to conservatives. This blog still endorse Rick Sntaourm, with a little reluctance. But Snatourm cannot now WIN the nomination, undless BOTH Gingrich and Romney LOSE it first (perhaps not even then, if we arrive at a deadlocked convention--still somewhat unlikely, but possible).

The theme of this blog is that the countery cannot afford another estalbishment President (or Obama, if you falsely htink he is not an estalbishment candidate, although more leftist than most). That is why this blgo is glad Romney LOST in South Carolina, even if not so glad that Gincrich won. Gingrich marches to his own drummer too much to be "estalbishment", although he does not have a consistent conservative "philosophy" either.

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