Monday, January 23, 2012

Evangelicals and Or Anti-Christian Media

For the anti-Chrristian mainstream media, a GOP nomination campaign is all abut RELIGION, because the mainstream media blieves that they an successfullly DEMONIZE (pujn intended) the "religious right". Bhe mainsteam media believe that people in general do not really 'believe" in their religion, because the mainmsteam media people do not. Is the mainsteam medaia RIGHT on this? I am not totally sure,. I believe a LOT of people don't let their religion "interfere" with their LIFE, the way-for example--fundamentalist Christians do. In other words, religioin has no moe ffect on their THINKING and ACTIONS tghan it does on Nancy Pelosi or Barack Obama. But it is easy to overplay this, and I believe the mainsteream media has long since gone overoboad on bein ANTI-CHRISTIAN (the real explanation of why so much of the mainstrream media comes across as PRO-MUSLIM). Doubt me? Never do that. It just makes you look foolish.

Here is what I heard on the LEFTIST MSNBC today (I think it was on MSNBC, althouth CNN is officially The Anti-Christian Network)--as the commentator was commenting on the mainstream media theme that relision "dominates" the GOP: ";You can see this operating in South Caroina, where Gingrich got more than 40% of the evangelical vote."

Say what/ You can't say someting like this, stating that Gingrich can thank kthe religious voter dominating the GOP for his victory. Welll, you CAN say it. I heard the MSNBC person say it. But all you do is expose yourself for the antiChristian, DISHONEST, political hack that your are. Gingrich got 40% of the vote of almsot EVERY GROUP in South Carolna That is the ONLY way you get a landslide. "Evangelicals voted JUST LIKE EVERYOHNE ELSE. Gingrich won among men Gingrich won among married women (among all women, as well). Gingrich won among conservatives. Gingrich won amon "independents" (a FICTITIOUS GROUP, of which I am a 'membe--just as all of this "grouping" is divisive, meaninglesss and somewhat fictitious). Gingrich AMOST won among "moderates". That is the only way you administer this kind of BUUTT KICKING. You have to win EVERHNOE. But for the anti-Christian BIOGTS of the mainstreammedia, it is all aobut "religious" GOP voters.

Just look at how BAD that statement I heard ws. The person was trying to make the pont that "evangelicals" (this "religious right" the mdia loves to HATE) gave Gingrich the victory in South Carolina by VOTING LIKE EVERYONE ELSE. Just how can you be any more DISHONEST than that? You can't.

P.S. No proofreading or spell checking (bad eyesight). Just for the record: I continue to be an AGNOSTIC myself (since the age of about 12-never hainvg been an "evangelical" in my life, althogh having been raised--to age 12--as a Presbyterian). I also OPPOSE Gingrich for President, although he is getting this ANTI-CHRISITAN attitude of our "elites" exactly right. My older daughter was aan intern for a justice on a United States Court of Apppeals while she was in Cornell Law School, My daughter told me that the judge for whom she worked (for college credit)--an obviously ESTABLISHMENT, ELITE guy seemed more concerend about this country becoming a THEOCRACY...........................................................................................Sorry, laughing/crying on the floor again, tthan any other "issue". My daughter, by the way, is like her father (if not nearly as smart) in not believing in any religion. As I said, Gingrich is getting this EXACTLY RIGHTHT. Our "elites" rally aer AFRAID OF peole hwho actually BELIEVE in their religion. As readers of this blog know, I am not (afraid of tose peple---nor do I look down upon them). It is too bad that my daughter is not nearly as smart as I am, although smarter than EVERY woman on the unfair and unbalanced network. I attribbute that to both our modern educatin systemn and teh fact that she is a WOMNA (even though i was forced to make that blog applogy to the women of South Carolina--especially the married women).

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