Saturday, January 21, 2012

Adulterer or a Mormon: The Evil of Yahoo News (Flying, Fickle Finger of Fate Award Winnder)

"Evangelical Dilemma in South Caolina: an adulterer or a Mormoon"

Yes, this is this blog's second article on the above "story" "featured" on Yahoo "News" last night--from the mainstram media, although Yahoo failed to make the orignal source real clear. Doesn't mater. It reflects the EVIL of the enfire mainstream media, and Yahoo clearly adopted this EVIL as its own. The above represents the WORST headline I have ever seen, and that is saying a lot.

Let us consider the BOGOTRY of Yahoo (obviuslyNOT evangelicals) in comparing adultery and Mormonism. Then consider the LIE of the headline. The voters of South Carolina obvioiusly have another choic, who is the endorsement of this blog (not for this reason) and---from all appearances--a very CHRISTIAN man. Yep. I am talking about Rick Snatourm. Of course, Santorum is a CAHOLIC (as Newt Gingirch now is). I really am surprised that the EVIL BIGOTS of Yahhoo (and AT&T, which provides my default page from Yahoo, as a joint AT&T/Yahoo page) did not say "an adulterer, a Mormon and a Catholic". These peole of Yahoo have to be some of the mos BIGOTED, DISHONEST lpeoiple who have ever lived.

Some of you may think I was too "harsh" in my articles yesterday as far as comparing John King and Chris Wallace--really the entire mainstream media, including the unfair and unbalanced network-with NAZIS. I stand by the comparison, in terms of EVIL, and a "defense" ("this is what peole are talking about") that is PURE EVIL. This is a headline (the quoted headline) that COULD havbe been used by Hitler and the Nazis against Hiter's opponents as Hitler was rising to power. It represents the same kind of BIGOTRY and DEMONIZATION. There is NO "defense" for it. These people of YAHOO and the mainstream media aer EVIL, BIGOTED people.

Again, note now much BETTER "evangelicals" are. Evnagelicls, in the ain (ussposedly 60% of the vote in Sluth Carolina-a BIGOTED statement in itself) , are obviously more TOLERANT and thoughtful than our evil media. They are obviusly willing to consider the WHOLE PERSON, and the COUNTRY. Yahoo, in contrast, is not ony BIGOTED, but willing to SELL OUT this country in the name of bigotry. .Yaho is willing to say that it is ACCPETABLE to selll out this country rather than choose a Mormon as President, even if that is the best person to lead this country.

If egangelicals were really as narrow minded as the EViL PEOPLKE of the mainstream media, they would obviuosly vote for Rick Santorum (or Ron Pual--still another choice). Santorum has been endoresed by evangelical "leaders", and is clearly the best RELIGIOUS fit with believing Christians--Catholic though he is. I endorse Santorum,, but I am an agnosic, and do NOT endorse a religious "test" for voting for a candidate. In fact, I do not endorse the religion itself (as distinct from ISSUE concerns involving religious beliefs) being part of political campaigns. Yahoo and the mainstream media--obviouslyu NOT most evangelicals-do ENDORSE the idea of voting based on NARROW religious concerns. That is because Yahoo is BIGOTED, and rally ANT*-CHRISTIAN, along with the rest of the mainstream media. You Christians out there: Why would you EVER pay ANY attention to these people, who--like Barack Obama--consider you narrow minded HICKS (when th enarrow mindedness and BIGOTRY is really THEIRS)?

What I have said, of course, is that there is noting wrong with a person having at least a mild preference for someone who shares his or her religon. Why do oo lyout believe in a religon--a religion, by the way, that suggests we are ALLL sinners, and FORGIVENESS for individual sins--unless you thik that religioni reflects well on youyr character? However, if NARROW religious concerns were what motivated "evangelicals", then RICK PERRY woud have won in South Carolina. Perry is ONE OF THEM. He did not even get the endorsement of evangelical LEADERS. And he had to drop out before even getting to the vote in South Carrolina. Again, the INTOLERANT, NARROW-MINDED peple her are the people of Yahoo and the mainstream media. There is NOTHING wrong with factoriing in your religioius beliefs in the way you vote. There is EVERYTHIGN worng with religion being directly part of POLITICAL campaigns. It is the MEDIA, including YAHOO, who are engaing in this EviL deliberately, and with malice aforethought.

BOYCOTT AT&T and YAHOO. Message to Yahoo: You are now the recipient of this blog's Flying Fickle Finger of Fate award ("The Finger") for conspicuous wrongdoing/evil during a week. In this case, this log has reincarnated this award just for you, and not just for an evil limited to a single week, but as (hopefully) the WORST EVIL of the year. This is this blog's reincarnation of the old "Laugh In" award, represented by a statuette of a pointing INDEX FINGER.

Award ceremony (a virtual ceremony taking place entirely in the imagination). This bog recommends that you VISUALIZE Dick Martin giving the award on the old "Laugh In" program, solely as a visual aid and not suggesting any connection between Maritin or "Laugh In" and this reincarnation of the awward:

Imagine Dick Martin pickng up the statuette of The Finger, and THRUSTING it at the camer, saying: "Yahoo, this is for YOUY. YouDESERVE it for evil above and beyond the ordianry media evil of today." Thus, Yahoo has become the latest proud recipient of The Finger.

P.S. No proofreading or spel checking (bad eyesight).

Dick Martin (hacking into this disgracful blog, and you don't want to know from where): "Skip, I hae WARNED you about using my name this way . You know that I don't endorse your crazy flights into fancy, and I strony objet to your use of MY NAME. Sometime, in this life or the next, I am going to make you PAY for this."

P.P.S. Martin has made these threats before. I am BRAVE (unlike GOP politicians. I ignore them. Hey, where did taht bright light come from. Hey. that is HOT. OWWWWWWWWWW. Cut it out, Martin. OWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. Just for that, I may reincarnate my reincarnation of your award on a regular basis again.

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