Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Homeland Security, The Drudge Report, and The Maverick Conservative

The present banner headline on Drudge ( is a link to an article which cites the New York Times for the assertion that Homeland Security is MONITORING "The Drudge Report".

Does that mean that The Maverick Conservative (this blog) is being MONITORED. I hope so. I would be disappointed (to the point of being suicidal) if Homeland Security thought The Drudge Report was more of a SUBVERSIVE THREAT than this blog.

I know. Drudge has a MILLION TIMES more "hits" than this blog. So what? This blog makes up with QUALITY (of subversive thought) what it lacks in QUANTITY (of readers). I would hate to add Momeland Security to my "enemies list" becaue they have failed to add me to THERI enemies list. But it may come to that.

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