Monday, January 23, 2012

Newt Gingrich and Religion: Is Barack Obama a Muslim?

The headline is a trick question, because this blog has already labeled you a KIOK if you believe that Barack Obama is a Muslim (art of this blog's "your are a kook if:" series). Yep. My 89 yar old mother is a KOOK. What can I say? She is a woman and a lifelong Democrat (from th Great Depression, and FDR, her hero). I digress. The hedline arises because of this continuing agenda of the ANTI-CHRISTIAN mainstream media to both DEFEND Obama on religion and ATTACK the GOP andd conservatives ON RELIGION.

The particular "inspiraton" for this article was--a CNN report this time, I am pretty sure--TheAnti-Christian Network)--on an interview queston to Rick Santorum. The question was a direct attempt to SUYPPORT Barakc Obama on religoin, worded someting lik ethis: "Waht are you doing to make sure that the American peple do not believe this propaganda lie that Barack Obama is a Muslim.". You may think I am exaggerating the question, but the fact is that I am hardly exaggerating it at all. I have seen this done multiple times. The mainstream media seems to think it is a GOP RESPONSIBITIY to convince people that Barack Obama is a Christian. What is funny, of course, is that Barakc Obama is NOT a Christian, although he is not a Muslim either .Bill Maher (CNN/mainstream media favorite atheist) and I agree that Barack Obama is a "secular humanist"--in other words a LEFTIST who does not believe in ANY religion other than leftist ideology. But the mainstream media believe that they can "help" Barack Obama by putting GOP politicians "on the spot' by"making them" VALIDATE Obama's relgioin. Thi, of course, is desicable stuff (the media), but GOP poiticians have a problem because they will not act like Newt Ginrcih and ATTACK the qestioin< OR ATTACK Obama's record on religion (easily attacked). GOP politicians know that the mainstream meida is going to try to ATTACK them on attackng the President's religoin, and they are COWARDS.

Santourm, who this blog stil endorses, said that he has stated that BarackObama is not a Muslim, but feels no responsibility to go out every day and make it a missoni to convince people of that. Santorum is right about that, but the answer is nOT up to Gingrich standards.

I am often asked whether there is ANYTHING Newt Ginrich could do to get me to support him agaisnt Barack Obama (much les for the nomination). Okay. I am NEVER asked this, but I am going to anser it anyway. Actually, there is. Yes,, jumping on questions from Juan Williams and Joh King is a stepin the right direction, but not nearly enough. THIS would probably be enough:

Question to Gingrich from media person trying to support Obama on religion: "Don't yo feel an obligation to convince people that the President of the United Sates is not a Muslim, which you know he isn't/" Or: "You believe that Barack Obama is a Christian, don't yoou?" Yes, there could be any number of variations on this questiong. But this should be the Gingrich answer if he wants MY supoport:

"I see no evidence that President Obama is a Muslim, although I think he as undermined the secrity of Israel fully as effectively as if he were a radical Muslim. Do yoou really want me to give my personal opnion on his religion? I think his POLICIES are attacknig religion, but I thin it is not right to make a political issue out of a person's personal religious beliefs. I don't want to be thought to be evading a question, however, Do ou really want me to give my personal opinon on President Obama's religion?"

Questioner: "Yes, Mr. Speaker, President Obam ais being attacked on his religino. Dont yo feel an obligatin to defend or Preisdent against those attacks?"

Ginrch: "No. (followed by a puase). I agree with Bill Maher--at least what he has said in the past--that Barack Obama is not a believing Christian, but a secular humanist who reallly believes only in leftist ideology. Could I be wrong? Sure. I can't look withoin President Obama to see his soul. The balanceof the evidence, though , is that he is a hypocrite. He say he is a Christian when he thinks it is politically advantageous for him to do so. He then misquotes the Declaration of Indppendence to leave out "by their Creator'--to leave out GOD in what I think ws a deliberate attempt to avoid offending the ACLUL. He tallks about peole "clinging to their religin". And his POLITICES attck Christian religious groups, without any sensitivity to their sincere religious beliefs. I don't think that Preisident Obama' sperosanl religious beliefs should be a political issue, altough I think his ATTACKS on reltion should be. Bt, since you ask MY OPINIOIN, my opinin is that President Obama does not truly believe in any religion--including the Christian religion. "

Now if Newt Gingrich said something like THAT, I would be FORCED to support hm, despite the many reasons I have for not supporting him (not, by the way, having anything to do with his adultery or marriages or the like). ANY GOP politician with THAT kind of courage is a politican I would HAVE to support, despite my qualms, jsut as I will suport Ron Pual if no one else is left besides Romney and/or Obama.

The mainstream media is perfectly willihng to talk about the Moron religion being a cult, or to talk negatively abuot "evangelicals" or the "religious right'. They are even willing to talk about the religoius beliefes of GOP opoliticians, such as wehether they "believe" in evollution, or wheher homosexuaity is a sin. Someone HAS to CALL THIEM on this EVIL HYPOCRISY. If Newt Ginrich were to do that effectivel, I would have to FORGIVE ALL.

P.S. No proofreading or spell checking (bad eyesight). For the record, once again (see previous articles), I an an AGNOSTIC (the same thing that Bill Maher callls himself). To me, that means I see things as they ARE, rather than through an agenda, as far as religion is concerned. The media, in contrast, is all about AGENDA, and they LIE when they try to make religion an "issue" for GOP candidates, but condemn it as an "issue" for Barack Obama. I repeat what is 95% certain to be the truth: Barack Obama is NOT a believing Christian, but a hypocrite.

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