Thursday, January 26, 2012

Karl Rove: Selling Out His Country

ead my previous article on Greta Van Susteren, and how she seems willing to believe that a whole lot of people (including, I think, herself) are willing to SELL OUT their country just to ensure that the "gay rights' "movement' succeeds in putting "gays" into a new "category" of "victimes' that has never previously existed in this country--not to mention that 'gay marriage" has not existed in ALL of human history up to the f21st Century, which you cannot say about incest and polygamy. Well, I saw Kal Rove--also on the unfair and unbalanced network, without challenge, and HE is willing to SELL OUT his country too, althouhg he ADMITS it.

I laugh, cry, or froth at the mouth--often all three--whenver I hear a GOP person talk about the "payroll tax cut". I can't even count the number of times that a GOP person, or enve a supposed "conservative", has said that the payroll "tax cut" is BAD POLICY. The Wall Street Journal has said it (on the unfari and unbalanced network) , Any number of other people have said it. But Karl Rove has now said it more directly than it is usually said. He directly said that the payroll "tax cut" is BAD POLICY that undermines funding for Social Seucirty. Say wht? Wel, Karl, I am happy for your support. I am sure you ewill be with me on this NEXT DEADLINE (end of February) on the extension of this fraudulent payroll "tax cut"?

Oh no. I went on listening, after I got what appeared to be SUPPORT for my positioni. It turns out that Rove DOES SUPPORT MY POLICY POSITION, but stil says that the GOP must extend this fruad (at thesex pense of ADDING at least 100 BILLLION to our debt) through 2012. Why? You know the answer to that: because we need to get past this ELECTION.

I just can't stand it. Karl Rove is willing ot SELL OUT his country for an ELECTION. I am sure Rove would say that there are more important issues at stake than this. Not really. The problem the GOP has is that NO ONE--especailly me--believes that GOP politicians have any real PRINCIPLES at all. How can the GOP taqlk about DEBT, when they are votnig to INCRFEASE THE DEBTG jsut to win an electin. and they did this on SPENDING, as well as on the payroll "tax cut" and extgension of unemployment benefits.

Nope. The GOP DESEVES TO LOSE. If they continue this way, they will lose. As to Rove, this willingness to SELL OUT his country is no suruprise., For YEARS-all of the way from when Rove as a power int he Bush Administrration--this bog has written aritcles about Karl Rove. He could be the POSTER CHILD for the GOP estalbishment, and antoher reason taht Hell will freeze over before I evere vote for another GOP establishment candidate. Is it possible to stand up for "principle', and VOTE jstu to get past an election? Yes, I know that Obama is doing it on the Keystone Pipeline, and other things. But does that make it RIGHt. And howdo you oppose Obama on DEBT, when you are willing ot vote for MORE DEBT as apolitical BRIBE? Is Obama doing much different? Well the SCALE of what Obama is dong is larger, but the PRINCIPLE is the same. This blog has previously given this message to Karl Rove: "Just Go Away." I hereby repreat the same message.

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