Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Eric Cantor: Defeat Him (Defeat the GOP Series)

I saw an Erick Cantor interview this morning. It confirmed my previous opinioin: DEFEAT H:M, or any office and for every office.

This is part of my "Defeat the GOP" series, although the official position of this blog is to DEFEAT THEM ALL (all incumbents, Democrat or members of tghe Grand, Outdated Party, who are incumbents).

But I am highlighting GOP politicians wo are especailly worthy of defeat. Eric Cantor is on e of those politicians. What has the GOP House, in which Cantorin in the leadership, ACCOMPLISHED? Not a ting. As this blog has reported before, the GOP did not "cut" ONE THIN DIME in net spending, and actgualy ADDED to teh defict and erquired increase in the debt ceiling (includng with this fraudulent payroll "tax cut" and exenions of extended unemployment benefits paying people not to work). Well, Cantor was aske d basicaly what the GOP had DONE to control spending.

You know what Cantor said, if you thoought about it at all He BLAMED Obama and the Democrats, talking about how theGOP "tried" (totally inefectually). Hogwash. Dishonest hogwash, and teh reason I am down n even supposed Tea Party oikutucuabs kuje Hun /Denubt abd Narci rybui,. The GOP House had to voe for EVERY DIME of spending, or the money could not be spent. "But, Skip, it would have been political suicide for the gOP to let Obama and teh Demcrats shut down the government, and blame gthe GOP." Read that last sentence, and understand how COWRDLY GOP politicians are includng those supposed Tea Party politicians. The GOP House has the POWER to FORCE the government to "cut" ONE TRILLION dollars from the budget IN ONE YEAR, as Ron Pauuls says he wil do. Nope. It does nto matter that the Dmeocrats control the Senate, and the Presidency. The House GOP has a VETO over any spending. They CHOSE never to use that "veto". In otehr words, the House could simply say that it will only approve so much spending. There is NOTHING Democrats and Obama could do about it, except "shut down the government".

Okay Let us concede that the GOP was not going to realistically cut one trillion dollars out of a one-year budget, even though Ron paul is right that something like that needs to be done (at least $5000 BILLIN in one year, and not this STUPIDITY about a "ten-year plan"--Soviet Union styple). Seill, look at how much more PRINCIPLED--not to metinon politicall effective--the Democratws were. They have a WEAK--nonexistent, really--LEAL hand. The House MUST approve EVERY DIME of spending,or the money does nto get spent. Yet, even though they had NO legal power to STOP the House from"cutting" whatever tghe House wanted to "cut" (simply not authorize), the Dmoecrats rpevevented the GOP from c"cutting" ANYTHING. This is not "trying". This is SURRENDER, and that is what the COWARDSD of the GOP did You can tgry to sugar coat it, Eric Cantor, you you can't dispute that this is exactly what happened. Let us assume that the GOP would have been "curucified" for taknig this correct position: "You can spend ONLY the money that we approve, and we are not going to approve much." Still , the GOP had the LEVERAGE to FORCE at least some REAL "cuts", like th 100 bilion the GOP promised TWICE. Instead, the GO P RAN like the COWARDS they are, and now Eric Cantor is WHINING that it is all the fault of those Democrats--even though Eric Cantor had to APPROVE every dime the Democrats spent. It doesn't wash.

Nope. Eric Cantor. You need to be DEFEATED, along with every other GOP member of the House and Senate. But you, especially, have distinguished yourself as a man to be DEFEATED.

P.S. No proofreading or spell checking (bad eyesight). Stay tuned. Next in the "Defeat the GOP" seies will probably be Senator Corker and Congresswoman Blackburn of Tennessee.

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