Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year: A DangerousYear

I wish lyou alll a Happy New Year, even as--pessimist that I am--I view this coming year as perhaps the MOST dangerous year of my life (talkng about danger to the nation and the world, and not to me personally).

Things appar to be going from bad to worse in the Middle East. Iran is close to a nuclear weapon. Islmic extremists are gaining influence everywhere. Euroope is on the verge of economic collapse. WE are broke, and don't seemt o realize it-well on the rode to Europe. Ben Bernanke has put us in a positon where FOOD and ENERGY are already priced TOO =high, and set to SURGE in price at any sign of an "economic recovery". In toerh words, a real economic recovery is IMPOSSIBLE, because we have made it impossible with deficts and monetary policy (printing money). At any sign of economic 'recovery", INFLATION is gong to start heading towrd the hyperinflation of the Weimar Republic(cutting off any"recovery" as son as it begins to gain any steam). Oil is at $100 a barrrel, and gasoline well over $3 a barrel, BEFORE we have any real signs of recovery, and BEFORE any disruption in the Middle East (like from Iran, or because of Iran). And I have ot even gotten to North Korea.

a turly DANGEROUS year. That is why I don't see Obama being reelected. He LEADS FROM BEHIND, and is not that smart-in addition to having the WRONG phioloophy o fgoverfnment. The ptential problems are all too big gor him. He has no chance. If only the GOP had anybody much better. But the odds are that things will go BADLY for Obama, becasuse the odds are that things will go BADLYL for this country.

Stil, I wish you all INDIVIDUALLY a Happy New Year, even if I find it difficult to see how it will be a Happy New Year for the country.

I talked to one of my borthers again today--acually 3 of my brothers. And they ALL said I as too negative. Imagine that!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, thye all agree that I am pretty much right on the specifics, but they just refuse to believe that the GOP cannot dobetter than Obama, even under Romney. Maybe they are right. I hope so. My brain tells me otherwise.

P.S. No proofreading or spell checking (bad eyesight). I repeat my endorsement of Rick Santorum--not as a conservative "savior" of this country, but as a consistently conservative politician who is the best of the GOP candidates (not bad n ordinary times, although probably not good enoughin times that require BOLD LEADERSHIP of the kind provided by Ronald Reagan). I think Santorum has at least as much of a chance as Romney of winning against Obama, and Santorum is the much more reliable conservative. Will he be BOLD enought to "sav" the country? Probably not. However, he will give us the best chance of those that are running, and have any chance of winning. A CHANCE is all we are going to get in these desperate times, and Snatroum is more likely to give this country a chance at "recovery" than the rest. Hardly a great campaign slogan, and no one could win an election being as pessimistic as I presently am. However, one of our problems is LACK OF URGENCY. In the absence of a real leader with that sense of urgency, rick Santorum is thebest out there (which is not bad, just perhaps not up to the truly formidable challenges we face). Obama, of course, is not only not up to the challenges we face, but is making them aLL much, much worse. That is my brothers' position: that we can't afford four more eyars of Obama. They are right. I jsut don't think we can afford frou more years of BUSH etiehr, and I regard Romeny as essentially that. Remember, by the way, that I have often said that Obama is in the midst of BUSH'S THRID TERM--which tell you what I think of Obama, Bush and Romney (all three).

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