Sunday, January 8, 2012

Marco Rubio: Hypocrite

"But, Skip, I thought you LIKED Marco Rubio."

I did. In a way, I still do. I thought he was one of the brightest rising stars in the GOP. That is what really disturbs me. Rubio is one of the BEST of the GOP members of the Senate. Just how BAD ae the OTHERS? The answer: really bad.

What am I talking about? See the blog article of a mere two weeks or so ago on Rubio and Mike Leigh. According to the unfair and unbalanced network (not a very reliable source, and no different than CNN--if I am remembering it wrong and it was CNN), Marco Rubio and Mike Leigh were part of that TERRIBLE 89-10 majority in the U.S. Seante who voted for that "two month" extension of the "payroll tax cut"--which necessarily meant joining the GOP in urging a ONE YEAR exention of hat "payroll tax cut" and extension of extended unemployoment benefits. Charles Krauthammer, who regularly advocates sELLING OUT this country, called that Seante bill an ABOMINATIONI, and htat was apart from the FACT taht tthe bill (over teh entire year) will rEQUIRE that the "debt ceiling" be raised an ADDITIONAL 150 BILLION (or more). This blog has posted article after article about thhe FRAUD of this "apyroll tax cut". It is not really a "tax cut". It is a BRIBE (no different than that FAILED $600 paymen---a Bush/Democrat "stimulus"--in 2008). Further it undermines Social Security: the entire concept of a selfl-funding Social Seucity. system.

It does not matter whether you agree with me on the fraudulent "payroll tax cut" or not. I have made a conclusive case agaisnt it, and you can review this blog's aricles over the past SIX MONTHS to review that case. But that is not the pint of this article. The point of this article is that IF you vote for an extension of the "payroll ax cut" and that extension of "extended unemployment benefits", then yhou CANNOT complain about raising the debtg limit without being an industrial grade hypocrfitge. Rubio has proven himself an industril grade hypocrite. NO, it is NOT ture that the "payroll tax cut" is "paid for". That is sim;ply a LIE Yes, I just called Rubiio and virtually the entire GOP LIARS. And they are. We are not paying for the government we have now, with the revenue we have now, and the idea that we are "paying for" any ADDITIONAL deficit bills--without paying for the deificts we already have--is simply a LIE. Even that does not matter. Say we WERE "paying for" the "payroll tax cut" OVER TEN YEARS . We are not, but say we were. That does not change that we would still HAVE to raise the debt ceiling to cover ADDITIONAL DEBT created by this bill, since the addition to the debt CAUSED BY THIS BILL occurs THIS NEXT YEAR. That does NOT happen over ten years. As this blog has told lyou before, it is like BORROWING 20 TGRILLION dollars (which we are in the process of doing)--assuming we had a balanced budget now, which, of course, we don't--and then "payring for" that 20 TRILLIOIN dollars over tghe nextg ten years. If we did that, how much do you think we would have to RAISE gthe debtr ceiling (assuming we started at zerou, whcih of couse, is again not the case)? We would have to RAISE the debt ceiling 20 TRILLION dollars, whether we "pay for it' over the nextg ten years or nto (we won't, as we won't "pay for" the debt adn deficits we now have until we HAVE to,m because we have turned into Greece).

In short, you CAN'T vote to INCREASE the difference between what we are collecting in 2012 and the amount we are spending, which the "payroll tax cut" bill does by at least 150 BILLION dollars, without RAISING THE DEBTG CEILING 150 billion ADDITIONAL dollars. And that is not counting the fact that gthe GOP ihas VOTED (in the GOP contgrolled House) fore EVERY DIME that Obama is requesting to be added to the debut ceing (eithr in 2012 spending bills or in the omnibus 2011 spending bill). The GOP, has CUT NOTHING from spending for 2011 or 2012, and they COUYLD HAVE (at POLITICAL risk, but they had the POWER to do it).

Given that the GOP is now just as responsible for NEW increases in the debt ceiling as Obama and the Democrats, how can Rubio write a letter to the President jumping all over President Obama for asking for the debt ceiling to be raised? Yet, that is what Rubio did. He virtually called President Obama names for asking for an increase in the debt ceiling REQUIRED by GOOP VOTES. Sure, Obama and the Democrats were even more responsbile fgor this than the GOP, but the GOP did NOTHING. That is what this blog has been tring to tell you for at least six months--since in the middle of that FARCE of a "debt ceiling debate" this past summer. When Congress VOTES for spending more money than we have, as the GOP haS done, then the debt ceiling MUST be raised. If you vote for the "payroll tax cut", AND the spending bills (as most in the GOP have done), then the debt ceiling MUST be raised. If lyou then vote agaisnt raising the debt ceiling , yoy simply label ourself a HYPOCRITE. That is sort of an inadquate word for Marco Rubion, who has not merely voted agaisnt raising the debt ceiling to cover laws ENACTED BY THE GOP (even if Obama and the Democrats were even more at fault), but WRITE A LETTER about it, what are you? Well, you are at least a HYPOCRITE, if not worse, and that is what Marco Rubio is.

But is not this the POLITICALLY smart thing to do, since people do not (the GOP hopes) connect the votes of CONGRESS to spend ore than we have (including those GOP votes that were NECESSARy to pass teh bills) with the debt ceiling. I am actually not sure that people are that dumb. But even if they are, this blog is going to tell you the TRUTH. I don't regard myself as a lPARTISAN. s you now, I hae said I will NEVER call myself a member of the GOP again. But even as a conserative, and ever had I not abandoned the GOP, I still would not give you LIES just because I am a lPARTISAN and think I may be able to getaway with it. This is what I mean by "politics as usual', and it is what is RUINGING this country. I refuse to be a part of it. Thus, I don't care whether Marco Rubion is playing SMART political games (which--as suggested--I dispute). . He is playing political games which make him a HYPOCRITE, and I am going to tell ou so.

Message, then, to Marco Rubio: You are a hypocrite. I have lost a lot of respect for you. Myou don't worry about my respect? Well, you are not alone. But I call them the way I see them. This blog will continue to do so.

P.S . No proofreading or spell checking (bad eyesight).

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