Thursday, January 19, 2012

Newt Gingrich and the Open Marriage SMEAR (Evil People Spreading Evil)

Does the media have any business "reporting" on the ALLEGATIONS of Newt Gingrich's second wife about Gingrich ALLEGEDLY requestion an "open marriage"? How ABSURD, and EVIL John King, EVIL PERSON, even gave this "defense": Wel, I understand why people out there think this is inappropriate in a political campaign, but it is being "talked about". I take it back. Joh=n King, and the people of CNN, are EVIL, EVIL PERSONS. They are obviusly adovcates of BACK FENCE GOSSIP, especailly when it fits their AGENDA.

Doubt me? Never do that. See the movie, "The Children's Hour", which was a remake with a lesbian subtheme of a 1930s movie about how people TALKING can DESTORY other people. This used to be understood as EVIL, even if tooo many people stil did it. Or see another old mov movie--a really GREAT movie--titled "People Will Talk", with Cary Grant. Again, the theme was that TALK (gossip is an EVIL thing. But the media has EMBRACED EVIL--whta everyone used to KNOW was EVIL, even if they might engage in it. ABC should never have reported ths "story" to start with, and the rest of the media (including the unfair and unbalanced network) should NOT have made a big deal about it because an EVIL network had first reported it Did I mentino NAZI defenses that did not work? This one about OTHER "news' people reporting something has al of the earmarks of a NAZI defense. If they did not use it, it was only because they did not hink of it as even plausible (as it is not).

Remember, to make this worse, this is a mere ALLEGATIN from an EX-WIFE. Now that is a reliable source--NOT. Are we now going to run political cmapaings based on mere "allegations" from epole with an ax to grind, on something that has nothing to do with whether Gingrich should be Preisdent? How SORDID.. I am NOT tlakng aobut Gingrich. I am talknig about these EVIL peole in the media. No, I don't care whehter the allegatino is TRUE. It is NOT RELEVANT. But are we really going to make poliiical acampaigns about what was SAID in a marriage that is now disolved? Give me a break!!!!! I take it back. These are EVIL, EVIL, EVIL people (media). Remember, again, that I OPPOSE Newt Gingrich for the nomination, and amunlikely to vote for him even if he is running agaisnt Obama. You should be able to see why Gingrich got a STANDING OVATION from the crowd in South Carolina. And, yet, id does not seem to bother these EVIL media peole that so many people KNOW that they are EVIL--not just me.

Nope. I do NOT think that Gingrich's adimitted adulteries are relevant as to whether he should be President. Now CNN made a big pont of how WOMEN don't think that way. My mother, for example, does not. Again, this blog is lproven right is so many ways every day. Yep. It is one of my long-stated theories that WOMNE SHOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN GIVEN TH EVOTE. They don't know how to handle this sort of thing, in general, as to what is IMPORTANT in judging a candidate for office. One of their main grievances is that "men are sucm", and they PUNISH someone like Gingrich who feeds into that major grievance onf theirs. They don't care what kind of President Gingrich would make (a bad one, I think, but not for this reason). Women REFUSE to vote for a man who has "injured'" one or more of their "kind'. They think: There, but for the grace fo God, toes me, and--come to think of it--one of more men HAVE done pretty much the same thing to me."

As yuou know, or should know, I regard olls as evil things (not a coincidence that they are such a big part of modern "journalism"). Still, this particular poll has a ring of probable (partial) truth. Gingrich is supposed to have TWICE as much support among MEN in South Carolina as women. now I really don't--don't want to think THIS badly of women?--believe that the disparity is quite that great. But if you wonder whether women thingk DIFFERENTLY than men, you want to consider this poll. I know. Women would say that men ARE SCUM, and mostly act jsut like Gingrich, which is why they don't have a problem with Gingrich's conduct. But I think it is more than that (although that certainly enters into it). I thnk women take things much more PERSONALLY than do men, and jsut are unwilling to look beyond what amounts to a personal grievance to consider whether it really makes any sense to make our political campaigns about the SORDID subject of who gets CAUGHT (or can be spun to get "cuaght") acting like scum toward women, or a woman. Remember Herman Cain? Another SMER that jsut makes our politis DIRTIER.

For a long time, women have skewed mch more lEFT than men, and seem to pay much more attention to even non-sexual SMEARS than men do. Q.E.D. Women have proven that they cannot handle the vote.

I know. My borther Marc has ruined my fantaqsy of Angelina Jole shownig up at my door demanding sex (as if I would know what to do with her). Marc tells me that if that were ever to hapen, I need to RN LIKE HELL (because women as a sex have decided to TAKE ME OUT). And Marc's wife refuses to even consider making dinner for me, like she does for my brother basically every night, because of the above attitude toward women. Luckily, I don't lieve in Nashville, and therefore don't feel the STING of this as much as if I lived right there in the same town, where I might be able to get something besides tV didnners.

You men in South Carolina: If you want to stand up for your sex, you should probably vote for Gingrich to teach oth th emedia and womwn a lesson. No, I am not entirely serious on THIS part of the article, since I support Santorum, but the suggestin does have some merit.

P.S. No proofreaidng or spell checking (bad eyesight). No, I know that there are HORDES of women out thre wo will feel sorry for me, and VOUNTEER to make me home cooked meals. But I am afraid I jsut can't handle dealing with women, even for ome cooked meals, and therefore I cannot respnd to the massive outpouring from women that I expect. What is ironic, of course, is that I have always favored men adopting the 'single standard" of 1950s women as far as sexaul relatoinships go. I have advocated a course for EVERY teenage boy to help bring this about, which would show at least 20 FILM NOIR movies (documentaries on how VICIOUS owmen, as a sex, are). Instea, hat has happened, from my observation, is that women have adopted the PROMISCOUS standard of men. But they are HYPOCRITES about it, and still PUNISH men for doing what THEY are now ofent doing. Just an observation. Yep. I do hav e TWO daughters. Sorry, I have to go to the door. There seems to be some truly gorgeous woman at my door............

P.P.S. Google announcement: This blog will now be under new management, due to an unfortunate incident regarding the late previous author. The new author has promised to follow in Skip's footsteps, and has vowed not to be intimideated by what happened to the orginal Skip.

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