Sunday, January 22, 2012

Obama Is Not a Christian, as Bill Maher and tThis Blog Agree

"Skip, I thought you said that it was EVIL to argue direct religious beliefs in a political campaign.'

I did. But I have also told you that I am NOT a Christian, and do not turn the other cheek. Read the previous article, and numerous others this blog has posted ove the past decade or so. CNN, and the entire mainstream media-including the unfair and unbalanced netwokr--are DETERMINED to make RELIGION a MAJOR topic in political campaings, so long as it is ut out THEIR WAY. That they want to do is HANG conservatives iwth THEIR view of religion in politics. I refuse to allow that.

If there is one thing you should realize, it is that I am perfectly willing to ARGUE RELIGION, and o note when the mainstream media are being RELIGIOUS BIOTS and ANTI-CHRISIIAN distorters of our Constitution.

Thus, you can expect me to use this headline about every onther day between now and November. First, it is TRUE. It is 95% certain that Barakc Obama is NOT a believing Christian. If he acted like the were, CNN and the rest of the mainsream media and the left would not support him. Nor would he, Obama, say th things he does, or do the things he does (like misquoting the Delcaration of Independece).

But Obama continues to CLAIM to be a Christian for POLITICAL CONVENIENCE 9votes). That makes our Presdient a HYPOCRITE. No, that does not ]man I think it is appropirate to make his "religious beliefs" (as distinguished from policies) adirect political issue. We just should nto be in the business of EVLUATING a person's connection with God, as part of public political campaigns (even if our beliefs influence us idividually). And it is only tthe DISONEST peole of CNN (and other media entities and people) who use "hypocrisy" as an EXCUSE to do EVIL Ype This ies exaclty true of these SMEARS like those of Newt Gingrich and Herman Cain. A person's personal life should nNOT be part of poli tical campaings (within reason), because it is SORDID and UNFAIR. We can't possibly, without massive infasiosn of privacy, KNOW that a person' real religious beliefs are, OR what a person's sexual "morality" is really like. The media wants us to discard the distinction between "public issues' and "privateissues' that used to prevail in American politics. That is what makes the media, among otehr things, so EVIL. Waht they "advocate" to be the basis of political campaigns is BACK FENCE GOSSIP and negative ad attaqcks (prfesented by TME, masquerading as "news").

Nope. This stuuff is really bad, but I refuse to levae the field of battele to these EVIL media peole. That means you will continue to see this headline. You will also see me continue to say this: I don't understnad how AnY Christian can voee for Barack Obama. No, it is not really that Obama is NOT a Christian, altough that is true. Obama is ANTI-CHRISTIAN, just like Bill Maher and CNN> I am NOT a Christian, and so I cannot fully udnerstand the Christian mind. But I am not sure WHY you would want to vote for a person who is YOUR ENEMY. Again, I am putting it in these terms because that is the field of batle upon which the media is fighting. It is, of coure, perfectly valied to say--correctly--that Obama is conducting a war on rligon (as Rick Perry did). That is NOT a "religious" issue. tat is a POLICY issue. But I dont likmit myself to that plicy argument, for reasons I have stated. I will continue to ARGUE the "religious" issues, because that is what the media is trying to do. I would advise GOP candidates to stick to OICY, as Newt Gingirch is doing. I am not running for anything, however, and I will take on CNN and the rest of the media on their own ground.

So you can expect me to ARGUE RELIGION, and Obama's lack of it, untiil at least November, ponitin gout the RELIGIOUS BIGOTRY of the media the whole time. CNN is The Anti-Christian Network, and you can expect this blog to say THAT all of the way to November (and beyond) ,.

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