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Obama and Evolution: Does Obama, as a Christian, Believe That theTheory of Evolutoni Full Explains the Development of Human Beings?

You hear GOP candidates continually asked, by today's EVIL "journalists", whether they believe in evolution. What you don't hear is Barack Obama being asked whether he, as a Christian, believes in that the existence of thinkng human beings is fully explained by the Theory of Evoluton. That is because today's "journalists" are the worst, most dishonest hypocrites to ever walk the Earth. It is also becasue "journalists" do not believe, any mroe than I do, that Obama is really a BELIEVING Christian. As readers of this blog know, my position is that if the mainstream media is going to make RELIGONI a n issue in political campaigns--although only for GOP candidates--then this blog is going to ARGUE eligion as a political issue--specifically from the--correctr--point of view that Obama is NOT a Christian (exposing his HYPOCRISY, as well as the HYPOCRISY of "journalists"). No, I don't do this as a Chrisitan, since I am an agnostic :(skeptic). However, that makes me NEUTRAL on religion, as religion. I know someone who is NOT a Christian, and Obama is not one.

Sample queston that Obama SHOULD be asked, if "journalists" are going to ask GOP candidatges about eviolutoni:

Present scientific theory, in cluding the Theory of Evolutoin, is that life on Earh develope, BY CHANCE, from non-living chemiclas; and that then human beings devlopoed, BY CHANCE MUTATION AND NATURAL SELECTION, beginning with one-celled organisms and ending with thinking human beings. Do you, Mr. Presdient, agre--as a Christian--that human beings developed, by chance alone, sarting with non-living chemicals and then one-celled life?

Now here is an ANSWER I wish I would hear a GOP "religious" canddiate give who is asked this truely evil and insulting question about evilutoin:

This question is not an appropriate question, because it is really a question about my religion. But I will give you my personal opinioni--which has no bearing on any public policy issue as to the office for which I am running. First, there is the issue of practical biology and genetgics. It was LEFTIST ideology--not Chritian theology, that killed MILLIONS of peoople in the Soviet Union because Joseph Stalin imosed the ideas of Lysenko on Soviet agriculture. That KILLED millions of people through starvation. This was because central planning imosed the WRONG theory of biology on a whole country, because Stalin thought it fit better the Communist, leftist politcal ideology. Mendel was a MONK who first started teh modern theory of genes and genetics, which has helped us deveop the greatest agriculture in the wrold, while the Soviet Union was held back by a Godless central planning philosophy which tryied to impose things from above. Taht, in my opinion, i swhat Barack Obama is tryihng to do with global warming--more of a religion of leftist ideology than true science. That does all of this have to do with whether HUMAN BEINGS came into existence as a mateter of pure chance, starting with non-lving chemicals? That is the ponit. The PRACTICAL aspects of genetic theory and natural selection are not at issue. Christians are certainly not trying to tell scientists lthat they cannot work on the sicence to make our life better. Now, there may sometimes be a chance that scientists wil make our life worse, as with human cloning. But, again, thowse are issues that have nothing to do with whether human beings arose on this Earth solely as a matter of CHANCE--starting with non-living chemicals. As a Christian, I don't believe anything in this universe is solely the result of chance. Scientists have a lot of trouble explaining how thinking human beings arose, in the end, from chance combinations of non-living chemicals and molecules, and how chance, randum mutations just happened to lead to the evolution of thinking human beings. I believe in GOD as a Guiding Force in our universe, and I don't think anything in science shows that is not so. In fact, I would argue that there is a lot in science that pints toward GOD, a Gudiding Force that made us what we are. The fact that genetics and evolutoin can explain some things does not indicate that they can adequately explain everything. I don't think they do. Einstein once said, in criticizing quantum mechanics, that: God does not play dice with the universe." I prefer to blieve taht God didnot rely on longshot chances to create human beings. I believe that there was divine direction invoolved. Now why don't you go ask Barack Obama this fquestion, or are you just a partidan trying to use religion againt GOP candidates when it is not appropriate to do so? You "journalists" who ask this question of GOP candidates jsut don't seem very honest to me. Why don't you ask Barack Obama whether he believes, as a Chisrtian, wheter human beings came into existence by chance alone, as contemplated by theTehory of Evloution in its modern form? "

No, I know that no GOP candidate would dare give lthe above anser. Among other things, it is taoo complicated. Nevertheless, I would vote for any GOP candidate who DID give essentailly that answer. And I have no doubt at all that these candidates need to aTTACK on questins like this--whehter they give an opinion on how human beings cae to be on this Earth or not. That is why Newt Gingrich has "surged". He has shwon that he is unwiling--at least at times--to let evil "journalists" get away with these ridiculously unfair questions. The fact is that the mainstream media wants to push the idea that the GOP is "too religious", while giving Democrats a "pass" on the whole subject. This is EVIL stuff, and I will continue to say so untile November, and beyond--as I have for a decade on the inteernet.

Me? Does tthe above 'answer" represent my views? NOt entirely. Most if it is entirely accurate. However, you know I am a SKEPTIC on religion, even though I acknowledge I may be wrong. Do I really believe that living organisms were "created" in the non-living "soup" of the original atmosphere on Earth? Do I thien believe that CAHNCE MUTATIN (when mutations are more likely to be bad than good) led to thinking human beings, even over the LONG periord of time involved? Well,, I would say I RELUCTANTLY believe that, in a mild way, but taht I don't believe that we know the whole story. I don't think the Theory of Evolution--valuable and mostly correct as it is--explains everything It woul d be strange if it did, when the DETAILS of how all of this happened over so many years are so OBSCUFRE. Is there a NATURAL "force" "diredting" mutations so that there is a better than pure chance likelihood that the right mutation will occur at the right time? Is "intellligence" merely a matte r of evolutin? I am willing ot admit I DON'T KNOW on these questins, and I really don't see how I can condment a CHRISTIAN for seeing the hand of God in these matters, or even believing that human intelligence is outside of evilution altogether.

Again, you will see this blog take on the mainsteam media in BOTH religion and science. I have a degree in physics from New Mexico State University, and I took both biology and genetics (getting an "A" in both). Science has been a lifelong interest of mine, including an early interest in the scientific specullation of science fiction. This is true even though my career ended up being as a lawyer (graduating from the University of Texas at Austin School of Law). I would also say that the philosophy of religion--not religioous doctrine--has been a lifelong interestr of mine. I did not become an agnostic at approximately the age of 12, after being raised Presbyterian, BY ACCIDENT. Thus, I am perfectly willing to take on the media on thsese subjects, and definitely not AFRAID to discuss them. Since the media clearly WANTWS to--evil as it is--make THEIR view of religion amajor discussion in politics, you can expet this blog to CALL THEM on it all of this election

Oh. Beill Maher and I continue to believe that Barack Obama is NOT a Christian, but a secular humanist (meaning his real religion is leftist ideology). Well, I may not be entirely accurate about Bill Maher, since I don't folow him or what he labughably calls his "thinking". I heard hims say that Brack Obama is not a Christian. Does Maher STILL say that, or has he said he did not really meant it? I don't know. I suspect he has backed off of that direct statemetn, or said something like "you can be a secular humanist and still profess to be a Christian" (dishoenst as that would be). But I may be unfair to Bill Maher. Maybe he has stuck to his guns, and still does say that Obama is nto a Christian. He is RIGHT, after all, as am I.

P.S. No proofreading or spell checking (bad eyesight). Oh, yo will NOT see an "analysis" of Obama's State of the Union speech in this blog. I have absolutely NO desire to hear another CAMPAIGN SPEECH from Barack Obama, and thiat is ALL this speech is going to be. It is barely possible that I will comment on a "clip" or two of the speech I may hear later. But I have no intentino of wasing my time listening to the speech. Obama and the Democrats are becoming more and more about "class warfare". Yep, I DO wish that both Romney and Gingrich had not bought into the class warfare rhetoric--each in his own way. And then there are the BRIBES of the GOP in Congress, includng that "payroll tax cut". Don't get me started, or this article will never end.

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