Thursday, March 1, 2012

Associated Press and Mean Spirited, Bitter, Antry People on the Left (Andrew Breitbart, R.I.P.)

You will remember the Associaqted Press (not to mention Yaho "News" and AT&T, which you should boycott). For more than eight years, I conducted a Sodom and Gomorrah search for an honest, competent Associated Press reporter. I never found one, and was never likely to find one. I still balme Him fo rPUNISHING me for being an agnostic with that assignment. Even He fiinally had to admit that enogught was enough, and that no such creature exists, or will ever exist, as an honest, competent Associated Press reporter. Here, the despicable AP merely stands in for the left wing mmedia, who are all the same.

"But, Skip, you are too hard on thsese peole. Sure, they let their agenda get ahead of being 'journalists'.........................................sorry, on the floor lulaghing/crying in a fetal position again.....bukt their heart is in the right place. They mean well."

That is exactly the point of this article. I REJECT the idea that lyou leftists out there are "nice" peopel. You are not, and you prove it every day. You are meanspirited, HATING, botter, angry people, for the most part, with no redeeming social value.

Andrew Breitbart died today at the age of 43. To conservatives like myself, he was a hero who was willing to take on the left at their own game (no turning the toher cheek, for Breitbart, who SHAMED GOP politicians with his courage). Sure, he was not perfect, but he was a counterer to the LEGIOSNS of ACTIVISTS on the left who have no limit to their HATE, and the tactics they will use to ilmplement that hate. That includes almost the entire mainstream mmedia--0lefits activists all--and especailly includes the HATEFUL peoile of the despicable Associested Press. No, I am not ging to back taht up in THIS article, except as set forth below. You can look over EITH YEARS of articles posted on this blog for chapter and verse. For all of theose eight years, I have made this CORRECT statement: "There is no worse 'news' organization in the universe that the desipicable AP, and that includes known and unknown planets, because it is impossible to be wrorse."

What happeens if a left wing activist dies? You might remember Ted Kennedy. Now I would agree that ted Kennedy was a more MAJOR figure than Breitbart, but Breitbart NEVER KILLED A WOMAN (and had the stupid people of Massachusetts conttinue to elect him to the United States Senate, without remembering that woman dying in a dark car under dark water, as Ted Kennedy consulted his lawyer). The faults of even minor left wing "activists" pretty much disappear in the "eulogies" of the Associated Press, and the rest of teh left wing media.

You see where this is going. The despicable, mean spirited, HATING people of the Associated Press did an article on Breitbart (proably mroe than one, as Rush Limbaugh quoted what appeared to be a different one this morning) which was effectively a HIT PIECE on the DEAD Andrew Bartbreit (before the funeral is even held). Again, these (AP writers and employees) are some of trhe most MEAN SPIRITED, bitter people who have ever lived. I have maaintained for some time, and still maintain (as the AP keeps proving it) that these peole are some of the WORST people woho have ever liv ved. Nope. These are not people of "goodwill". These are dishoenst, hypocritical haters.

"Skip. You are holding back again. This kind of repressin of your real feelings will just make you sick, and your readers deserve your real feelings." I know. That is one of my faults. I just don't say what I really feel, becaue I am so tender hearted and reticent.

What did the AP do, in one of those articles "featured" on the equally despicable Yahoo "News"? Well, the article was entitled a "reaction" to Breitbart's death. Did the despicable AP, as is usal with the DEATH of someone (if ony to comfort their loved ones), feature lthe POSITIVE reaction to Breitbart's death? Not a chance. These are HATERS (the AP). And they went to other HATERS. They did not, for example, quote the really glowing eulogy that Rush Limbaugh gave today as to the way conservatives look at Breitbart. Ratehr, the AP frist gave a short TOKEN nod to Rick Perry's comment--one line, which failed to SPECIFY any of the accomplishmments. Then the despicable aP went to MEDIA MATTERS. If you are not avware of it, Media Matters is a left wing activiist group which has conducted a CRUSADE against Andrew Breitbart. Media Matters is composed of some of the most bitter HATERS to ever exist on this planet. The problem, of rcourse, is that Media Matters is hardliy different from the AP, and the rest of the mainstream media, who routinely use Media Matters as a SOURCE of "News". Taht is like using the Ku Klulx Klan as a source on the significan ce and worth of African-Americans. Or like using Iran President Ahmadinejad as a source for "reactin" to Israel. What am I saying? I would bet that the despicable AP has DONE taht!!!! In any event, after the brief nod to a Perry "sound bite", which gave you no feeling of what Breitbart had meant to conservatives, the AP went to Media Matters for the rEAL HIT PIECE.

Enogh. There is nothing good I have to say about the AP. Again, I have nothing but total contempt for them, and that includes contempt for them AS PEPLE . Thhey are NOT peopele of "goodwill", and they have proven it eyt again today. The loved ones of Andrew Breitbart deserved better. No, it is not a matter of mentioning the "controversial" nature of osome of what Breitbart did. It is a matter of emphasizing the positive right after his death, as is routinely done for leftist figures (overdone, really). It tells you all you need to know abut the peole of the AP that they went to the MAIN ENEMIES of Breitbart for the MAIN "reaction", the day after his death. this is the actin of MEAN SPIRITED people. The accomplishments of Breitbart, including the exposure of ACORN, were compltetely ignored.

As for me, I will miss Andrew Breitbart. Again, what impressed me about him was h;is COURAGE--wich I contrast with EVErY GOP member of Congress. We conservatives will miss him, whatever falws he might have had. KHe did a lot of good, and did things that no one else would do. I admired him, and I hope his loved ones and family are comforted by how many peole did admire him. I trust the memory of his life will help them deal with his death, and that the people who worked with him will carry on his legacy so that his life will have even more meaning in the future. I would say he was a great man, who faced hatred as vehement and unfair as nany person in this country faced--standing up to that heatred to do what he thought was right. Again, I--along with a whole lot of conservatives--will miss him.

P.S. No proofreading or spell checking (bad eyesight). Here, it does not even matter that I may have garbled a sentence or two. The key message is clear: I ADMIRED Andrew Breitbart, and his death is a major loss to the country (not to me). I have nothing but CONTEMPT for the despicable AP, and the rest fof the mainstream media--inlcuding the despicable Media Matters. They are NOT "good people".


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