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Infrastructure, El Paso and Transmountain Road: Sierra Club and Environmentalists Destroy Jobs and People

El Paso is a city with a mountain (not a l large mountain) in the middle of it. The main artery--incdeed, the ONLY artery--connecting West El Paso with Northeast El lPaso is a highway named Transmountain Road.

Well, there is a project that was ready to START construction (one of those "shovel ready projects" that Obama could not seem to find as he turned shis "stimulus' bill into a Christams tree of political and ideeological payoffs--along with the Democrats in Congress). The project would EXP:AND Transmountain Road, at a cost of $84 million dollars. I am not interested in whether this project is worth the taxpayer money, for ppurposes of this article, or exactly where the money is coming from. This article is about the news last week in El Paso that the project wsa in danger of being stalled (cosing jobs and the El Paso economy) by a lawsuit by teh SIERRA CLUB against the Texas Department of Transportation (whose project this evidently is, although I am sure El Paso asked for it).

Do you see the HYPOSCIRSY here on the LEFT? Do you see how El Paso is a MICROSOM for the WAR by the left, including Obama, on the very "infrastructure" taht is used alomst as a RELKIGOIN by Obama (and others). El Paso is a poor city. 40% of the people of El Paso are on food stamps. El Paso is an Hispanic city. Almost 85% of the people of ElPaso are hispanic. Yep. I don't turn the other cheek. I am wiling to sak this quesetion: ARe the peole of the Sierra Cub RACIST? It is a questin that would be asked if a "right wing" organiation blocked this project, or tried to block it. In fact, one of the El Paso complaints is that not enough state and Federal money is spent in El Paso, because El Paso does not have much political clout. Tis lawsuit HURTS El Paso. It hurts PEOPLLE in El Paso. It hurts the INFRASTRUCTURE of El Paso.

Of coure there have been "environmental studies" on this project. But radical environmentalists (LEFTISTS like Obama) can ALWAYS manufacture " objections" that not enough attention was apid to "alternatives", and suggesting that "new" environmental studies be done. In other words, every time an "environmental study" is done, it is actually an OPPORTUNITY ffor a legal challenge, because there is NO WAY (I mean it; NONE) to have a study which considers EVERYTHING. It literally cannot be done. Wore lthat that, to even TRYY to do it COSTS LOTS OF MONEY.

This is whre this smalll project in El paso has NATIOONAL SIGNIFICANCE. No, it is peanuts compared to the Big Dig (Ted Kennedy's "gift" to Boston, at the expense of teh national taxpayers), which cost upwards of a BILLION dollars. But what hhappened in Ell Paso is what happens all across this nation, to EVERY "infrastructure" project. Even if the projects eventually get done, the EXTRA COST is doing more harm to the infrastructure than the entire (leftist, Big Government) GOP membership of Congress. Every time yo hear President Obama talk about the importance of 'infrastructure" spending and jobs, remember that these are OBAMA people DESTROYING infrastructure and jobs (by makng it impossible to do these projects ast any reasonalbe cost). No, I will not back off on this. There is no doubt that the Sierra Club, and other radical environmentalists, are DESTROYING PEOPLE. This blog has had articles showing how environmentliasts have KILLED POOPLE (and other such articles are planned). These environmentalists do not care about people. Some people give them credit for being "good people". I, as usual (seeing more clearly) do NOT. Tese are NOT "good peoople'. You can't be a "good person" and be willng to cause so much misery. Yep. These are the same poople willing to CRUCITY us all on the cross of "global warming' (to adapt the od William Jennings Brayn line about crucifying people on a "cross of gold"). They are more than willing to make it IMPOSSIBLE to do antyithing about our "infrastructure" needs, at a reasonable cost.

Mitt Romney actually got this one right (and should USE this example of Transmountain Road in El Paso, although I would bet he has never heard of it). In recent days, I actually heard Romney make this statement: "We could not build the interstate highway system now, if it were not already in existence, if we had to do it under present regulations on things like environmenntal impact statements.." It is rare athat I am willig to call Romney a "hero", and I wonde how far he is willing to follow through on the implications of what he said (and what is obviously true). But, since I erally come down hard on Romney often, I should acknowledge when he gets it exaclty right. El Paso and Transmountain Road PROVE it!!!!!!!

I am willing to be blunt on this: We would be better off with NO "right" of environmentalists to "challenge" this kind of project, and with NO such thing as an environmental "impact" statemetn, than we are under the present "people destroying" system. Somehow, this all has to be stramlined so that it does not take so long. Sure, ppublic officials should consider the "environmental impact" of wwhat they do. But this does NOT mean we should go through this farce of "regulations" requiring a "study" that is supposed to look at what happens to every animal, and every blade of grass. In the desert landscape of the Southwest, there are NUMBEROUS desert environments like that through wwhich Transmountain Road passes. EVERY project has SOME effect ont he environment. But PEOPLE matter, and we need to get over this idea that we can't take SOME risks with the "environment" int he interest of PEOPLE. We already have "Franklin State Park" in El Paso protecting part of thhis encironment. It is hardly like the Franklin mountains are looking like the Los Angeles freeway system. Again, this is the kind of ABSURD thing that would make it IMPOSSIBLE to recreate the interstate highway system now, even if we had he omoney (one reason that we don't have the money being the EXTRA COST imposed by all of these regulations).

I bet you did not know that El Paso had so many important lessons for the rest of the country, even outside of illegal immigratin? Well, it does. I will try to get to some more as the weeks go by. I already mention above the 40% of El Paso people who are on food stamps. Did yho know that there is such a thing as a HUNGER ADVOCATE (oxymoron, you would think, except I think it is literally true) who says that only 50% of the people entitled to food stamps take advantage of the program. You heard me right, and I heard that right in El Paso. Someone apparently actually beileves (althogh he did not follow through to this obvius conclusin) that EIGHTY PERCENT of El Paso SHOULD be on food stames!!!!!!!!!..............................sorry, in that fetal positin laughing/crying agani.........And Newt Gingrich was supposedly "controversial" when he called President Obama the "food stamp President". I have no problem with that phrase, which seems to me to be dead on accurate. Enough, for now. I will be, n future articles, going a little further into local news items with national significance, including exansin of the ridiculous idea of a "hundr advocate" pushing for more people to be on food stamps.

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