Tuesday, March 27, 2012

George Zimmerman and the Black Panthers: Hate Crime

No. There is NO chance that George zimmerman committed a "hate crime": NO chance that he killed Trayvon Martin BECAUSE Trayvon Martin was balck (or did antything else to Trayvon Martin BECUSE Trayvon Martin was black). Now there is NO way for me or you to know whether George Zimmerman committed, say, the state crime of manslaughter. That is because we don't have the FACTS, partly because the media is NOT INTERESTED in getting the FACTS to us (ony "partly", because the media does not even have all of the facts, which has not stopped them from trying to LYNCH George Zimmerman, just like a classic lynch mob of the Old West). I have seen o convincing EVIDENCE that George Zimmerman committed mansluaghter, but the possibility is certianly there.

George Zimmerman has not committed a hate crime. But one group definitely HAS. You MAy have heard about the BOUNTY put on George Zimmerman by the Black Panthers. The media has DOWNPLAYED it, as they always do (which is why you MAY not have seen it), but is it not obvious that the Black Panterhs have committed a HATE CRIME? They have offered a $10,000 BOUNTY for the person who "gets' George Zimmerman.

Say you are in the mainstream media and try to DEFEND not maknig a BIG DEAL out of this? Are you not just exosing yourself as one of the worst hypocrites who has ever walked this Earth, on two legs or four. You doubt me on this? I keep telling you to NEVER do that. Imagnie (it is unimaginable, because the group would be so stupid) that a conservative group had put a BOUNTY on some black person who mmay have commited a homicide against a "white" person? Can yo even IMAGINE the reacitnn of the mainstream media. Talk about callling the USA a RACIST COUNTRY.

But I can hear the mainstream media sayign "Hey,m the Black Pantehers are a 'fringe group', not representative of the balck peole in this country.". YHOU HYPOCRITES (mainstream media). What does that have to do with whether the Black Panters have committed a hate crime. Th e media is GLAD to pick out "fringe" groups that they feel they can label as "right wing", and then assert GUILT BY ASSOCIATION.

This is the ral EVIL of the media coverage of the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin matter. it is exaclty right that the Black Panters are not representative of black people n America. However, neitehr is George Zimmerman representative of "white" people in America (or Hispanics, if you prefer). Nor are the Samford olice (seemingly more responsible in this matter than the media) more representative of "white people" in Aermica than the Balck Panthers are represenative of blakc peole in America. I REJECT the idea that the Samford police are representative of ME, or of any other "white people' out there. Do not "white peole" bleed? (Go through the entire sppech from the "Merchant of Venice" about Jews yourselfl.) We are iINDIVIDUALS I don't know that the Samford plice have done anything obviusly wrong here, but I am not "responsible" for what the Samford police do. I am not responsible fore what ANY other white lperson does. They are INDIVIDUALS< just like. me. George Zimmerman is an INDIVIUDAL, and sould be ENTITLED to be treated like one (rather than as some symbol of a RACE WAR that CNN and the rest wnat to assert is happening n this country as "withe peole" "oppress" black people). Yes, Trayvon Martin is an INDIVIDUAL too, and should receive the same justice as aynyone else. But that is not a matter of RACIAL jsutice. It is a matter of INDIVIDUAL justice. The days when there was some sort of organized attempt to oppress balck people are long gone. INDIVIDUALS who still may try to do that--no evidence that George Zimmerman is one--should be lprosecuted. But the whole pont is not to look at society as composed of GROUPS entitled to "justice", but rather we should look at oru society as INDIVIDUALS all entitled to the same RACIALLY NEUTRAL justice.

Oh. You remember the Black Panters. They were also responsible for INTIMIDATING voters in 2008 on RACIAL grounds. The racists of the Obama Administration were not interested in prosecuting, even though that (unlike the rather ridiculous "hate crime" law) is a clear function of the CIVIL RIGHTS divison of the Justice Department. If a person in this country is subject to INTIMIDATION based on his or her rce, in connection with VOITNG, that IS an obvius Federal crime. OUr media was not much interested, as they are not much interested now in the Blakc Panters.

Are the Blakc Panthers engaged in a criminal conspiracy to SOLICIT MURDER? If they were "white", the media would definitely be saying so. Terroristic threats? Solicitatin of perjury and wrongful interference with the criminal justice system? There are porbably at least TEN Federal crimes that you could ALLEGE that the Black Panthers have committed, incuding that obvius one of a conspiracy to commit a hate crime.

The media has reached a new low point. The "coerage" of the George Zimmerman matter is probably the worst perforamnce by our media in the history of this country. These peole should be ahsamed, except they have no shame. They don't have weither the moral sense or the competence to feel shame.

P.S. No proofreading or spell checking (bad eyesight). Oh, what if the TEA PARTY had put a "bounty" on a black person (for any reason). Yuo remember how the mainstream media tired to say that the entire Tea Party movement was racist because of a few racist signs? yep. You guessed it. You eleftist ut there: I do NOT turn th ee other cheek. Thereofre, let me be the firtst to make this asseritn: The Blakc Panters DO represent all of you. You are RESONSIBLE for them Yu are ENCOURAGING them by your attempt to LYNCH George Zimmerman. The Balck Panthers, and this "bunty", are YOU (you leftists out there, including you members of the mainstreammedia). You should see that there is a much BETTER case for this assertin thatn for the ridiculous assertin that all Tea Party sympathizers wre racist jsut becuase a FEW Tea Prty members may havebeen racist.

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