Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mitt Romney and Thomas Edison: Romney Gets It Right

I say very few nice things about Mitt Romney (a major disappointment to me, although my 89 year old mother really likes him and is happy he is the WINNER of the GOP nomination--as declared by the definitive projecton of this blog). Therefore, when he says someting really RIGHT, I need to note what Romney has done right.

Romney had a great two lines last night, and talked about the right ting: FREEDOM (which is what this "free contracetion" was really all about).

Romney (last night, slightly paraphrassed: "IF the present government had beeen in place then we would have banned Edisohn's lifhgt bulb. Wait. We just did ban Edison's light bulb."

Romney is exactly right. We are in the process of BANNNING the incandescent light bulb invented by Thomsas Edison, as we CRUCIFY civilization on the cross of "global warmign". My electircal engineer brother, by the way, actively DESPISES the compact florescent bulb.

You say that the "new" light bulbs save money, save energy and give jsut as good a light as the "new" bulbs (not according to my brother, or your own eyes)? TALK TO THE HAND. You are an idiot. Romney is right. This is NOT abuot whether there is anything better than Edison's light bullb (that is, the incndescent light bulb). This is abut FREEDOM. if the "new' bulbs are CHEAPER than the "old" light bulbs, and give just as good a light, then PEOPLE WILL BUTY THEM.

But Obama, and his ilk, are all abut DICTATORIAL FORCE. You need to be FORECED to buy the "Obama light bulb", because Obama knows better than you what is good for you.

As stated, this is a case where Rmney is exactly right, and even gave the right analysis. Who would havee thunk it, in America. The common light bulb, which can be said to have made modern civiliztion possille, has become a sympol of FREEDOM. It has almost literally become the forces of darkness (literally and figuratively, as champions of COERCION) against FREEDOM . In this case, Romney is on the right side (even as he has NOT always been on the right side of the "global wrming" fraud/debate). This is not nearly enough to make me ever vote for Romney, but it is a specific exaple where Romneyis on the side of truth, justice and the American way (not to mentin freedom). Worth noting, in fairness to Romney.

Rush Limbaugh says Romney's entire speech last nigh 9which I did not hear) was pretty good. But Romney has done good SPEECHES before, as has OBAMA. Speeches like that are what caused me to suport Romney in 2008 (although McCain had something to do with it). Romney has been a CONSTANT disapointment to me ever since. I am stil capable of teling you when he gets it right.

Oh. That bit about crucifying civilization on a cross of "global warming" is again STOLEN from William Jennings Bryan, sho caompaigned for the Presidency (e ven before my birth) based on the idea that we were being "crucified on a cross of gold" (referring to the gold standard, and before "Bailout Ben" Bernanke showed how we could be crucified on a CROSS OF PAPER (or electornic money created out of thin air). You don't like th e price of gasoline and oil? Blame Obama and "Bailout Ben": the two men mainly responsible for that AND the cost of FOOD. Did I just say that "Bailout Ben" and President Obama are KILLING the poor in the world by depriving them of FOOD with their policies? I think I did. I know I meant to say that.

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