Wednesday, March 28, 2012

President Obama, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and CNN on George Zimmerman: Anti-Hispanic Bigots

Did I just call the President of the United States a "bigot". You bet, and there is no doubt about it. Look at what the President said about Trayvon Martin:

"If I had a son, he would have looked just like Trayvon Martin"

That is essentially the OFFICIAL reason that President Obama injected himself into a single local killing, leading a lynch mob agaisnt an HISPANICE.

Let me put it another way. If I had ever sired a son, he woulld probably look something like George Zimmerman, Hispanci. That is because my only children (two daughters, just like President Obama) were from an Hispanic (Mexican-American) mother. That is exactly like George Zimmerman, although his mother was an Hispanic connected to a different country than Mexico. What if I were President (you don't really have to go get runk just over this horrible thought)? Would it have been acceptable for me to say that I "sympathize" with George Zimmerman because he looks like the son I might have had? Would have not be , correctly, constured as anti-African-American bigotry? Qu.E.D. President Obama is an anti-Hispanic bigot, at least in any matter involving an African-American. Or, if yoiu prefer, President Obama is BIGOTED against anyone who is not blacck--at least in his public politics. What busines does the President of the United Staes have in "picking sides" based on whether a child LOOKS like it might have been the President's child. The obvious implication is that the President wouuld NOT have regarded it as his business (as it wasn't) if Trayvon Maratin did not LOOK the way he did (in a five year old picture). What if I have been a "white European President", and said this same thing abut a "white of European ancestry" who was shot by a black man, in an effort to put the entrrire power tf the Federal Government agaisnt the black man? Would private citizen Obama, CNN, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton not ALL call me (the "white European President") a RACIST? Of course they would. These are the worst hypocrites, and some of the worst racists (racial politicians) to ever exist on this Earth. Yes, I just said that CNN is comosed of people who play "racial politics": deliberately trying to pit one race against another. In this case, CNN is trying to ralroad an HISAPANIC.

An item of news ni the past day or towo is that a former head of the NAACP has blasted Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton for EXPLOITING Trayvon Martin for their own gain, by attempting to stir up racial hatred and put the "races" in this country against each other. That is absolutely true. It is what Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton DO. But look at how this same, just, criticisxsm applies to CNN and President Obama. CNN is trying to EXPLOIT Trayvon Martin by inciting the races against one another, even though his means RAILROADING an HIPANIC. It is CNN which has tried to say that George Zimmerman, an HISPANIC, is a representative of what is wrong with this country in its tratment of African-Americans. In other words, CNN has--in effect--said that what George Zimmerman has done shows that ALL HISPNAICS are racist. Now you might say that CNN did not really mean to say thaqt: that CNN really meant to USE Trayvn Martin to say that WITE AMERICA is racist. CNN was just caught in the EMBARRASSMENT that George Zimmerman is Hispannic. Q.E. D. CNN is full of RACISTS trying to pit the people of this country agaisnt one another based on RACE., The idea that CNNN is more bigoted agsint "white Americans" than against Hispanics merely proves this pont. CNN, and the entire mainstream meddia, have tried to EXPLOIT Trayvon Martin for their own purposes, just like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. They are EVIL people, spreading evil. And yes, I am simply using CNNN to stand in for the entire mainstream media, including Sheppard Smith and the entire unfair and unbalanced network.

I am offended,on behalf of myudaughters, by this attempt to railroad an Hispanic basedon cynical racial politics. You shoulld be offendined, as a HUMAN BENG (as I also am) by this.

P.S. No proofreading or spell checking (bad eyesight). I keep wanting to refer to George Zimmerman as "George Rodriguez", a common Hispanic name, and the name of a long-time former County Attorney of El Paso (including when I started practicing as a lawyer here). Zimmerman, of ocurse, has the last name of his FATHER--as my daughters have my Scottish last name (although I have a vast mixture of etkhnic heritage, like most people, including purported Nataive American "blood"). CNN, and the rest of the media, seem to take the shallow, BIGOTED view that whether they should recognize a person as "Hispanic" depends on the last name. The last name of my daughters' mother, for example, was "Flores". Are "jousrnalists" really this SEXIST (only recognizing the father)--not to mentin this STUPID? I am afraid they are. My daughters, as ardent feminists, probably should have taken their mother's name. They BOTH seem itent on keeping their prsent last name, even after marriage. Raising feminist daughters remains almost the greatest shame of my life, exceeded only by my OWN shame when I was fored to "come out of the closet" as a FEMINIST myself, in this blog (forced by the fact that I am obviusly ore feminist than almsot every leftist out there, as this media focus on Zimmerman's last name again proves). Would I go on CNN and say these tings? Damn right I would.

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