Wednesday, March 28, 2012

President Obma on Oil: Liar-in-Chief

I feel like crying every time I hear President Obama LIE about his energy policy, because he is so BLATANT about it. Here is the ABC "News" headline (featured, in one of those randuom acts of "journalism" that is so unusualat ABC, and in these featured headlines on AT&T/Yahoo):

"President Obama okays oil exploration off of the Atalntic coast, but not drilling"

Read that sent3ence again. You know what is coming. As on the Keystone pipeline, Obama is ging to BRAG about how he has "opened" up "exploration" along the Atlantic coast, as if that does ANYTHING abut actually producting more oil in this coutnry. That is exactly what Obama has done on his LIE about his "allof the above" energy plicy. EVERONE (I really mean "everyone" here, including Obama) knows thqat Obama has done his absolute best to BLOCK actual oil drilling almsot everywhere he has the power to do so. That includes the Fulf of Mexico, and making it as difficult as lpossible to drill on ALLL Federal lands. Yet, Obama tries to take "credit" for "expanded" oil productin--which is TOTALLY the result of PRIVATE LANDS (induced by PRICE) and drilling permitd from before Obama took office. Then there is the Keysonte Piperline, where Obama went to Oklahoma to "take credit' for "pushing' through the part of the pipelie from Oklahoma to the Gulf Coast (while continuing to BOICK the important part of the pipeline FROM CANADA. What Obama has counted on is MEDIA sycophants to let him getaway with these obvius LIES.

Obama counted no the same thing here. But ABC had evidently had enough (for one lonnely story, and past time). Thus, the ABC headline makes a piont os saying that Obama's atttemtpt to suggest he is "pushing" oil production is not really true. You are not "pushing" oil PRODUCTION, unless you allow DIRILLING. "Exploration", as the ABC headline suggests, does ot produce ONE DROP of oil. In fact, there is little INCENTIVE to SERIOUSLY "explore", if you pretty much nonw you will not be alowed to DRTILL. It is an Obama Big Lie (Orwellian style) that he is "pushing" expanded oil productin, and he knows it. Expect the media to fall into line, and not CONFRONT Obama about the way he will "spin" this "decisin" as a mjor step forward in domestic oil production. Obama is doing nothing but PLAY GAMES with oil, while tryin gto BLOCK as much driling as he can.

How can anyone actually vote for this man to be re-elected Presdient of the Uniteed States? I truly don't know. Notice I,, personally, ask the same questin aobut Mitt Romney. I have no good anwer to the questoion: "Then who are we supposed to vote for?" I just refuse to vote for people I know are disasters, even if one (Romney) MIGHT be a lesseer immediate disaster than th eother. But do I want "conservatives" to be blamed for the disaster that is gong to happen with Romney (even if the disaster MIGHT be not quite as bad as if Obama stays in office). I don't pretend to say this is any easy decisn, but I have made the decisin (right or wrong) that I jsut can't stand voting for a candidate I consier only a slightly "lesser evil than Obama--in practive, mayhbe not even a "lesser eviL' as the GOP has an INCENTIVE to ooppose Obama's worst policies that they don't have with Romney.

P.S. No proofreading or spell checkng (bad eyesight).

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