Sunday, March 11, 2012

Obama's Health Care Law: A Trek and Not a Sprint

No, the abo ve headline is not mine. I wouuld never--in the absence of a typo--do a headline that made such little sense (seeming, almost, to make a reference to Star Trek, which it does nto really do). The headline is from the desicable, incompetent Associated Press, as "featured" on my AT&T/Yahoo "News" "welcome" page. The heeadline is yet another example of the INCOMPETENT modern "journalist", and modern "news" outlets. The subheadline (really sort of a new thing for the AP)) makes it clearer what this is all aboutr, even though it also makes it clearer how incompetent and dishonest modern "journalists" really are:

"If Obama's health care law survives Supreme Court, it will take nearly a DECADE to fully put it into effect."

Say what? The truly despicable and dishonest AP is NOW teling us that the Federal makeover/takeover of teh entire health care system will take nearly ten years (presumably meant to mean--as Obama has always made obvious is his main "defense" of his odious law, in his capacity as Liar-in-Chief--that we cannot even 'criticize" Obama's health care law until TEN YEARS have passed, since we cannot fairly evvaluate it until it is fully in effect. The is going considerably beyond Nancy Pelosi ("doubing down" on STUPIDITY), who famously said that we needed to pass Obama's health care law in order to find out what is in it. We will obviusly not even have any iea "what is in it" until a decade has passed.

You will remember thaqt our Liar-in-Chief, with the support of his minion LIARS in the mainstream media, falsely said that everyone could Keep the coverage you have, if ;you like it.". The "free contraception" debatge exposed this for the LIE it always was. But it is worse than that. That is only part of the LIE upon which tthis truely disgraceful bill was "sold" (making every Democrat who voted for the bill, and the fwew GOP people, disqualified to be in any public office). Obama kept insisting that this was NOT a Federal "takeover" of the health care systtem--not a complete transformation of our helalth care system into something entirely different. The mainstream media liars backed him up, and they all RIDICULED the idea thaqt this was a major Federal takeover of the entire health care system (1/6 of the ecomy). Uh-huh. So Obama has set us off on a tney year TREK to transform our entire health care system, sort of like the Bataan Death March (it being a Death March for t the U.S. econmy and health care system). Can any reasonable person say that such a MAJOR transformation is nto a full scale "takeover" of our current health care system? Obviusly not. This blog has told you, correctly, how you should look at ALL of these Soviet-style "ten year plans". Nowhere is this more obvious than in the matter of health care, where the Soviet-style "central palnning" aspect is so obvious.

You can't criticize this Rube Goldberg "transformation" of uor health care system for ten years? That is actualy the most CONCLUSIVE criticism of all. Already, the costs, taxes and regulatoins of ObamaCare hang over our economy like a balck cloud of volcanic ash, ready to SMOTHER any signs of economic recovery. The AP is ONLY NOW telling us that this blakck could of UNCERTAINTY is going to hang over our economy, and over business, for TEN YEARS. Even if the law were reasonably good, and it is terrible, this would be INSANE. Already, we know thaqt Federal bureaucrats are going to be writing regulations that we did NOT EXPECT OR WANT (including the recent regulations requiring that "free contraception", to be provided even by emplyers wh9o do not want such coverage (becaue of cost or other reasons) and by employers whose conscience will be violated. Now we are told that the ACTIVE phase of writing new regulations will last TEN YEARS. Nope. We cannot survive this. If ObamaCare "survives", then this country will not (in anything like its present form). Yes, it will ultimately kill off the Democratic Party, even if Obama is re-elected, but the country will not survive to applaud (as if the GOP, underfr someone like Romney, will necessariy be any better unless people start PUSHINHING the ESTABLISHMENT types who refuse to really take on these disastrous Big Government, central planning ideas).

You and I know what this "trek" is really all about: "a ten year mission to expolore new horizons in controlling major portions of the economy in search of a new civilizaiton of the government, by the government and for the government." (with apoligies to Star Trek and Abraham Lincoln). The ultimate mission here, as Obama once explicitly said, is "free" government health care (which is why my "devastating" exposure of the RELIGION of "free contraception" as an abolitoin of freedom preferring contraceptive care to, say, cancer treatment is ntot that impressive for lefittist Democrats, since they regard "free" contraception as jsut another step on the way to a totally government, "free" health care system). This "treK' was always meant to be a "trek" to a completely governmentprun health care system. Every new regulation, and every response to FAILURE of ObamaCare, is meant to be aimed at MORE GOVERNMENT CONTROL. Ths has been the design all along, and it continues to be the plan. It is just becoming more obvious every day that what conservatives have told you is the absolute turth: the goal here is a complete transformation of our health care system into a totally government controlled system.

William Randolph Hearst is probably the poster child of "yellow journalism" (Hearst: "You provide the pictures, and I will provide the war," as said to a photographer he was gong to send to Cuba to cover a war that had not yuet started). William Randlph Hearst was HONEST, compared to the modern "journalist". He waqs absolutely more COMPETENT. Look at teh example of ObamaCare.

Would ObamaCare have passed if the mainstream media had merely INFORMED the American people that Obama and the Democrats were embarking on a TEN YER PROJECT to trasform the entire health care system, without even being sure what the end result would be, or how we were gong to get there? If the American people hhad understood THAT (as many of them, to their credit, did), then the bill could NEVER have passed. Nope. As I PROVED in my futile, 8 year, Sodom and Gomorrah search for an honest, competent aP reporter, no such crfeature exists. And the unfair and unbalanced network is little better. WHERE were the "journalists" looking critically into how ObamaCare would actually be implemented, and WHAT WAS IN THE BIL? They did not exist. The unfair and unbalanced network called this "being in the weeds". Yet, that wwas all it took to KILL ObamaCare: NOT "opnion", whre you are asked to either "believe" Obama or hi scritics, but factual EXAMINATION of what the BILL was actually all about. THREE YERS after the fact, the desicable AP is jsut starting to do that examinatino, and maybe just to deflect critic ism of ObamaCare as not providing the benefits that President Obama PROMISED (and/or led people to believe would be almsot immediate).

The whole saga of ObamaCare is a disgrace for ALL of American "journalism", and EVERY supposed "journalist" out there (with maybe enough exceptinos to be counted on one heand). The American people needed to UNDERSTAND ObamaCare--what was in the bill and over what time schedule. The question of whether our economy could AFFORD a decade of UNCERTAINTY needed to be explored (tot he extgent the answer is not obvious, n whch cawsse the mere raising of that questin would have killed ObamaCare). Instead, we got blackmail, extortion and gimmicks (that's merely fromt he Democratic LEADERSHIP) to pass the bill NO MATTER WWHAT (and without letting the American people know what was really in the bill).

Yes, this is inicompetentce (on the part of the media an dpoliticians). But it is not merely incompetence. This is FRAUD and DECEIT, especially by the media (unless you really believe they are THAT STUPID, which would make them literal moronsl). We are gonig to wish tthat Sarah Palin's "death panels' were the WORST thing about ObamaCare. Rick Santourm is right. This electin should really be ABOUT ObamaCare, and Mkitt Romney cannot make that case. But it is mroe than jsut about ObamaCare. It is about a CULTURE OF DECEIT, where it is assumed (twisting Lincoln on his head) that you CAN fool ENOUGH of the people ENOUGH of the time to ram through atorcities like ObamaCare (and like that atrocious Obama "stimulus" bill).

Some of you out there wonder why I despair, and why I have disowned the entire GOP. If you can't make the CASE against atrocities this bad, and KEEP MAKING IT, what good are you? I am not kidding. The Tea Party PEOPLE made a better case against ObamaCare than GOP politicinas (many of whom, like Romney, had pretty mcuh supported the "dieas" int he eventual bill at one time or another, as Santroum has ponted out on Romney--Romney's dihsonesty here more than enough reason NEVER to support him for President, as I will not--even as I recognize that another Obama Presidency will almost certainly destry this country).

P.S. No proofreading or spell checkng (bad eyesight).

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