Friday, March 30, 2012

Barack Obama: Marxist to the Core (Obama on State Lotteries: A REgressive Tzx)

Yep. Obama's position on sate lotteries is that they represent a refressive tax (not from Rush Limbaugh, but from CNN--Erin Burnett). Do you need any more evidence that President Obama is a MARXIST at heart: believing totally that perhaps the main functhinon of government is redistribution of teh weath (as Obama told Joe the Plumber)?

There are, of coure, legitimate MORAL concerns about gambling (whehter private or public) . The people that DEE:LLY feel those concerns are generally the type of people Obama and leftists HATE (I am not lusing the wrong word here). I am talking aoubt deeply religious people, and others with strong "moral value"). Peple who gamble a lot tend to risk more than they can afford to low: ruining their on lives (okay), and the lives of people wwho may depend on them (for example, wives and children--NOT OKAY). Gambling is looking for a "quick buck", WITHOUT WORKING for it. It therefore should not surprise you especaiy since you know I am not a Christiian, that I have no problem with legalized gambling. For me, it is a matter of FREEDOMSocity has actually shown more SUCCESS in the past at limiting SEX (outside of marraige) and things like ABORTION, than in limting gambliing. Leftists, of course, like sex and abortion, and therefore will OVERSTATE that you can't do anythiing about them--when history shows you can. Indeed, a recent "study" purported to show that people would reather give up SEX than the internet. Now the internet may provide a form of sex, but with the huge ADVANTAGE that you do not have to deal with a real, live woman (in person). I digress (sort of).

Obama, and otother leftists, however, do NOT criticize staate lotteries on the grounds of IMMORALITY. True leftists have NO concerns about morality, except as they can USE people who may actually believe in ti (as to attack "conservatives" who may stray from the straight and narrow because they are fallible uman beings). Nope. Ture leftists regard state lotteries as COMPETION for the INCOME REDISTRIBUTION tax schemes of the true leftist. It is NOT an exaggeration to say that your true leftist, like Obama, regards the MAIN functin of the tax systmen to redistribute the weath.

The appeal of lotteries, of course, is that they raise money through VOLUNTARY action, and not through COERCION. For your average true leftist, his is not a DISADVADVANTAGE of COERCIVE TAXATION. It is an ADVANTAGE. The proponent of state lotteries can plausibly argue that the STATE might as well pick up money that people are going to gamble anyway, and thus avoid lthe problem of TAKNG money from people.

I am seroius here. When Presdident Obama says a state lottery is a "regressive tax", what Obama is saying is that heWANTS to TAKE MONEY from some people, and GIVE it to other people, by COERCION. This is redistributin of wealth. Walter Williams has described it, with some justice, as ARMED ROBBERY of one person to distribut the money to another person. There is no doubt that this principle is MARXIST.

Me? I am not great fan of state lotteries. As stated above, I have no great moral concern about legal gambling (even though I recognize that it can HURAT the poor, who may be "encouraged" to waste money on EASY to participate lotterie, when they might not be otherwise quite so able to FIND a way to satisfy their gambling urge). My problem with state lotterries is baqsically two fold. First, I have a very different concern that Obama--the opposite concer, in fact--with GOVERNMENT being involved. My own "phhlosophy of government" REJECTS the idea that government should fool around in PRIVATE business. yes, I AM saying that gambling should be a PRIVATE business. To the extent there are moral questins, the GOVERNMENT shululd not be an AGENT of induccing some people to do what other people think is IMMORAL. Beyond that, governments LIE about lotteries. They LIE about how the money will be/is used, and generall y LIE about how they are really "doing something" about--say-education. It is a way to INCREWASE the SPENDING (size) of government (even sate governments) by STEALTH and SUBTERFUGE. Why worry about COST, and whether money is being EFFICIENTLY spent, if it is supposedly being VOLUNTEERED by people who want to satisfy a gambling urge?

In short, Obama dislikes state lotteries, because for Obama it is BAD for people to get the idea that yoyu can get people to VOLUNTARILY support government ith non-coercive methods. For Obama, the idea thatit is better for people financing a government program to have a CHANCE to PROFIT (thereby "voluntarily" makng a contributin to government) isa TERRIBLE thing. Obama wants the peole OAMA wants to finance the government to be FORCED to do it, with no possibility of profit. Obama wants to CHOOSE who will PROFIT from government, and who willl be HURT by government. FREEEDOM is the very LAST thing that Obama wants.

You CAN deduce all of this from the fact that Presdient Obama regards state lotteries as a "regreessive tax". In fact, I would be ahsamed, if I were yu, that you needed me to explain this to you (if you ddi). In a way this is beside the pont. Yuo peple who have gotten swept up in the MEGA-MILLINS mania: You should VOTE against OBAMA. This is the kind of thing that Obama is perfectly wiling to TAKE AWAY from you. That shuld be enought reason to vote AGAINST Obama, whehter you are able to work through my loogic or not.

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