Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New York Times, Yahoo and AT&T: Traitors To the USA (Anti-Semitic?)

Yep, we are back to another one of thoe truly dsigraceful "featured" articles on my "default" AT&T/Yahoo "Uverse page)--the article itself coming from sometithing called "The Envoy" (could never make this up, and I am perfectly willing to give AT&T and Yahoo full "credit" for being TRAITORS to this country). You shuld realize, by now, that Yahoo "News" would do very much better to "feature" hedlines from this blog, but don't hold your breath. I am seriuois about the headline. Oh, I am not saying this is LEGAL trason, although you may well wonder what the difference is between--say--receiving stolen goods and receiving STOLEN (or at least illegally released) "classifie" infomrmation. I seee no MORAL diffrence, and I don't even think that is a matter of oopinion. There is none. The media is jsut as MORALLY "guilty" when they SPREAD illegally released classified information as a knowing receiver of stolen goods is guilty of facilitating theft by his CRIMINAL activity. No, I am not even sure why it is not LEGALLY a crime, other than a FEAR of the media reaciton. But even if you think that the MEIDIA of his country should be able LEGALLY to decide what "secrets" are worth keeping, and which ssecrets are worth betryal of your country to reveal, th emedia should e CONDEMNED for it (unless there is an overriding reason for facilitating treason). If you think the media abides by this idea that there shoululd be OVERRIDING importaance before they facilitatle acts of treason, then you are deluded.

The article I am talking abut stats out: "A classified war game..... So much for KNOWING receipt of STLEN (REASONOUSLY RELEASED) material. But look at those first few words. "War Game"????!!!!!! Is there ANY "war game" imprortant enough to justifly facilitating TREASONOUS activity? Not a chance. In fact, I will go fruther. What is the PRUPOSE of even saying that this is a "classified" war game? Right (I hope you have this much minimal intelligence). The New York Times, and the rest of the media, are HYPING the TREASON to give "crediblility" (and publicity) to "information" whichg is otherwise pretty much MEANINGLESS.

What am I talking abuut? What, exactly, ws the headline? It is something like this:

"Pentagon war game forecasts U.S. will be drawn into war if Israel strikes Iran"

Then the first paragraph says that this "classified" (see the USE of TREASON to HYPE a supposed "news" sotory) war game "this month" forecast that American wouluyld be drawn into war if Israel strikes Iran, with the loss of "hundreds" of American lives. The original source is cited as tThe New York Times. But ;you already new that The New York Times is a nest of TRAITORS. Notice how ONCE this kind of story is HYPED with a PROUD claim of TREASON, the entire nest of TRAITORS in the whole "news" media immediately jump on the story--believing that they have been "sanitized"f rom any claim of TREASON, and trying to "compete". Not rom me. Yes, you people at the unfair and unbalanced nework, who publicized the Wikileaks informatino just as much as anybody else, I just called you TRAITORS, just as a pawn shop buying stolen goods KNOWINGLY from a "fence" is involved in the crime just as much as the fence (and the original burglar). And I mean it. There is more than one reason I have told you to BOYCOTT the unfair and unbalanced network, and have long called for you to BOYCOTT AT&T and Yahoo. You say that I am really calling for you to boycott the ENTIRE regular media. See, I knew you would finally start to "get it" if I kept up long enough. These (modern "journalists") are CONTEMPTIBLE people deserving of nothing but CONTEMPT.

Why is this "sotry" total, meaningless bilge? First, there is no INFORMMATIN here. This is not 'news". Our politicians have TOTAL CONTROL over whether we are "drawn in" to a "regional war" started by an Israeli attack on Iran. Now you might not wonder whehter "hundreds" of American lives are not WORTH it, if we can stop Iran NOW. Or did my eyes fail me and the article say "Hundreds of thousands" of American lives, or something else? You can see wny to go down this rabbit trail (of what "cost" in American lives is "worht it") is beside the point. This is all SPECUALTION. That is what a WAR GAME is: SPECULATON. It is NOT "news". It is NOT a "prediction". It is a COMPTUER GAME to PREPARE people for what MIGHT happne (even relatively unlikely things). Yu could not even evaluate how "likely" this "forecast" is actually to occur wihout knowing all kinds of OTHER information. That includes how the computer game was programmed, and what was the intent of the exercise. It is perfectly routine to DELIBERATELY skew a kprgoram to a certain result, in order to face the peole involved in a "war game' with a certain kind of problem. Remember the famous 'hoopelss" war game scenario from Star Trek, to see how Academy cadets deal with a truly hopeless situation. Captain Kirk (William Shatner), of coure, CHEATED (sort of) by reprogramming the computer. Garbage in, garbage out. The result of a war game is DETERMINED by how the game is programmed. That does not mean the GAME is worthless. It can bew useful in any number of ways. It does mean that, AS NEWS, the game RESULT is WORTHLESS. It is certainly not worht facilitating TREASON.

Did you ever doubt that we "could" be "drawn in" to another war if Israel strikes Iran? What about if OBAMA "strikes Iran", which he has said is "on the table" (as it certainly should be)? The "war game" "results", especially with no information upon which to really evluate the assumptions and programming in the war game, add NOTHING to what we already know. As a WAR GAME, tthe war game can help PREPARE people for what MIGHT happen. As "news", it is WORTHLESS TREASON.

"Anti-Semitic"? Wll, that is my usual refusal to "turn the other cheek", as I am not a Christian. This is using the same kind of racial/religious/ethnic "analysis" common to the evil people of the mainstream media--where every "attack" on radical Muslim extremism is often regarded as "anti-Muslim" prejudice.

There can be no doubt as to the AGENDA of this "leak" of "classified" information. Do ou have any doubt that the intent is to put pressure on Israel, or to get us to put pressure on Israel, to NOT attack Iran to take out Iran's nuclear weapons program (that absolutely eVERYONE believes they have)? I don't have any doubt. The very release of "classififed" information NEVER happens without an AGENDA, nor does the publicizing of it happen without an agenda (until it attains a life of its own by the stupidity and greed of 'jurnalists" jumpoing on the "story" for competitive reasons). . The agenda here is obviously to try to put pressure on Israel not to make a strike on Iran--a strike most tinking people (like me) believe that Israel will INEVITABLY make at some pont (absent a revolution in Iran). The survival of Israel is at stake, and they are not going to apay much attentin to any amount of "pressure" to hold off in strikng if they believe that is necessary to their survival. No, as readers of this blog know, I am not a Jew. I am not a Christian, it is true, but I was raised Presbyterian. I am, of course, an agnostic, althgouh Bill Maher has done so much to discredit that word taht I need a new one. I am "pro-Israel" on the merits--not because I favor the Jewish religoin over the Muslim religion. There is definitely an "anti-Israel" tinge to this particlar example of TREASON, and just as much reason to call it "anti-Semitic" as there is for many media attempts to label things as "racist" or "anti-Msulim".

No. This is not the first time that the dishonest media incompetents have attempted to make too much out of these "war game" scenarios. That is-in my opinion--why this stuff SHULD be "dlassified". War game for "invading" North Korea? We probably should have it, including what happens if we nend up (again) in a "war" with CHINA. War game for invading Pakistan? We probably should have it. War game for attacking Iran? We certainly should have that one. To make ANY of those kinds of "war games", or the "results", "news" HURTS this country because it DISTORTHS the meaning of "war games". War games are for PREPARTION and deiberate speculation, so that we can be prepared for even the most unlikely events. They are not "news", an y more than a private VIDEO GAME is "news". Could yo do a COMMERCAL video game on attacking Iran? Sure you couuld. And how wouuld you know that such a game wouuld come up with a worse result than the "classified" Pentagon war game? You would have no way of knowing--especially without extensive review of the programming.

Moral treason is what my headline calls this, and that is what I mean for ALL media sources who go with this ridiculous story.

P.S. No proofreading or spell checking (bad eyesight). Luckily, my eyesight prevents me from playing video games, although I did not do so even when my eyesight was reasonably good ("correctible" to20-20, as it no longer is, and has not been for a number of years). I always preferred pinball.

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