Tuesday, March 27, 2012

President Obama's Father Was a Kenyan, and He Thinks of Himself as African-American (couier-journal.com villains/racists)

Does the above headline strike you as racist? I think it should, although it may seem mild to what the RACISTS of the mainstream media are doing with this Trayvon Martin/George Zimerman mattter. And that is the pont. The above headline is almost a dircet quote, with the names changed to protect the GUILTY RACISTS of couier-journal.com. I found the story while doing a quick internet search to confirm for myself that George Zimmerman is Hispanic. You can do the same Google search for "George Zimmerm hispanic" (no quotes in earch).

The absurd Couier-Journal headline give you a feeling of how BAD this particular mainstream media source is, although I think they were just picking it up from the rest of teh mainstream media ("Have you stopped beating you wife" is a FAIR questin compared with this headline, which I have slightly paraphrased): "Is George Zimmerman a Racist Killer, ore Merely an Overzealous Cop Wannabee". Isn't that a MARVLUS example of a fair headline (sarcasm disease rearing its ugly heead again). Well, in the body of the story you find that these people of courier-journal.com really are anti-Hsipanic RACISTS (true of Barack Obama as well, and the entire mainstream media in the George Zimmerman matter?--the evidence is certainly as strong, or stronger, thatn the (non)evidence that George Zimmerman is a racist. Here is the disgraceful sentence in the courier-journal "story", which I adapted for my SATIRIC headline above:

"George Zimmerman has a Peruvian mother, and he thiks of himself as Hispanic." Say what? YLU RACISTS. "Thinks of himsself as Hispaic"? My daughters have a Mexican-American mother, and they have put down "Hispanic" on every document that asked for that information. Where were all of those stories about Obama being only "half-black", with a kenyan father? Hispancis themselves, of course, as is true of almost all of us, are a MIXED race group that can be classified as mainly CAUCASIAN (white). But what flak would Rush Limbaugh have gotten if he kept saying that: "Barack Obama had a Kenyan father, and thinks of himself as African-American". The clear implicatn is that George Zimmerman is taking a liberty by "thinking of himself" as Hispanic. George Zimmerman AND MY DAUGHTERS are just as much Hispanic as Barack Obama is black. The whole sentence was condescending and OFFENSIVE. Almost all of what the meida has said on the George Zimmerman matter is RACIST and offensive.

George Zimmerman is Hisaniic. If anyone wants to argue whether people from PERU are "Hispanic" I want to have that conversation with you RACISTS. Now "racist" is a little bit of a stretch dealing with Hispanics, because they are NOT a race. Their "race" is primariy WHITE (Caucasian). However, I am adopting here the mainstream media terminology, and that terminology means that George Zimmerman SHOULD be merely referred to as HISPANIC. The failutre to really do that indicates how RACIST the media really is in thss Trayvon Martin matter.

Just think how the media would be referring to George Zimmerman if HE had been shot by a "WHITE" cop? You wouuld have seen "Hisanic" used THREE TIMES in every sentence.

These (members of the media) are truly EVIL people. And yes, they ARE generally RACIST. I don't know how they live with themselves, but I guess they can if members of the Ku Klux Klan could.

P.S. No proofreading or spell checking (bad eyesight). Oh, you now, and I know, what the real mainstream media agenda is here. Sure, they are RACiSTS, in that they dEFINE everyone in terms of his or her race. And they are tearing this ocuntry apart by deliberately trying to put races in conflict with one anotehr. But they have an overrideing intent to LABEL the USA as a RACIST country/society. That is CNN's main missiion in life, and one of the main missions of almsot the entire mainstream media. Have I said these are EVIL people spreading evil? I know I have. And I am sure I will regularly say it in the future, because it is true.

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