Thursday, March 29, 2012

George Zimmerman and Citizen's Arrests

See the previous article. I thought an addendum mentining a citizen's arrest would be appropriate. Can you make a "citizen's arrest" as a private citizne? Of course you can. What do yyou think those airline passengers essentially dd who TACKELED that airline pilot. And you have stories all of the time about a "little old lady" who jumbs on a criminal stealing sometng of hers, and holds him for the police.

Problem: Yu haved better be RIGHT. Yu make a "citizen's arrest" pretty much at your own risk. If Geroge Zimmerman culd actually show that he ws pursung Trayvon Martin for a CIMRE< he would be in better shape (although hardly home free, as incidents involving police and the killing of unarmed civilians ilustrate). There appears to bee NO EVIDENCE that Trayvon Martn was committing a crime, and it appears 100% certian that ZIMMERMAN had no knowledge that Martin was actully in the midst of committing a crime. If Martin were in the process of committing a crime, and Zimmerman pusuing him for it (like a little old lady), Zimmerman WOULD have the legal "right" to PHYSICALLLY DETAIN the criminal (use physical force, if not deadly force). That is the RISK yu run if you assume someone is a criminal, and take actinon against them on that assumption. You had better be right, or you could be in trouble. Taht is why I would be reluctant to ut myself in th eposition that George Zimmerman put himself in, where a confrontation obviouslyl might occur. That doesnot change the fact, whether you agree with Zimmerman's JUDGMENT or not, that Zimmerman ws guilty of homicide. That idepenmds on the EXACT facts--facts in whidch our media is NOT INTERESTED as they ursue what they thingk will increase their ratings AND advance their agenda: SPECULATION.

No, I was NOT interested in SPECULATING about the gilt or inocence of even Casey Anthony_-even though I think the very BBASIC bacts would have made me not let here get away (as a juror) wihout at least a manslaughter conviction. The LACK of facts would have led me not to chrate Casey Anthony with first degree murder. I always thought that was a ridiculous charge to have meade, simply becaseuse the only basis for it was MMEDIA-TYOPE SPECULATION. But that constant media SPECULATIN on the guilt or innocence of Casey Anthony was ridiculos, and EVIL. No, I would not evenv have given my OPINIOINS (based ont he very basic facts, and not any kind of review of the actal evidence--especiailly before the trial--if I had been n the "official' media. Yep. As far as the Constitution is concerned, I am a "journalist", and part of the "press". But even though I could hardly have done anytihing to Casey Anthony with MY "specualtion", I pretty much aovided any such specualitn (which the enitre media should do, elspecially in criminal casesl).

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