Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Illinois and AT&T/Yahoo: Boycott Yahoo and AT&T

"Primary Day in Illinois: In Search of Republicans in Obamaland"

This has to be one of the worst single days in the disgraceful history of that "news" partnership among and between ABC, Yahoo and AT&T (internet service). It is not just the articles, which are mainstream media BAD and disgraceful. It is the SOURCES. The above quoted headline comes, evidently, from someting called "The Ticker". Yahoo has got to be putting me on: taking advantage of my bad eyesight to make a fool of me. If you have been keeping score, this means that the SOURCES of truly disgraceful headlines "featured" on Yahoo "News" today include: "The Daily Beast", "The Envoy", "The Lookout", and "The Ticket". I know I have to be missing something here, but I assure you I could not make this up. In all events, I am more than willing to give AT&T/Yahoo FULL CREDIT for these disgraceful headlines todyay. BOYCOTT AT&T AND YAHOO.

"But, Skip, what is wrong with this one. You, yourself, have said that Rick Santorum is not going taowin Illinois becaue the electorate is not conservativ eve enough."

Yes, but I am not so DISHONEST and INCOMPETNET as to overstate the case. "Obamaland" indeed!!!! Who won the LAST Senate race in Illinois? If you are politically savvy, and not a mainstream media, dishonest partisan, you know that GOOP Senator MMark Kirk won the very last Seante race i Illinois in 2010. In fact, I believe it was the Senate seat previously held by Senator Obama. In additiino, the Democrat won the race for governor by an EYELASH. Since then, the state government in Illinois has been pretty much dysfunctional: raising taxes and driving away employers as the ONLY way to try to deal with out-of-control government in Illinois. It just does nto get much more PARTISAN than this disgraceful headline, or more IDIOTIC.

No, I don't think President Obama will lose Illinois. If he does, then he will lose in a LANDSLIDE. Still, it is hardly impossible. If the economy gets bad enough (more than possible), President Obama COULD lose Illinois. And it hardly makes any sense to talk FLIPPANTLY about "searching" for the GOP in Illinois, when the GOP just won the Seante seaat and ALMOST won the election for governor. No, the gOP canddiates in Illinois are not my knid of canddiate. But neither is Mitt Romney. In a nutshell, that is why Romne has beeen CALLED (by this blog) the winner of the GOP nomination. People think Romney has a chance in places like Illinois. I would put it another way: Romney is not a very good candidate because he has no talent for actually connecting with voters, but Romney indeed has a CHANCE in places like Illinois because of OBAMA. As this blog has correctly told you, it is OBAMA who is Obama's main opponet this year. Are people gonig to worry about "not connecting" with Romney, if they feel they HAVE CONNECTED with President Obama, to ehir major disappontment and detriment? Not realy. Especially with Romney as the candidate, the race is going to be al about Obama, which is the race GOP voters want. I want more than that, but my borthers, and 89 yar old mother, agree with GOP voters that getting rid of Obama is the essential thing here (meaning I am the only one i nthe family likely to refuse to vote for Romney, even though I think my brothers were looking to support someone other than Romney for the nomination--my mother having supported Romney for some time because she likes his views on China and illegal immigration).

No. This Yahoo stuff today is DISHONEST and INCOMPETENT stuff. There is no excuse for it. Talk about "search". REaders of this blog are familiar with my 8 year, futile, Sodom and Gomorrah search for an honest, competent AP reporter. Even He is not vincictive enough to make me search for the same as to other Yahoo sources, or withoin Yahoo "News' itself (or within ABC). Such a creaturure does not exist, and Yahoo proves it every single day. In fact, no such thing exiss as an honeset, competent reporter in ALL of the mainstream media. CNN? Not a chance. MSNBC? You must be kidding. NBC? Ditto. CBS? NOt a chance. As you know, if you read this blo, I also question whether an honest, competent "journalist" exists witin th eunfair and unbalanced network. But it is almost 100% certain that such a creature does not exist within the entire rest of the mainstream media.

By the way, no GOP candidate worth his salt will "give up" on Illinois. The candidate may have to "target" money where it can do the most good, but Illinois is also a state where the GOP won HOUSE races (along with other sstates where the GOP Presidential candidate MIGHT not beat Obama. It is IMPORTANT for the GOP Presidential candidate to pay attentin to these states, if he truly wants to have his party have control of Congress (o, of course,m a major priority of mine, as I have suggested that you DEFEAT every single present member of Congress up for election).

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