Tuesday, March 27, 2012

"Bailout Ben" Bernanke Raises Gas Prices--Again (Wall Street Economic Fascists Cheer as Bailout Ben Promises to KEEP Bailing Them Out0

I am not kidding iwith the headlnline. "Balilout Ben" Bernanke gave a mere SPEECH (or comments) yesterday, and the economic fascists on Wall Street (thinking they have a "partnership" with government--especailly Bernanke--fools that they are) promptly drove stock prices up. No. This is not just my opinio (other than the reference to economic fascists). It was unviersally agreed that yesterday was a "Bernanke raly, because Bernanke"indicated" he was going to keep artificially holding interest rates down and "stimulating" the econmy, even it it may mean mrore "quattative easing" (printing money by the Fed buying our own bonds).

This is what Bernake has been doing for more than three years: STIMULATING WALL STREET by CONTINUING baliout polices that go beyond anything the Federal Reserve has ever done. The result has been a "statlth" inflation this has created includes substantial rises in FOOD and ENERGY prices (not to mention other commodoties),. Yes, Ben Bernnake, along with Obama, has been as responsbile as any other single person for HIGH GAS PRICES.

Doubt me? Never do that, if you want to reetain your credibiity. What happened yesterday, and today? The price of OIL (and ttherefore the price of GASOLINE, ni the end) went UP to above 107 dollars a barrel--basically atthe highest level it has been this year (spikes may have gone SLIGHTLY higher based on eariler Fed actions), and HIGHER than it was last year (when the price of gasoline was (according to BERNAKE not more than a month ago) creating a WEAK economy last summer. That is why the peole on Wall Street, including Bernake (whose main goal has been to HELP WALL STRET), are so STUPID. Higher oil prices, and Bernake policies in general, make a REAL RECOVERY impossible (along with ObamaCare, Obama regulations, and other artificial burdens on the econmy from the Obama Administration). From an objetive pint of view, if you are not an economic fascist, yesterday was BAD NEWS for the ultimate health of the stock market (not to mention the ECONOMY, which the economic fascists on Wall Street do NOT CARE about anyway).

Message to "Bailout Ben": "Bailout Ben, you are the worst failure in the history of world finace. You hav presided over the worst recessin since the Great Depression, being head of the Federal Reserve since EARLY 2006 (excctly when the econmy began to collapes) . You did NOTHING to deal with the housing bubbble, or the other obvius problems artificially being created. You got ALLIES when a Democratic Congress was sworn in during January of 2006. Together, you made the recession as bad as it could possibly be. Then you, Bailout Ben, presided over the biggest intrlusion of government into the private economy, and the worst lPRINITNG OF MONEY, that has ever happened in this country. The result has been the WROST RECOVERY since the Great Depression. Now you are "doubling down" on the same failed polices, including an UNDER THE TALBE involment in the BAILUTS in Europe. You are not known as 'Bailout Ben' for nothing. Have I mentinoed that you are DISHOENST (intellectually)? For Wall Street to pay any attention to you is merely to epose themselves as The Stupidest Peole on Earth, as this bgo has shown over almsot the past decade I give you NO PASS. You are a FAILURE; the worst failure in the history of world finance."

P.S. No proofreading or spel checking (bad eyesight).

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