Sunday, March 25, 2012

Drudge Gets It Right, and Wrong: More Than A Week After This Blog CALLS the Nomination for Romney

This blog has told you that Drudge ( has shwon that he is essentially part of teh Romney campaign. In other words, the BIAS is extreme in favor of Romney. This has caused Drudge headlines, which I sometimes like to go off of the beam the past three months or so. Here is the present banner headline, which is essentially a LIE: "Rick Santorum Needs a Miracle: 74% of Remaining Delegates"

"Skip, how can you call Drudge a liear. YOU 'called' the race for Romney BEFORE the Illinois primary. And you have AGREED that Santourum 'needs a miracle' ever since the MICHIGAN primary."

Yes, and I was--and AM--corrrect. However, i did not attemplt to use a LYING statistic, even though the CONCUSION (about Santorum needing a miracle, and more) is correct.

What is 74%? That is the amount Santourm needs to actually WIN the nomination on the first ballot. However, and this is the LIE, that is NOT the number of delegates Santourm need s to STOP ROMNEY on the first ballot. Now this blog has told you that Santourm, absent some Romney disaster of epic proportionis, CANOT STOP ROMNEY. However, that does not change the FACT that 74% is a FALSE number. Now if you want to say that peole might prefer Romney get the nominatinio to a "brokered" convention, there may be SOME case for that. However, that does not change the fact that Santorum does NOT "need" 74% of the remaining delegates to STOP Romney. In fact, if Santourm really pulled a MIRACLE, and won---say--60% of the remaining delegates, Romney would beging to BLEED delegates. It isn't going to hapen, but that does not chnge my conclusoni that the Drudge headline is DISHONEST.

This blog maintains its "call" that Romney has WON the GOP nomination, based on the expert computer (lol) projectins of this blog--ucontaminated by reliance on ANY opinion or exit pollls. you wontt see this blog trying to bolster this rock solid "call" with spurious statistics.

Oh, this blgo still endorses Santorum for the nomination. Doesn't matter. We call them as wew see them.

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