Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Yahoo/ABC and The Daily Ticker: Orwellian, Big Lie Propaganda

"An improving economy means that Republicans need a 'plan B' to beat Obama"

These headlines jsut keep coming from the disgraceful Yaho and the mainstream media (this "news" "partnership" between Yahoo and ABC. The above is such OBVIUS propaganda that I will not bother to do my usual , imopssibly wordy article. Just a paragraph or two. Note that this blog BANS the "R" word, in favor of the more accurate "Grand, Outdated Party", but it is used in the interest of an accurate quote.

No. The econmy is NOT really "improving". If President Bush were still pPresiident, the emdia would be TRASHING teh econmy (as they did in th eGOOOD year of 207). Peoople generally know that the "improvement" that has occurred has been ":urchased" (from Chinga and by "Ballout Ben" Bernanke preinting money at the Fed to BAIL OUT Wall Street on a continuing basis) at much too high a cost for whatever small "improvement" we have achieved by MORTGAING our entire future as acountry. I guarantee lyu that Romney (the declared WINNER of the nominatioin by the only source that matters: this blog) intends to run SOLELY on the econom;y and his economic expertise, with a litle criticism of Big Government thrown in.

But the primary reason you KNOW that tis article is Orwellian, Big Lie propaganda is GAS PRICES (and what happened last year AND in 2008). Gasoline prices are HIGHER thig spring than they were last spring. The conomy looked like it was "improving" LAST SPRING. Instead, the economy STALLED. It is simplly a Big LIe (and attempt to convince peopletaht balack is white) to suggest that the economy will be obivously "improving" THIS SUMMER and FALL There was more BAD news on HOUSING prices today. Europe is either in, or on the edge of, a recssion. Any START of real "improvement" my ACCELERATE INFLATION AND RAISE INTEREST RATES.

Nope. Absurd propaganda. IF the economy is ROARARING in September, THEN the GOP may need a "plan B". Otherwise, this is simply a Big Lie. There is another Big Lie out there, which I heard the disgraceful Rachel Maddow parrot on MSNBC. Thbis is the idea that the election WAS gong to be about the economy, and maybe an exploding debt and government, but that theGOP has helped rasie SOCIAL ISSUES as maybe THE major "issues' in this campaign. That shows how much of a LIE this article on an "improving economy" is. Obama, and his PARTISAN supporters (like Rahcel Maddow), would be GLAD to make this eleitn about the economy if they thought it would help them. As this blog has correctly gtold you, what people lieke Rachel Maddow are trealy tellin gyo is that THEY regard "social issues" as a RELIGIN so =mpoirtant that you shuld SELL OUT your country by voting on (say ) "gy rights" instead of on the ECONOMY. Nope. Anotehr LIE as to how people will actually vote, unless they aree insane (like Rachel Maddow and MSNBC). Romney will NOT likely "lose" on the economyh. This blog has already todld lyou the way Romney can lose: if he jsut proves unable to connect with people AT ALL, and the econmy is not so very bad that Obama loses anyway (rather than Romney winning). This electin will be mainly about Obama and the econmy. No media LIES are gong to change that.

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