Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mitt Romney: As the Partisan Media Turns (AT&T/Yahoo: Usual--Not Even "Guest"--Villains)

It hardly even deserves inclusioin in this blog's 99.9% accuracy rating, because it is so obvious, but the mainstream media's vicious turn against Mitt Romney (in their role as partisan hacks supporting President Obama) has begun in earnest. The media, as with McCain, has been "held back" ONLY by the off chance that Rick Santroum might gain traction toward the GOP nominatioin. Now that this blog has OFFICIALLY "called" the nominatioin for Romney, without even the "benefit" of an exit poll (or any other kind of poll other than the actual vote and delegate count), the media is about to "take the gloves off" in attacking Mitt Romney. Prior to this, the media has been partially conflicted by the need to keep conservatives in thieir place, and not give them the idea that they can actually take on the GOP/media establishment and win. Now that the nomination race is over, and any conservative insurgency pretty much quelled (for now, as the 'establishment" continues to fight the same LOAING battle that the Roman Empire once fought against the "barbarians" at the gates), the media is free to act as the partisan arm of the Obama campaign that it always intended to be. Doubt me? Newver do that.

One of today's "featured" headines from the despicable AT&T/Yahoo "News" (from something called "The Daily Beast", and I coululd never make this up):

"Mitt's muddled message in Illinois"

Say what? These people JUST NOW "discovered" that Mitt Romney has a "muddled message", as he PRETENDS to be a "conservativtive" while remaining the poster child for the unprincipled GOP establishment? Give me a break. And this headline comes just as Romney is "poised" to WIN Illinois, according to the mainstream media report yesterday (see yesterdayk's blog article)? Give me a break. You just can't get any more obvious than this PROPAGANDA (anti-Romney), which has no other urpose than to try to tear down Romney. It is certainly too late to affect voters in Illinois. No, I continue to believe that Santroum has no chance to "win" Ilinois, even though it would be a great thing for the COUNTRY if he did. And that is NOT because I support Santroum (as I do, although with recognitioin that he is too much a standard politician who has already lost the nomination--as indicated by this media initiation of its BLITZ against Mitt Romney). Polls need to be totallly DISCREDITED in this country. .A Santorum victory in Illinois would hlep that process along, and again expose the media as the pll-worshiping fools that they are.

See the planned article today about CNN's sudden examinatin of the major political issue facing the country today: whether Romney is "disqualified" to be President because he travelled with his dog--in a luxury carrier--on top of his car.

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