Thursday, March 29, 2012

AT&T/Yaho "News": Partisan Political Hacks To Whom Yu shuould lPay no Attentino (Except Boycott)

Who is former Senator Dorgan? You don't know? I din't think you did, if you are an average person with an actual LIEF (or don't live in the Dakotas, a I THINK, without being sure, that he is the former Seantor from North Dakota. That did not stop something known as "The Daily Tciker" from having a FEATURED "top story" on my AT&T/Yahoo News" default lpage (ATl&T and Yahoo being the names takng responsibility accross the top of the page, and I am hppy to give it to them--may they CHOKE on it):

$4 Gas: There is "no justification" for high gas prices salys former Senator Dorgan."

This is PURE PROPAGANDA. Trnalation: The mainstream media wants to PUSH the pro-Obama idea that there is "no justification" for high gas prices (not Obama's fault, that is, when it IS Obama's fault, in substantial part). . In other words, thi is the MEDIA positon. But they (the media) are DISONEST. They don't want to assert it is their position. Among other things, NO ONE thinks the media have ANY credibility. Thuys, what does the media do? Easy . They look around for ANYONE that had some kind of position who is putting forth the MEDIA position. Then they cite that person as a "leading expert".

Who is Senator Dorgan , a person wo, if I remember right, did not e ven RUN for re-electin because he was gong to be BEATEN, such that his opinion on gas prices is a "top story". Nope. PROPAGANDA, pure and simple. Oh, when is the last time you saw a mainstream media source cite, say, Rick Santourm (before he was running for President), as "authority" for a 'top story" as to is OPINNION on something. It doesn't happen that the maisnstream media cites a CONSERVATIVEW "has been" for anything, UNLESS it is to support the MEDIA position on something (same purpose as citing Dorgan). In other words, a "conservative" CAN get mainstream media notice by CRITICIZING other conservatives. That suddenly makes anyone, with the most flimsy credentials, a "key" conservative.

P.S No proofreading or spell checking (bad eyesight)). No, my eyesight did NOT keep me from checking out just who Senator Dorgan WAS. (past tense to denote a hhas been). If I got it wrong, that merelyl illustrates my point how ridiculous this "top story" was. Oh, I know I COULD have looked at the body of tarticle. But that would hahave been "cheating'. I refuse to reaad PURE PROGAPANDA right out of George Orwell's "1984", unless I HAVE to for urposes of an article. I don't feel it mattered here to make my point. Read, again, the article this week, quoting ABC (lol), as to how Obama made a great fanfare of approving oil EXPLORATION off of the Atlantiic, Coast, but will not app9rove DIRILLING (pretty much the same dihsonest ploy the Obama Administratin has attempted firght down the line, including supposedly "opening" up areas like the Gulf OMexico (after previously SHUTTING DOWN driling, even in the face of a Federal court order), with a ctch: Few drillling PERMITS are actually granted. In other words, Obama is making sure little DRILLNG takes place on Federally contorlled land--as little as the can possibly arrange while PRETENDING to be in faovr of expanidng oil production.

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