Monday, March 26, 2012

D.C. Unemployed Paid to Hold Places in Line for Supreme Court (Incompetent Mediaia Series: AT&T/Yahhoo)

Yetp. The headline comes directly froma a "featured" ("top stories"--lol) article on my AT&T/Y^ahoo 'News" "welcome" page (from something called "The Ticket"--lol again).

This is what is now considred "news". I am sorry. It is not. You might as well "expose" that people are being paid fo stand in line for a new Ipad. I know. Such "stories" about the Ipad probably exist, but I don't want to know. No, I did not want to know THIS one, but this page is such a big source of material for this blog that I make the SACRIFICE (for you--lol still again) of subjecting myself to this agony. I swear it is turning my mnd to mush. (And if ANYONE takes this obvius straight line and runs with it, you know what will happen to you. No, I will not come after lyou. I will just sic my only FEMALE friennd, Sylvia, on you. Take my word for it. This is a fate worse than death--albeit Sylvia is a dangerous weapon for me to use--for fear that she will turn on ME.. You should be aware that Sylvia can TRACK YOU DOWN, wherever you are. She has sources of information that the CIA envies.)

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