Tuesday, March 27, 2012

George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin: Injuries (Media: Don't interrupt Our Narrative with Facts)

What should police do when investigating a potential homicide, and claim of self-defense? Well, the media pretty much dismissed the city manager's assertion that the police shouuld actually evaluate the FACTS, as they appear to be (unless and until those "facts" are contradicted). The city manger of Samford specifically mentioned "physical evidence". As this blgo--tomorrow's news today--told you at the time (days ago), perhaps the key fact is PHYSICAL INJURIES of George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin (respectively land comparativeely).

How can I talk about "physical injuires" for Trayvon Martin. He is DEAD. Right, but those are NOT the key "physical injuries' for evaluating WHAT HAPPPENED. The media wants ot give OPINION, based on their NARRATIVE, as to "who screamed", and who was the "aggressor". But we seem to be now getting infformation ththat George Zimmerman had a BROKEN NOSE. He may hae had other bruises and contusions. The media is uninterested, as susal. Did Trayvon Martina have any bruises, or other physical injuries NOT caused by the gunshot wound? If not, how could you possibly maintain a position that Trayvon Martin was the one SCREAMING, or even the one pushing the "'fight" (which the medi keeps insisting on calling a "scuffle"--pathological liars that they are--SHEPPARD SMITH< YOU ARE A LIAR-see previous article).

This matters. If you don't think it matters, then you shuld apply to work at CNN, or somewhere else in the media. The media would rather conctrate on the LAWYER'S view of the "testimony" of a BIASED 16 year old girl who was not there. But there are FACTS here. You have an actual eyewitness who says George Zimmerman was the one on the botttom, screaming. What if the INJURIES support that? Again, Trayvon Martin could hardly be the one SCREAMING in PAIN if he suffred NO injuries.

No. I don't know these facts. Neither do you. That is our problem. We cannot depend on our media to even CARE about giving us the actual facts. They are to busy with a POINT OF VIEW.

You should view "journalists' with nothing but contempt. That is my, correct, view.

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Unknown said...

I actually found your blog while trying to find out if Trayvon had any injuries other than the gunshot wound. I totally agree with you that this should be front and center news. Did Trayvon have any other injuries beyond the gunshot wound to support the claim that it was him heard whining and/or screaming. I mean how can they not realize how important this is??? Either way its a tragedy that he is dead but it would have a huge bearing on whether this is murder, manslaughter, or possibly self defense.