Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Jeb Bush Endorses Mitt Romney in Primary (Yahoo "News" Incompetents Strike Again)

No, the headline is NOT mine. I could never be that AWESOMELY INCOMPETNET (in a way, it is an amazing talent of modern "journalism'). The headline comes from the truly INCOMPETENT sources of that ABC/Yahoo "News" partnership providing the "news" for my AT&T defualt page. Oh, I continue to recommend you boyctott AT&T, but for my purposes this is useful. This particular article came from that something called "The Ticket". God help me if I were ever this stupoid.

What? You don't see it. You BETTER see it. No, it is NOT TRUE that Jeb Bush endoresed Romney in the "GOP primary". WHAT PRIMARY? The FLORIDA PRIMARY has laready happpened. That ws the ONLYL GOP RIMARY in which Jeb Bush's endorsement meant aything. Jeb Bush, in case you have forgotten (thinking he should just go away, as he should), was governor of FLORIDA.

What "primary" was Yahoo referencing? NO primary at all. Jeb Bush endorsed Mitt Romney for the GOP NOMINATION, which is not even CLOSE to the same as endorsing Romney for a specific primary. As stated, the ONLY time this headline wouuld have made any sense at all would be if Bush had endorsed Romney right before the Florida primary, but he did not.

Notice what COURAGE Jeb Bush has, and notice that he READS THIS BLOG. You doubt me? Look at the facts. This blog declares Romney the WINNER of teh GOP nomination (not just a primary, althgouh this blog pretty much declared Romney the winner of Illinois right after the Alabama and Mississippi primaries). Jeb Bush obviusly, knowing of this blog's INFALLIBILITY, knew that it was now SAFE to endorse Romney.

You may get the feeling that I am not a "fan" of Jeb Bush. Gee, you are getting clever. You are certainly more clever than th esources of Yahoo "News" (damning you with VERY faint praise, as your average ROCK is more clever than the people of Yahoo "News').

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