Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bill O'Reilly and Chuck Schumer: Leftist Peas in a Pod

Never, ever doubt me. Read last night's article on the unfair and unbalanced network in general, and Bill O'Reilly in particular.

Now segue to this morning, about 12 hours later. Chcuk Schumer, the most leftist Senattor in the known universe, was on CNBC. And he sounded exactly like Bill O'Reilly. Except Schmer was to th eRIGHT of the ANTI-CAPITALIST O'Reilly. I kind you not.

Both Schumer and O'Reilly (wrongly) ridiculed Gingrich's ideas that we can PRODUCE enough oil, and other energy resources, in the United States. In other words, both Schuemr and O'Reilly ridicululed the idea that the United States of America is the greatest coutry in the world, and that we can actually PRODUCE to maintain our standard of living and freedom (as we did in World War I and World War II). Instead, Schumer echoed O'Reiily that the ONLY way to "solve" our long-term" gasoline/energy problem is to "wean" our way off of OIL, and REDUCE THE DEMAND. Are we going to do this with FREE CHOICES. NOt on your life. FREEDOM? Both Schumer and O'Reilly never heard of the wrod. Neither believees it it, or in free markets. Nope. What Schumer thinks will "solve" everything is FORCE: FORCING automobile companies to produce vheicles with more gas milleeage 9whether the people want them or not). FORCING "alternative" energy down our throats, no matter how much it costs.

Now O'Reilly said ths same thing last night (the last time I will ever see him on the unfair and unbalanced network--the last time my TV wlll ever be tuned to tha network in prime time hours). O'Reilly said, like Schumer, that there is NO "solutoin" to reliance on the Middle East other than to "cut back" on our use of energy (which is a REDUCTION in our standard of living). O'Reilly made it clear that he would favor the USE OF FORCE agaisnt the OIL COMPANIES, which is where he--ANTI-CAPITALIST that he is--is to the LEFT of Schumer. Schumer did not really mention the "big oil companies" (recognizing, as O'Reilly does not, that the worldwide price of oil canot be explainged with this kind of DIISHONEST DEMONIZATIN, and that Democrats are really trying to be IN BED with big business so long as big business is dumb enough to buy into this idea of an economic fascist "partnership" between Big Government and Big Businesss to run your life). But what about the SHORT TERM (in the long term, and we are talking the usual "ten-year plan" that leftists REJECTED as to DRILLING in ANWR, and elsewhere, ten yeears and more ago, we are all DEAD).? Rising oil prices willl DESTROY the economy long before any FORCED (O'Reilly and Schumer central plannning FORCED upon you) cuts in "demand" will do any material good.

Schumer has a "marvelous", typically leftist---O'Reilly type--"solutoin" to the short term: RELY ON SAUDI ARABIA. Just FORCE (with threats) Saudi Arabia to "make up" for any supply dficiencies (Schumer mentined from Iran, but that is hardly the only reason oil prices are going up/remain high). I could never make this stuff up. That is Schumer's "solution": Deliberately deliver our ecoonmy to Saudi Arabia as a HOSTAGE. This is literally INSANE, and yet it fits right i with the O'Reily position. Don't PRODUCE oil, and other resources (without subsidy), in the United States. Rather, turn over the destiny of this country to SAUDI ARABIA.............................................................................................................Sorry, I am in that fetal position again, on the floor laughing/crying., explaining some of the typos as I try to type reaching up from a fetal position while not being able to see anyway.................................I just can't stand it. And people are VOTING FOR members of Congress like Schumer, including JEWS in New York. This is why I desp;air.

No, I don't like Saudi Arabia, whichh is one of the homes of radical extremism in the Muslim world--really the birthplace of al-Qaida and the Taliban. I don't worry about the "feelings" of Saudi Arabia, and I don't have any roblem doing the best we can to push Saudi Arabia. But it is, again, literally INSANE to RELY upon Saudi Arabia as the SAVIOR to "ave" oru economy, and KEEP doing so for ten yearsa and more. Saudi Arabia, in addition to being home to an extreme, anti-American form of Islam taught in its schoools, has an economic INTERST of its own in HIGH oil prices (as high as possible, consistent with not destroying demand). Schuermer says this is OBAMA policy. Do you need nay more reason to vote AGAINST OBAMA? So Obama wants you to send all of your money to SAUDI ARABIA, and for Saudi Arabia to have CONTROL over whether the U.S. economy ives or dies. Good luck with that. If this is our "policy", we are DOOMED.

Message to O'Reilly: For 40 years and more I have OPPPOSED oil company MERGERS, because I acutally believe in FREEMARKET THEORY (which does NOT contemplate creatin of big corporate empires with big mergers). We have allowed Exxon to recreate Standar Oil, and that has been terrible policy. Where were Y:OU, O'Reilly? You were NOWHER, because you are alll about O'REILLY. YOu have no intellectual depth or principles. You feel personally at risk from the price of oil, and, therfore, you look around (like Schumer) for VILLAINS to BLAME (rather than lookning at POLICIES that we can use to thwart the "villains" witout destroyig our freedom and free marets). For Schumer, and probably O'Reilly, Saudi Arabia is a convenient VILLAIN to blame. In actual fact, both Schumer and Obama WANT high oil and gaasoline prices, because that is the ONLY way Obama's "alternative energy" "policies" (of subsidy and force) have any chance of going anywhere. They (Schumer and Obama) just want to EXCAPE BLAME for the consewuences of their policies by BLAMING others. Nope. It won't work. O'Reillly is just a DISHONEST SMUCK with no principles.

Why have leftist Democrats done NOTHING about stoppping big mergers? Taht is because, like O'Reily, they WANT big corporate empires, which are really the same thing as Big Government empires. They NEED big corporate empires to JSUTIFY their own position that ONLY government can stand against the big corporate empires. Yes, I jsut said that O'Reily is fudamentally a Big Government Guy, like almost all establishment members of the GOP (Grand, Outdated Party). O'Reilly wants to CONTROL, just like Chuck Schumer.

I just went outside and screamed. Make no mistake abut it. Bill O'REilly and Chuck Schumer are the SAME. Do you still doubt me that you should BOYCOTT O'Reily and the unfair and unbalanced network? I hope you no longer doubt me. You don't want to make it obvious that you are a fool.

P.S. No proofreading or spell checking (bad eyesight).

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