Monday, March 12, 2012

Muslim Killers, Non-Muslim Killers, Media Lies and Stupidity

"Soldier's Alleged Kandahar Killing Spree: Warning Signs Missed?"

The above truly inane headline is from ABC "News", as again featured on Yaho "News" (boycott Yaho).

Remember the Ft. Hood killer, and the promised "full investigation:--another Obama LIE in which the media has been totally UNINTERESTED? There were rEALL "waring signs" there, and they wre NOT really "missed". Rather, they wre IGNORED in the name of political correctness: Namely, we must not "persecute" even insane Muslims.

What is the SUBSTANCE fo the ABC story? There is NONE. I am not kidding. there is NO SUBSTANCWE to the article. Even the article itself admits that ALL there is now is SPECULATIOIN. And what is the "speculation"? You don't need ABC or Yaho to tell you. The speculaiton is that htere are ALWAYS "warning signs" in this kind of "pyschotic break", or "mental illnesss". The fact is, of course, that that this kind of thing ALWAYS happens in war, and the man involved may have been perfetly all rfight if the stress of war had not caused him to crack. See, for example, "The Caine Mutiny" (although not involving, even fictionally, a "killing spree"). Or, for a more direct analogy, remember the case of William Calley, who ordered the killing of a jundred or more "villagers" in Vietnam? War is Hell. Sherman was right (altthough I like the line in the "Bat Masterson" TV show where someone says: "Sherman has never seen Dodge City."). And people BREAK in Hell. The difference is, of course, that PRESIDENT BUSH was BLAMED for every single thing that went wrong in the militarly when he was President. However, the media does its very best to COVER for President Obama, whehter it is "bruning the Koran", urinating on killed enemy soldiers, or soldiers going on "killing sprees" (or accidents killing tens of Afhan soldiers, as happened recently). The present attitude of COVERING for Obama (the pejorative way of putting it) is more correct than the attitude toward President Bush, as the President realy cannot control all of these things. Things happen in war. War is Hell. They happen in "good wars" World War II), as well as in bad wars.

Ah. "Warning signs". Yes, I am confident that there are ALWAYS "warning signs." Problem: The SAME "warning signs" (unlike with the Fr. Hood shooter, where the "signs" wre unmistakable) may be present in a THOUSAND people for every one who "cracks". I will be more blunt: More blatant "warning signs" of homicidal insanity are present in a FAIR PART OF THE MUSLIM kPOPULATION IN THE AREA OF THE MIDDLE EAST (and a lesser , but still significant, part outside of the area of teh Middle East). No, I am not saying tkhat all Muslims are homicidal maniacs, or that the Muslim religion creates homicidal maniacs (any more than the Christian Church created the homicidal manicacs of the Spanish Inquisioinn and related religius atorcities). However, TOO MANY Mulisms are homicidal maniacs. And too much of their religion, as practicied in the world today, exuses--sometimes encurages--this "religious" , homicidal insanity. What else can you say about kiling people because fo the accidental burning of BOOKS mere paper and "ink")), or killing people because of cartoons or books.

Now I want to do a 'thought experiment", which may yet come true. As far as I know, this ABC?Yahoo article did NOT "blame" this Kandahar killing spree on anti-Muslim hatred. I ccnnot read well enough to be sure, as I just can't struggle through an entire article like the ABC article in any reasonalbe amount of time. But you know, and I know, that ABC, Yahoo, and the rest of the mainstream media are perfectly willing to BLAME the entire Untied States of America for 'encouraging" this kind of thing with "anti-Muslim" hatred. Imagine the ABC story IF it comes out that this homicidal soldier had expressed anti-Muslim sentiments? Do you doubt that ABC would be perfectly willing to "blame" people like ME for anti-Muslim "hatred" that triggered this poor, psychotic soldier? You can't possibly doubt that. Yet, ABC, and the rest of the mainstream media, refuses to address the psychotic, homicidal strain that now infects the Muslim religion in too many places and too many people. ABC refuses to address the PERVERSION of the Muslim religoni into a kind of homnicidal insanity in too many places, but is perfectly willing to BLAME the United States of America (all of us) for ANY expression of "anti-Muslim" sentiment (even if merely sttating the facts) . Further, ABC is perfectly willing to use 'guilt by association" to "blame" basically ALL Americans for anti-Muslim hatred shown by a few, and to suggst that is a bigger problem than the widespread homicidal insanity in the Muslim world. These truly are the worst hypocrites to ever walk the Earth, on two legs or four.

Nope. This is just a case of a soldier "cracking". Sure, we need to do what we can to "prevent" this sort of thing. But we NEVER will be able to completely stop it. What we don't need are articles like this: nothing but TOTAL SPECUATION, without facts. It is entirely possible we will see a call for "sensitivity" training for our soldiers as to Muslims. That was the Obama/military reaction to the Ft. Hood shooting. Again, you will remember that the reacitn was NOT that there are Muslim fanatics out there trying to KILL US (because too much of the Muslim religion has not progreessed beyond where the Christian religion was at the time of the Spanish Inquisition). The rqeacitn was that we needed to make sure our soldiers did not "overreact" against Muslims in the military (and maybe outside of the miilitary) because of the Ft. Hood shooting. That is the same reacitn ABC and the rest have to eVERY atrocity committed i the name of Isla: Mere isolated incidents where it would be wrong of us to examine the homicidal insanity that is PERVERITING the Muslim religion for tooo mnay in the Muslim world.

No, I am not overreacting here. I have told you exactly what will happen if any 'anti-Muslim" sentiments surface about this "alleged" killer. If it does not happen, it will only be because no actual facts surface that can be twisted in this directin. And , sometimes, the "facts" are not even necessary. Leftists like to take EVERY non-Muslim killing (of Muslims or anyone else), and then pont to how uNFAIR it is to talk abut the strain of homicidal insanity in the Muslim religin when so many non-Mulslims kill people (for the hthousand and one reasons that peole kill people).

Meanwhile, as MULTIPLE Muslim killers kill in the name of their religion, the media is willing to OBSESS on "guilt by association" by "tarring" the entire GOP (which deserves to be trashed, but not on th is basis) with isolated "statemetns" by Rush Limbuagh!!!!!!! Somehow, it is "wrong' to talk about the many murderers killing people in the name of the Muslim religion, but it is perfectly okay to make the entire GOP, and every conservative, "responsible" for the non-homicidal STATEMENTS (harming no one) of Rush Limbaugh. HYPOCRITES. . Again, ABC and teh rest are the worst hypocrites to ever walk the Earth.

P.S No proofreading or spell checking (bad eyesight).

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