Friday, March 2, 2012

Contraceptives, my 89 Year Old Mother, Cancer Treatment and Freedom: Making Contraception a Religion

My 89 year old mother is convinced President Obama is trying to kill her. Her specific exmple (her lungs are barely functional because of her smokng, and she is on full-time oxygen) is a drug she needs. Medicare won't pay for it (Medicare, of course, being a totally government controlled program). My mother insists this is Oama killing off peole like her so as to be able to implement his "grand vision" of government-run health care. My mother is, I think (without being sure), wrong about the specific drug (where the "alternatives" do not work for her)--wrong in the sense that ObamaCare is not reall behind this specific policy. However, notice that my motehr needs this drug to LIVE. Meanwhile President Obama and leftist Democrats are insisting that the Federal Government can ORDER employers, AND health insurance compainies, to provide FREE contraceptive drugs--no deductible and no co-pay, even. Can you doubt that contraception is a RELIGION to these peopp;le? The FANATICS here do not include Rick Santorum, who has never said that health insurance can't incude contraception. But President Obama, and his ilk, ARE FATATICS trying to take away FREEDOM in the name of their religious fanaticism. My mother is right that Preisdent Obama does not care about her, or elderly peple like her, so long as the RElIGON of Planned Parenthood is FORCED on peoplle.

My mother may be wrong abut Obama really having anything to do with denying her coverage for the very expensive drug (:which has DOUBLED in price, and more) that she needs to LIVE. It is clear, of course, that President Obama cares more abut the IDOLOGY of "free" contraception than he does about whether my mother lives or dies, but that has always been obvius. President Obama well knows that his idea of "universal" government-run health care cannot AFFORD elderly peple like my mother. My mother may be wrong about Obama beign responsible for costing her hundreds of dollars a month for a durg she needs to LIVE, but she is absolutely right that Obama is trying to KILL people like her (and my mother knows it).

There ain't no such thing as a free lunch. "Cotraception" is NOT FREE, no matter what Obama says. What happens when you DISTORT our entire helath care system to impose your POLITICAL view on what kind of health care is 'importatn"? Right. Resources are diverted in the FAVORED diretion, away from the elderly, and this starts KILLING people. Did I just say that Presdient Obama is ready to kill elderly peple in the name of universal, governt-run health care? Darn right I just said it, and this FANATICISM on "free" contraception shows that it is true. "Free' contraceptoin means that the COST of health care/health insurance goes UP, and the whole system is SKEWED away from things like care for the elderly.

It is not just the elderly, of course. What about CANCER TREATMENT, even for younter people? Do cancer drugs come totally "free", with NO deductivble and no co-pay? Not a chance. That is becaause Obama is a RELIGOIUS FANATIC (his religion being leftist idology, as we know he is not a Christian). Obama WANTS to distort the health care system to promote HIS "values". That is what it is all about for Obama: CONTROL of your lives the way he wants you to live your lives. Cancer treatment is NOT favoreed in the Obama idology. Contraception is. Oh, there is the CYNICAL view taht women are STUPID, and can BE BRIBED. Even my very feminist younger daughter, who does not really oppose the idea of 'free" contraception, recognizes that this is an IDOLOGY of the leftist "feminist" movement, and Planned Parenthood types. She told me so last night. However, you get some idea of where this daughter is coming from when I tell you the real reason she is not so excited abut this particular BRIBE from Obama (while he throws the elderly unde the bus): "I think Obama is missing the pont. Modern MEN are the best contraceptive a woman can have." I think my daughter includes Obama in this condemnatin of MEN. She certainly includes me.

This is not about "contracepton" at all, dspite media LIES in every headline yesterday (implying that the GOP is tring to take contraception "awya" from women). This is a matter of FREEDOM. I now. Again, GOP politicians have FAILED to make this opont by concetrating their aruments too much on RELIGION (a CYNCIAL attttempt on their part to get CAHBOTLIC votes). This is no more about religion than it is about contraceptives, although overriding religious freedom is a (mere) subset of denying FREEDOM for us all. I am not a Caholic, and have nothign against congraception (although I do have a lot againt the "morning after pill"). I have never had a problem with "the pill". I have a BIG problem with the government telling ecmployers and insurance comapnies what health care they MUST provide. What does this denail of FREEDOM mean? It means what CONTROL always means. If the government has the power to tell eveyrone what helath care is favored, then the government has the power to tell everyone what kind of helath care is NOT FAVORED. Death panels, anyone? My mother is absolutely right: Presiident Obama is ultimately out to KILL people like her, because his idea of government CONTROLLLED halth care cannot afford them.

I gve you my mother's accurate, Twitter-like, descrtiptin of Obama some time ago (a description which distressed me, as the Gettysburg Address distresses me, since I could never confine myself to so few words): "President Obama wants to give people things 'free', and he wants to control their lives. " That is Obama, and people like him, in a nutshell. The BRIBES are jut the LURE to get you to give up your feedom. I can't tell you how much it distresses me that GOP politicians cannot make this elementary pont: the pont that this FORCED "free" contraception is a matter of FREDOM--more, even, than it is a matter of religious conscience. This convinces me frutehr that the GOP-which I ahve left in my rear view mirror FOREVER--will never even repeal ObamaCare, no matter how many election "victories" they may have. GOP politicians are too invested int he CULTURE OF BRIBERY. There is why I am such a pessimest about the future of this country.

Evidenty, all Obama has to do is propose that something be "free", and it becomes an "entitlement". Now, it is evidently an ENTITLEMENT for young women to have absolutely "free" contraceptive care. My motehr is right. Our courntry--not o mention her--canoot afford this kind of attitude. Why should the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT have the right to dETERMINE what kind of health care is covered by insurance and wht kind is not? So much for "keeping your old coverage , if you are happy with it.' Do you remember President Obama saying that , to promote ObamaCare? Well, HE LIED (in his self-chosen capacity as Liar-in-Chief.). It was ALWAYS the intentin of President Obama to FORCE eveyoone to have EXACTLY the kind of healthcare,a dn health care coverage, that HE wants you to have. And you don't think this is a RELIGION? You are a fool, if you don't understand that it is a religon--as fnatic a religiion as that held by the most fundamentalist preacher out there.

No. When the media tells yo uthis is about "contraception", and that "critics" (translation: the media themselves) say that the GOP is trying to deny women contraception coverage (taht new "entitlement" of FREE, FORCED contraqception coverage), TEHY (the media) LIE. This is about FREEDOM, and if people don't realize that, there will be no more freedom. We are well on our way.

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