Monday, March 26, 2012

George Zimmerman's, Or Is It CNN'S, Raccoon Fetish

Do the dishonest hypocrites at CNN have sex with raccoons. That is the only explanation that I can see for CNN to keep playing that "enhanced" (ALTERED) tape that CNN WANTS to say "proves" taht George Zimmerman said "fucking coons". Hey, I HEARD the terrible, evil people at CNN on Sunday, and they appeared to violate FCC rules by PLYAING thsese words. Oh, they did say that they were sorry for any "offense" (These dishoenst hypociites offend ME every single day without violating FCC rules, which which CNN does not have to comply because it is not an "on-air" network).

You don't think the people on CNN are dishonest hypocrites? Never doubt me. Remember those Danish cartoons? CNN, along with most of the mainstream media, would NOT show those (essential to the story) for fear of "offending" Muslims. And what is so "important" abut this ALTERED tape that CNN decides to OFFEND more than usual? CNN itself admitted that there is NO consensus in CNN that "fudking coons" is what George Zimmerman really said, if anything. You may remember that this is not the first time that people have played around with SOUND (such as by playing records, or whatever, backwards to fiind "hidden" messages) to make mere NOISE appear to be words.

Nope. The peole of CNN are some of the most dishonest peoplewho have ever lived, along with the rest of the media. I know, and you should know, that the peole USHING this rridiculous contention DO NOTA CARE whether it is true. Their goal is to SMEAR George Zimmerman, and this is a way of doing it. By the time the truth comes out, if the whole "issue" does not jsut fade awaylfor lack of support, CNN will have accomplished what it wants. AFTER saying that CNN could not tell us whether this is what the 911 NOISE really "hid", CNN proceeded to talk about how this SPECUALTION would probably make George Zimmerman guilty of a "hate crime" (itself doubtful, under an y objective view of what happneed, in its entirety). This has nothing to do with "truth" or "journalism". This is a SMEAR and a LYNCHING. Oh, as this blog has told you, the attempt to put out "fucking" as something Zimmerman said is just as much a part of this as the atttempt to SMEAR him as a racist (without evidence).

Read the headline again, and be advised that it is just as likely that George Zimmerman was talking about "fjucking raccoons" as that he was making a racial slur. Taht is why the headline refers to a "raccoon" fetish. CNN definitely has a COON FETISH, along with the other dishonest leftists out thre.

How many times have you heard COON used as a racial slur, in yhour life (even on film or televison). I NEVER have, EXCPET in the context of LISTING racil epithets. I have NEVER, in fiction or real life, heard a person say to another person: "You fuckng coon,", or any similar phrase. It is absud. I would have trouble believing it was said wen if I thought I heard it in clear language. It is alomst IMPOSSILBE to imagne Zimmerman saing ti as if that were the first phrase eo come to mind when he is pursuing a black young man. No, I don't even know exactly what it MENAS. Doo you? I know it is a slur, because of those "lisitings" I have heard of racial slurs. Maybe thre is some movie, somewhere, that I have forgotten, that has a character use that term. But it would lamost have to be a PERIOD move. I really think the word is ARCHAIC, unless it is still used in some restricted, backwoods places. I stand by what I said, and what I meant in the headline: It is jsut as likely that George Zimmerman saw a raccoon thqat almost tripped him as that he made THIS racial slur. I admit that both are almost impossible, but about equally so.

I spent the first 12 years of my life mainly in the small Arkansas hill country town of Mt. Ida (which Stephen Hnunter libeled as having a saloon as its main business, in his "Hot Springs" (37 miles or so from Mt. Ida). For me, growing up, "coon" definitely referred to a RACCOON. Doest he derivationfof the word as a racial slurr have anything to do with "raccoon"? I don't know, and I con't care. This whole thing, about "fucking coons", is MADE UP--to a 90% certainty. What about that other 10% (a generous number, as I was tempted to go with 99%)? All I can say is that if "journalists" are now treating as "news" a 1% "chance", or ven a t0% chance, then there is a99% chance they will LIE to DESTOY people. What am I saying? For a decade or s, this blog has PROVEN that today's "journalists", especially including CNN, WILL LIE to DESTRY people in pursuit of an agenda. Taht is a 100% true fact.

Meanwhile, it turns out that George Zimmerman is an HISPANIC being LYNCHED by CNN (along with President Obama and others). Further, he and his wife TUTOR African-American children (among others), on weekends (evidently as a public service, and certiainly without being paid any substantial amount). George Zimmerman has African-American friends (although this smacks of the "condescending"" "Some of my best friends are black." I repeat what this blog has correctly told you: You are NOT a "racist" if you have an impression that a sukspicious looking, even gang-looking, young black STRANGER in your enighborhood has a fair likelihod of being a criminal. You may feel th esame way about "gang-looking" WHITE strangers in your neighborhood. But even if you don't feel QUITE the same, this is not 'raccism (of the h"hate crime" type, or veven as bad as the CNN type). It is merely human nature at work. In this case, George Zimmerman was evidently JUSTIFIED in worring about HIGH CRIME in his area. Whehter he may have been 5% more suspicious of a black, strange you man (from his point of view) than of a white strage young man is irrelevant, and a quesiton we simply could never answer.

Stay tuned for my future headline (keyed to yet another media story abut George Zimmerman being an HSIPANIC lynched in America,), which will read (my headline) about as follows: "President Obama's father was Kneyan, and Obama thought of himself as African-American." If you think that phrasing is RACIST, say hello to the "", as the article will explain. My 50% Mexican-American daughters should be able to identify with George Zimmerman, although his mothe was evidenty Peruvian. I have told you that CNN is "The Racist Network"? I know I have, so you don't have to answer that question.

P.S. No proofreading or spell checking (bad eyesight), although I don't guarantee whether a "forensic" review of my compture would reveal not only thaqt I can actually see, but that I typed, "under my breath", "the fucking coons" when referring to the people of CNN. The peole of CNN shoululd only hope that I thought that WELL of them, black and white. I don't even know what the supposed racial insult means. I do know exactly what I think of CNN. Let me again put it this way, as I have before: If Hell exists (I am, after all, agnostic), I LOOK FORWARD to meeting all of my "good friends", and anti-Christians (as I am not) from CNN there. As I have said, my only worry is that meeting EVERYONE fromm CNN in Hell would make me so hapy that Hell exists that God would never let me have the joy (for alll eternity, with no ACLU "appels") of knowing that the CNN people are in Hell. However,, i can outsmart God on this one, as I have previously said. If Hell exists, I KNOW that everone from CNN will be there (along with almost all oother media people). Terefore, it does not really matter if I SEE them. Look at the SACRIFICE I am willing to make here. I am ROOTING for Hell to exist, to my own personal detriment, just to have the satisfactin of knowing that "justice" has been done. You can't get any more noble than that. Would God grant me an Obama-type WAIVER from the usual requirements for this extreme NOBILITY an dSELF-SACRIFICE? Somehonw, I doubt it. Still, this is the best way I know of informing you what I really think of the peole of CNN, black and white.

P.P.S. Note to myself: Be careful, if I am ever in Samford, Florid. The pacle is obivusly overrun with fuckng raccoons. I ahve always thought thte creatures look fairly sinister. I will now return to my policy of NOT using "fuckng", either in this blog or personally. It is the refuge of little minds. However, I simply refused to show less "courage" (lol, as if anyone cares these days, except when they are trying to SMEAR somone) than CNN. If George Zimmerman, by some miracle, did use the phrase cNN is tryiong to SMEAR him with, then he turly should be ashamed of himself.--just as much for not living in this CENTURY as for any racism it shows.

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