Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Charles Krauthammer: Coward, Hypocrite and Certified Idiot on the Unfair and Unbalanced Network

Yuo remember Charles Krauthammer? He is teh guy who AGREED with this blog that the disgraceful Seante bill "extending" teh payroll tax holiday form a ridiculous tw monts is an ABOMINATION (direct quote--which an honest man would convert into a call for the DEFEAT of every GOP Senator who voted for such a terrible bill)--onne of the wort bills to ever come out of the Senate. But how is Krauthammer CRITICXIZING because of this ABOMINATINON committed in the United States Senate? If you thought Krauthammer ws an honest, brilliant man, you would never guess. If you knew, ilke I do, lthat Krauthammer regards real conservatives, and the Twa Party, as his ENEMIES (a feeling I reciprocate double), then you will guess. kruathammer is criticizing the "conservative" GOP members of teh House four refusing to accept the Senate ABOMINATION because it is POLITICALLLY naive and disastrous. Sou much for princiiple. Krauthammer has none. So much for COURAGE. Krauthammer has none. IF pepple like Krauthammer, the Wall Stret Journal, the unaria and unbalanced network, the establishment GOP, and the GOP member s of the Seante had ACTIVELY EXPOSED this Senate abomination for what it is, then the House would be on firm ground. It is KRAUTHAMMER, and those other ENEMIES of mine, who are sABOTAGING the House GOP. And this is more than merely unprincipled. IT is STUPID. The GOP may well not be able to survive these constandt BETRAYALS of their supposed principle> Look at Krauthammer. He is wiling to BLATANTLY BETRAY HIS OWN ADMITTED PRINCIPLES, by saying that a Seante bill he calls an ABOMINATION should be passed anyway for totally POLITICAL resons (election and reelection reasons). That is absurd. It is political DEATH (in additon to being unprincipled, as Krauthmmer is, along with being a coward).

What is Krauthammer's "solution", presented TWICE on the unfair and unbalanced network, even after Bret Baire exposed it as STUPID (which shows how stupid Krauthammerreally is, as Baire is not that swift)? Krauthammer say sthe House GOP shold simly thake the ridiclous Senate two month bill, and PASS it as a ONE YEAR bill without changing even a comma of the rest of the bill..........................................................................................................................................Sorry., Krauthammer is a comic genius, as well as being one of the stupidiest men who ever lived. I ws on the foor laughing again. It is a conspiracy to KILL me: all of thiese comic things said by Obama, Democrats the GOP, and supposed "conservatives". WHY (besides politics, which wss teh main reason) did the Senate pass this ridculous two month extension? You know this one. It was becuse Democrats and th eGOP could not agree on how to "PAY FOR".....................................................sorrry again for being on th e floor laughing again, at the idea that teh anyone can say "pay for" with a straight face, when it is obvious that we are not "paying for" teh deficitgs we HAVE, much less the ADDING of more to the to "payr for" the COST of another year of the "one time" (lol) payroll tax holiday rushed through last December (along with the extension of unemplouyment benefits and a FRAUDULENT "doctor fix" for Medicare for only two years, instead of permanentl).

Even the GOOP politicians could NOT explain how they could converft the two month Senate bill into a one year bill, without adding any 'pay for' measures, and still claim(false as the claim is anyway) to "fully pay for" teh bill. Even for Charles Krauthammer, this suggestino is STUPID. As stated, Bret Baire actually brought this up to Krauthamemr the SECOND TIME (not the first) that Krauthamemr made it (being today). I may die trying to type krauthammer's comical response. I will just have to steel myself not to go to the floor in an uncontrollable fit of laughter from thich I will surely never recover. Krauthammer said taht the GOP should jsut pass what he suggested, with maybe some sort of sham "pay for' provision (likek maybe saying that there will be unspecified offsets detemined within that same two months of the Senate bill0, with the ide athat it will be FIXED in the new year (after the GOP gets by this totally political "crisis").

What can you say about a man this stupid? First, you can say he is DISHONEST, because even Krauthamemr is not this dumb. Krauthammer's "solution" would be the DEATH of the GOP, and he knows it. Talk abut political GAMES? The GOP has uspposedly insisted taht this fraudulent bill be " paid for", and then they are going to play an obvious POLITICAL GAME just to get out of a political boxx? And Krauthammer thinks that is a GOOD idea? Srry, the man is a certified idiot, and dishonest--as well as being a coward. Krauthammer has managed to come up with the WORST of all possible "solutions", and the ONLY possible explanation is that he WANTS to hurt the "Tea Party" people in the House (which he finds just aws dangerous as the Democrats and GOP estaqblishment--of which Krauthammer is a prt--does). The GOP would do MUCH better--disastrously, but still much better than Krauthammer's insane "idea"--simply to concede defeat and pass teh Senate two omonth extension Krauthammer calls an ABOMINATION. For the House GOP to do what Krauthammer suggests would simply, and justifiably, make them the laughing stock of the country. The GOP will never recover. I don't think they will recover from simplyl backing down either, but Krauthammer's "idea" is not just fatal. It is affirmatively ISANE. That is how Krauthammer came to be the SECOND "certified idiot" on the unfair and unbalanced network. Megyn Kelly wa the first. And I will add a third: Sheppard Smith, who did a CNN style "report' on what EVERYBODY reported as a Democrat STUNT today on the House floor to "dmeand" a vote on the Senate bill (solely a political stunt). The unfair and unablanced network will cal GOP political stunts for what they are, while the mainstream media ridiculus thme, but Sheppard Smith reports a DEMOCRAT POLITICAL STUNT azs if it were "seirous" "news'. Sheppard Smith is the third "certified idiot" on the unfair and unbalanced network.

As stated at the beginning of this article, the ONLY reason the House GOP has a political probleem is that the "powers that be' will not LET them get their message out. This will KILL the GOP in the end. I ahve already usggested taht Twa Party peole (of chich I am not one, although you can call me a sympathizer) should vote AGAINST most incubent GOP candidates in 2012. And I have said taht I will likely refuse to vote for the GOP Presidential nominee, and will call for other conservatives to do the same. Vote for the Libertarian Party, or form a new third party.

It does not matter whether yo think I am too "extreme". If you don't see why Chareles Krauthammer deserves everything this article says abut him, then there is no hope for. you. No one but Krauthammer oculd possibly take his insane suggestin seriusly. It is mroe insane than anything Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich, Sarah Palin, or any other alleged "extreme" person on the right has ever said. Krauthammer: just go away. You are doing noting but embarrass yourself now. I wold say that about the unfair and unablanced network as a whole, except that has been true for that network for some time.

Hey, mabye I am being unfair to Krauthamemr? Sure, that "tax on tea", wihout representation, was an ABOMINATION, but it was POLITICALLY DANGEROUS to really do something crazy abut it (like declare independence from the greatest military power on Earth at the time) , And maybe SLAVERY was an AbBOMINATION, but Abraham Lincoln was obviously insane, and politically dumb, to think he could do something aobut it. We might actually end up in a CIVIL WWAR, and Lincoln might be blamed for all time as the man who caused the break-up of the Unitd States of America. On second thought, Krauthamemer really is just as BAD as this article says he was. And he is jsut as much a COWRD. Joh Paul Jones (form a SINKING ship): "I have just begun to fight". Charle Krauthammer: "What, me firght?" Some, American "tradition", that Krauthammer "tradition".

P.S no proofreading or spell checking (bad eyesight). Unfortunatelly, I don't hink typos and lack of proofreading can explain Krauthammer. He is just a certified idiot and coward.

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