Friday, December 9, 2011

Donald Trump to Wolf Blitzer: I Know You Favor Obama, Although Maybe Not as much as MSNBC

This is why so many conseratives have been impressed with Donald Trump, even though we know he is not realy either a serious political candidate or a serious thinker. He is a self-promoter of enormous skill. However, can you even imagine any "real" GOP politician handing Wolf Blitzer his head--completely controling the interview, so that Blitzer was unable to even start advancing the CNN agenda--the way Donald Trum did when interviewed by Blitzer? I can't, and neither can any otehr conservative. That is the real reason conservatives had that brief love affair with Trump, and why we (even thouse who are not as "extreme" as I) see no "leader" for the conservative movement among present GOP politicians. Michele Bachmann had her chance, and realy blew it with a total lack of substance (relying totally on her "reputation" as a heroine againt ObamaCare, which she was, without apparently realizing that it is nto enough to "just say no" without being able to convert it into chohrent message as to what you would do as President, or NOW).

Yep. I saw a portion of Wolf Bllitzr's interveiw with Trump and I was again IMPRFESSED--as I have been every time I have seen Trump deal with the media. It is a MISMATCH--sort of like Joe Louis vs. Jerry Quarry (pick you own "great white hope" from the fighters of the last 50 years). You know Trump is GOOD at dealing with the media, when you realize he had no problem dealing with them on his BIRFTHER kookism (part of my "you are a kook if:" series some three years ago).

That begs the questin. Why can TUMP do it, and GOP politicians can't? Well, Trump is not running for anything, but that ony partly explains it. Trump HAS NO FEAR. The GOP seems to be deathly afraid of these STUPID, untalented peoiple from the media. I really think this almost pathological FEAR can be traced, mainly or in substantial part, to these two factors:

1. GOP politicians are mainlyGOVERNMENT people, who have this Big Government "faith" in the "magic wand theory of government"--the idea that teh Federal Government just needs to wave the right magic wand and "solve' our problems. In other words, most GOP politicians do NOT beli ve what they say. Whether Trump realy believes what he says is irrelevant. The very type of promoter he is automatically BELIEVEWS whatever he is saying. That is what makes him such a great self-promnoter. Most people--especailly, apparently, GOP politicians--now, deep down, that they have "feet of clay". Trump has not such handicap.

2. GOP politicians firmly believebasically ALL of them, along with not a few "conservatives"--that PEOPLE WANT TO BE BRIBED BY GOVENMENT--to be assured that the Federal Government is "taking care of them". Again, you can't listen to what GOP politicans SAY on this subject. What they DO, and their reluctance to actually try to PERSAUDE on conservative, limited government principles, shows conclusively what they really tink about the PEOPLE. GOP politicians think EXACTLY the same as Obama: That people WANT "goodies" for the government, and for the Federal Government to come up with a GOVERNMENT SOLUTION to their problems, and GOP politicians do not beliveve that you can convince the people oterhwise. That is exactly why the GOP is pushing a "jobs bill" (jsut like Obama), which pushes the BRIBERFY of the fraudulent "payroll tax cut" and the further extgension of unemployment benefits--despite NO evidence that these things have helped us (other than as bribes, which have cost us more than the bribe, if some conservative leader were actually around to explain this is ntems people could understand).

Yes, it is an example of this gOP FEAR tthat most of the candidates would not show up for the "Donald Trump debate". If they had confidence in themselves, and that they had a truly persuasive message, they would have been glad to show up. Instead, they were AFRAID of the "ridicule" they would get from a MEDIA with its nose out of joint. As I said in my previous article, the BEST thing abut the "Trump debate" was to get us away from the idea that MEDIA PROPAGANDISTS should be in control of "debates". I have to break it to "juornalists" who have no clue, but the proper role of "journalists' is to REPORT on deabtes, and NOT to "make news" by inserting their own agenda into debats. It is too bad that the GOP candidates confirmed my opinion of them by failing to take this opportunity to stick it to the media. And most of them had nothing to lose. That is FEAR.

That is why Newt Gingrich has gone to the head of the class. It is ture that Newt was somewhat motivated by the same feeling that he was nto really a serious candidate that frees up Donald Trump. I believe that Newt thought he had LOST, and was only going ahead s a matter of face-saving self-promotioni. Lo and behold, Newt had NO FEAR, and it showed,. Whether he actualy "said what he thinks"--as with Trump--is irrelevant. He acted like a man with NO FER, and that distinguished him from the rest. I do believe that Newt really HATES the media--despite basically being part of it for a long time. That, and the fact that the GOP/media establishment seems to desise Newt, are the very best things that Newt has going for him.

Go Donald. That is the second time I have said that in abouta week. When Trump told Blkitzer that: "You favor Obama", the "you" clearly meant CNN (not just Blitzer). And Trump is exactly right. Where he ws wrong, although he was not too definiteabout it, is in suggesting that CNN is better than MSNBC. As this blog has shown, MSNBC is more OBVIOUISLY partisan thn CNN, but NO MORE PARTISAN. CNN is just more HYPOCRITICAL. Sure, MSNBC still "claims" to be "neutral journalists", but you know that even they realize that no one belives them. CNN appears to think people should actually BELIEVE that they are "neutral' "journalists". That is why CNN is The Liar Network.

Oh, you want to kno just how PARIAN, and bad, Wolf Blitzer is? Trump suggested taht we sould have set a PRICE on "helping" out Libya: 50% of Libya's oil. Now the practical problems of this would have been probably insuperable. But Wolf's response was: "President Obama would NEVER do soemthing like that" Trumps accurate response was; Why not? He should have gone further and asked Wofl: "Who appointed YOU to say what Obama would NEVERF do. Wht you mean is that YOU would never do something like that. And you are simmply lputting yourself in the place of Obama, because you regard him as your guy" (emhasis in Wolf Blitzre's statement to Trump). Sure, you can say taht Trump is just talking aobut something he knows could never be done. But Trump is right: WHY can't soemething like that sometimes be done? NO Preisdent wshould ever have the attitude that: "I will NEVER make a deal for oil." What Blitzr was saying is that Obama will NEVER make a deal for oil, and at the same time refuses to allow US to DRILL for oil (or pipe it in from Canada). That is enough, right there, to disqualify Obama from being considered as a man who should be President of the United States.

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