Monday, December 19, 2011

Erin Burnett: Liar and Partisan Political Hack on The Liar Network

Erin Burnett (CNN) and Roy Blunt shold "study tagether". I saw Erin Burnett LIE about that "one-time" (lol) payroll tax holiday today. She used the same technique of Roy Blunt (see previsus blog article): namely using the phrase "fully paid for" at least every second sentence, and sometimes twice in a sentence.

But Erain Burnett showed that she was an OREWELLIAN grade liear, while maybe Roy Blunt is merely an ordinary GOP liar (a current staple of the party) Erin Burnett was not content to merely say that the payroll tax holiday extension would be "fully paid for'. She-and this is a turly amazing LIE--said that it was EASY to "pay for' the bill.

Uh-huh, Erin. And I have this bridge in Brooklyn I want to sell you. Except you are trying to sell ME the bridge in Brooklyn. Well, if you have any idea abut ME, you are really trying to sell the PUYBLIC that ridge in Brooklyn .

What is the FIRST thing that Erin Burnett, LIAR, is careful to do? Right. Under no circumstances tell the FACTS about how much this bill will INCREASE the deficit and debt for 2012 (ne year) . Talk aobut how a "minor fee" on MORTGATES will "pay for" the Senate bill. Erin, you LIAR. Yo misgh want to ask mortgage buyers whether they want to "pay for" a BRIBVE for workers. But it goes way beyond that. IF it is a good idea for Freddie Mac and Fannie Mawe to try to CUT THEIR LOSSES with a mortgage fee, fine. But any such additional revenue shold be appliled to our 1.3 (or 1.4 or 1.5) TRILLIN dollar defict. Why shoul dit be FRAUDULENTLY used to "pay for" a BRIBE for workers that we can't afford, and which FAILED this past year to improve the economy?

No, Erin. You are a PARTISAN LIEAR> Yur entire gola, and every word yous said was aimed at this, was to BLAME the GOP House for not passing a 120 BILLION, or maybe 180 BILLION, bill that you FALSELY say is "easy' to "pay for'. It is actually IMPPOSSIBLE to "pay for", because we NEED any "pay for' money to "pay for" the deficit we already have.

The sad thing? Erin Burnett is only slightly more DISHONEST thatn most of the GOP. The Seante voetted 89 to 10 for this FRAUDULENT, desgraceful bill, lasting only two months (which the people in charege of IMPLEMENTING for employers say is ridiculous and stupid--basically impossible).

Erin Burnett, you ARE a LIEAR, and a partisan political hack. But why should you be any different. Your entire networkis that way.

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